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  1. Amateur sides run 2nd teams on a.cost of basically nothing. The question has never been about whether the game could afford to run a reserves but whether it could afford to to (and had the strength in depth, and the effect that would have on other areas of the game) to run one of sufficient quality.
  2. I used sarcasm to highlight your assumption that I thought Hull and Wakefields reserves were of any sort of decent quality(your victim mentality again) was misplaced. My apologies that it was too subtle for you. I thought I had laid it on pretty heavily
  3. Nope, try again. you made the claim that i didny like the lower leagues. Clearly a statement that would be idiotic if it included those clubs. But by Championship and L1 you didnt mean those clubs you meant clubs like leigh and fev. That's your victim mentality showing through
  4. Clearly I do, because you would need to have had a pretty large bang on the head (something I dont discount) if you want to argue i dont like those clubs based on my posts.
  5. Or that the reserves they are running are of a very low quality with little.investment and serving little purpose outside of taking more players out of a community game that can barely sustain it
  6. Surely not. Fev are a super league club in waiting dontchaknow
  7. You're observations are based on your victim mentality of poor little lower heartland clubs, bullied by the big bad rich clubs (Because we know of course your observations and defence of the lower leagues dont include Toronto, or Toulouse or Newcastle or West Wales etc etc etc)
  8. Heresy! The groupthink will not be pleased
  9. ive been clear about where I see the drawbacks of reserves RL. Im not going to lament the change because I don't think the old system was perfect either. I just hope that the game understands and addresses the consequences of this decision.
  10. The problem is that in cricket they are largely judging 3 or 4 objective issues. Where did it pitch, where did it hit, would it have hit. Or was he in or out and you can go through and tick the box as you go through In RL there are a lot more subjective issues with regards to knock ons and obstruction. even Onside/offside becomes something of a subjective decision with the lack of cameras everywhere. It becomes impossible for the players to really be responsible for the referee. In fact the current system proves how unsuitable this system would be for RL. The referee themselves refer the decision the VR because they aren't sure. If the referee isn't sure, it seems wrong to punish the players (by removing the 'challenge') if they turn out to be right. I think too much is made of the VR, not just by fans but by the game. The set up for the VR is quite big and can add excitement in some situations but in others can detract from it. There is also the obvious intention to get the decision right. I think the problem is that we treat the VR as a thing rather than what they actually are, another assistant. The ref could easily just consult the VR as they do a touch judge, and come to a collegiate decision. Just use the VR like another touch judge and it should move the ones which the on field officials are pretty sure about a bit faster. If the VR has seen something he can ask for another look, if he is confident the ref will be a bit more confident to award the try on their own. If the ref has seen something he should refer it to the VR, explaining what they have seen and come to a decision together.
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