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  1. A points system would allow more focus, tweaking and actual accuracy on what caps try to achieve. It would accentuate rewards and punishments for clubs not building squads as they should, it would allow for more quality, it would allow for more competitiveness with other sports. It would allow us to look more holistically at the game and prioritise the expansion of the game in terms of players and allow us to support the international game. It would still act as a brake on wage inflation, it be clear, open and transparent, The only drawback is that the richer clubs will be able to spend more if they wish on certain players which may mean that poorer clubs who have failed off the field arent as artificially competitive.
  2. But that isnt an argument in favour of the SC itself, simply an acceptance that the club owners may use it to exploit cheaper labour in their interests ahead of the game. The cap isnt necessary, doesnt work as it should and in many instances is counter productive. And that's without even addressing some of the unintended consequences such as the prioritisation of utility over quality
  3. Because they dont have to. Why would they if they dont have to? Hull fans may want to win everything but Adam Pearson is probably happy being there or there abouts and saving a bit of money
  4. You have exactly explained why they cant. The salary cap means at some point something has to give because of an artificial creation and that if Toronto want to sign mitchel Tedesco and Cordner they also have to sign someone a bit who will play for peanuts.
  5. You have exactly explained why they cant. The salary cap means at some point something has to give because of an artificial creation and that if Toronto want to sign mitchel Tedesco and Cordner they also have to sign someone a bit who will play for peanuts.
  6. That clubs have the marquee option and choose not to spend millions on the best doesnt mean that they cant afford to. That faulty logic Clubs spend as much as they have to and as little as they can get away with. The salary cap keeps that figure artificially low. Clubs dont go out and sign better player for more money, not because they can't afford it, but because they dont have to.
  7. What if the majority can afford it but arent frustrated by it? What if half the clubs can afford it and arent frustrated by it as it entrenched their position at the top of the game and half cant afford it is as it keep them competitive and if the cap didnt exist they would drop down the leagues abe replaced by others?
  8. Scrap it and go for a points system, the fact toronto want to, but cant bring in Latrell is massively counter productive.
  9. England have a huge problem An ashes win would be a huge boost to the sport and coming up to the world cup. But the squad we have isnt really good enough, the best players we have are old and may not make it to 2021 and the 'young players' people want to see moved in arent really that young and you have to think if they were that good they would have made the impact already. Players like Evalds, Connor etc are 25/26 years old they are as good as they are going to get and haven't really demanded a shirt. We are stuck with having to make large scale changes and bring in 25/26/27 year olds with little experience and how probably arent good enough to beat the Australians. If we go 'win now'we probably end up having to do that in 2021 and bring in loads of untested 26/27year olds who haven't proven they are good enough. What the RFL desperately need to do is get not one international next year but 3 or 4 prior to the ashes. If that means playing a SH select side or a Pacific 17 or whatever we can select from SL then that's what we need to do. As a one off I'd even accept an east v west tri series each year for the next 2 years to prepare for the WC. We need to be given 15/20 players experience ver the next couple of years to build them towards the world cup, we almost need to skip a generation and go to your Truemans, walkers, welsbys, Newmans etc and find the ones who sink or swim. What happened this autumn wasnt a fluke or down to Bennett. That is about as good as those players are.
  10. Merrin give it his all until the season was out, he then asked for a release and was given a time frame to organise that in that allowed the club to seek a replacement. Had that happened i would have had no problem with him leaving. To see that time expire, him come back and talk about how he was going to go next season etc then leave is really disappointing.
  11. I've said before I think clubs should have an academy, I see no reason those academies need to be based where the clubs are. And I'm not mirroring Harry's argument. The whole player pool argument is far more complex than that and frankly the paradigm harry is arguing from isnt real or in good faith.
  12. I wonder why you chose year 1 of franchising and not 2012 or 2013? And why you forgot to mention there were 14 teams in franchising and 14 under p and r? Seems a little disingenuous...
  13. You recall incorrectly. There where fewer overseas players in the licensing years. To the point that the change to p+r coincided with an increase in the quota
  14. Im certain that my club, had we not had relegation, would have put a huge amount more of their youngsters on the field for longer minutes had we not been under threat of relegation.
  15. The problem with Harrys arguement is he pretends that Toronto are diluting the player pool, then if they sign overseas players they are stopping opportunities for british players. Then if you point out the myriad of clubs, like his who havent developed an SL player in a decade and a half, dont run academies you get the argument that thats because Wigan sign them all. When you ask well what are Leigh contributing if that is the case you get some vague nonsense about the amateur game falling to pieces if Leigh arent at the top level. When you point out that leigh havent been in SL for 22 of the last 24 seasons (25 next year) we move on to the idea that without the 'possibility' of SL through P+R the amateur game in Leigh would collapse and then Wigan wouldnt be able to develop those youth players. when you point out the inherent hypocrisy of the excuses made for and low bar applied to leigh and the high bar and no acceptance of the circumstances applicable to Toronto you get BoJoesque harrumphing and obfuscation. Lets just be honest, Harry doesnt like Toronto, he doesnt like change, he remembers a game that was played by parishes every 5miles 50 years ago and cant accept the world has moved on and is such is making bad faith arguments about youth development. That Tony Smith making an argument that Hull Kr didnt have good enough players, and Hull Kr going out and buying NRL players, and RFL and BARLA failures are in any way related to, never mind the fault of Toronto or any expansion side really is not a good faith argument. At best its labored trolling at worst moronic, tortured logic.
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