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  1. I'd love the NRL and SL to merge. There is a possibility of huge gains from it. You can almost double the content of both products without employing any more players which obviously would increase the value of TV rights. I think the prestige of the NRL would increase the prestige of SL. Plus it would be a fantastic product. There would be some difficulties around getting SL up to standard. Wouldnt look anything like that obvious troll though
  2. I just dont think there is any call for a 33 game season, dont think it will attract the fans, dont think Sky would pay more for the longer season. Certainly not for a one off.
  3. I'm not pretending it's not legitimate income, nor am I pretending it's a handout. Simply that 'Sydney' doesnt sustain those clubs, the wider strength of the NRL.sustains them. That NRL may be stronger without those clubs or different clubs
  4. For what purpose. There needs to be a wider view toward the long term. Spending a few million today to get a few clubs to 2022 only to lose tens of millions and many more clubs because we didnt direct the money to the right areas seems very self destructive.
  5. This is all set out in the agreement with the RFL. If SL get more or the same, the lower leagues get the same, if they get less the lower leagues get less.
  6. That's what it is now and next year. The lower SLs deal 2022 onwards, the lower that figure will be.
  7. Sydney isnt. The NRL providing 130% of the salary cap is. And even then, only just in some cases.
  8. It's a bit of a false economy though. What's the point in the lower leagues arguing over a couple of million now and losing 5m a year for the next 5 years?
  9. They largely do. SL are worth millions to the RFL, from memory they took about 10% as a fee for negotiating the TV contract and take some each year as well.
  10. There is a strong link there, it's not hard to work out who the unnamed SL chairmen is
  11. The question with SL is whether we have anyone ready to step up and replace them. But the usual suspects would be at threat, Salford, wakefield, cas, hull KR, Hudson
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