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  1. Philippines, Australia, maybe Spain (I think great gp's).. that's about it..
  2. yep even France could beat that team come 2025!! heard it here first.
  3. Until I at least see the official team name, logo & playing kit for Ottawa and New York they are nothing but pins on a planned rugby league expansion map to me. Once they have their coaching staff announced & they start gearing up to signed players is when the real excitement will start to build & of course whether Toronto will be playing in SL next year or whether they see value in staying in the Championship.. All still a waiting game at this stage..
  4. https://www.sportingnews.com/au/league/news/lebanon-players-planning-protest-against-governing-body-in-fiji-test/pu0465qfy8pi1gqi8rhmjnjxc so the players are planning to tape over the LRLF logo on their jerseys & are not happy with the way the board was elected.
  5. Not too sure but by reading it looks like it's a rugby league competition but states lack of sponsorship.
  6. Wests Tigers or Cronulla to Perth. Canterbury Bulldogs to Christchurch (could work with the Canterbury region naming) Manly to Brisbane. I'd like to see it happen in the NSW & QLD Cups too and those competitions grow. Fiji needs to be admitted ASAP, Darwin and Adelaide next, other Pacific Island and even Asian clubs could be considered. 2-3 live games are currently broadcast a week from those competitions and I'd like to think more could happen there. At the end of the day we can say let's not expand but if we continue down the same path how many more times do we have to see Australia flog NZ, England & the Pacific Island nations. Only when the talk of expansion happened did things start to change and the gaps started to bridge pre 2013 WC Australia looked miles ahead of the rest. With the growing influence of NZ, England & the Pacific Island nations it's brung international RL to the forefront. France, Wales, Scotland Ireland, USA, Serbia and co.. should follow next to see continued progress.
  7. They'd need at least 4 teams up to SL level to even come close to NZ, England or Australia.
  8. The Indian Jungle Cats are set to take on the Colombian National team this July in what will be the first time an Indian representative team has taken the field in the code. Originally formed in 2018 with the backing of the Queensland Rugby League, the Indian Jungle Cats has been focused on introducing the Indian community to the sport, as well looking to muster a squad to represent India at a Representative level. The Jungle Cats, will take on the 41st ranked Colombian squad in Australia on July 13. Colombia recently played in the South Americas Cup in Sao Paulo, Brazil, going down to Brazil 52 – 14 and Argentina 28 – 16, whilst also losing to El Salvador in Brisbane 48 – 10. Players for the India Jungle Cats include Heritage and Ex-Pat players in Rugby League competitions in New Zealand, Australia and the USA, as well as players from India. Full squads will be announced closer to the event. https://www.aseanrl.com/2019/03/08/indian-jungle-cats-announce-clash-against-colombia/
  9. Already miscommunication between the ARLC/NRL/RLIF and Cook Islands Rugby League, the CIRL saying they will only be playing the World Cup qualifier whether that's against South Africa or the USA who knows??. https://www.radionz.co.nz/international/pacific-news/384151/sport-cook-islands-rugby-league-focused-on-world-cup-qualifier
  10. Don't worry these clubs don't exist yet (except for Toronto). I'd say give Toronto at least 10-20 years before we knock them off, hopefully they will have some type of junior setup by then and producing their own players. If the same can happen in other North American cities then that can only be great for RL, while they will be taking players from the UK/Australia/NZ etc... in the short term the long term benefit is they will have established RL in a new area and meaning increased revenue so we can see that day where the salary cap is over £7m in RL and competing with soccer and RU! so the best thing we can do is wait and see where Toronto end up in that time and keeping clubs like Hunslet, Oldham, Halifax, etc.. going instead of making excuses why we can't.
  11. after watching Brett Morris brush off the Wigan defenders like flies you could only imagine what Kasiano could do ?
  12. IF he can have some kind of impact hopefully it could encourage others to follow suite like Owen Farrell who would be an ideal replacement for SOL when he retires and to see whether he can live up to the legacy of his father at Wigan.. Not to forget others like Kyle Eastmond, Ben Te'o, Cooper Vuna, Chris Ashton and for ambitious clubs Radradra, SBW, Folau or even someone like George Ford but I think priorities should be on keeping talented youngsters from leaving in the first place.
  13. London would have gained a lot of confidence with the victory against Wakefield. London by 10..
  14. Toronto or Widnes to be promoted. Would be good to see either Toulouse or Toronto in SL next year.
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