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  1. It would be so hilarious if Leeds were relegated and Toulouse finished next to bottom. Nothing against the Rhinos, but......
  2. They've only got 29 players now
  3. Fev have got too many players and Leigh don't have enough.
  4. Ben Currie is from Lowton, which borders Leigh, but for some reason he ended up at Warrington
  5. Cracking player, we (Leigh) lost him, Ben Crooks etc when Derek allowed players to leave before the end of the 2018 season. Well done Craig.
  6. Frankie Halton is doing well this season yes, any others ?
  7. Unlucky, you lot actually nearly won a game, but threw it away instead.
  8. He will indeed, poor chap is obsessed with us.
  9. Wonder where you'd been hiding ! We have had plenty Leigh lads in our recent squads, but not right now. Mind you no 'Leigh Lads' are ripping it up elsewhere. Anyway, up the Rhinos !!!
  10. I was wondering why Maloney looked so old ?
  11. What was his proudest international moment, being selected for Ireland or the England Knights. ? Or to maybe re-phrase it, in which international debut was he the most nervous ?
  12. Championship outfit Leigh Centurions only lost 24-18 to Rovers in the previous round.
  13. Not being OTT, but surely it's not looking good for Daryl Powell right now.
  14. I miss the Northern Rail Cup, and even the middle 8's
  15. I agree, but Leigh don't have enough players, and Featherstone have too many.
  16. I don't think Batley would agree with those comments.
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