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  1. They had the chance with Singleton , Cunningham to spread that cap money out over more players . Any dispensation should have been discussed before they finalised those signings . I’m a Toronto lover not a hater , but giving them the extra 105k could give a potential scenario where other clubs could use an injury crisis to cry dispensation.
  2. Kind of understand his point though to some extent ..... the signing could put off potential sponsors to a sport he is associated with .
  3. Well the good news for me is that it’s either an IT thing or being non tech savvy. I tried several times on the website but there was no link/button to a live stream . I could only see this on the app on my phone . If you know what I am doing wrong please say
  4. It was a bit rubbish that I could no longer watch the game on the website via my laptop which I could last year . Anyone know why they have changed this ? If it goes the way of a subscription charge, I would have previously been happy to pay it , but not now I can only watch on my phone through the app. Also .... George Riley was a bit annoying with constantly dropping French words in .
  5. I agree with the article in that the top tier should be ring fenced for the big clubs, though this uncertainty around 2021 Makes it difficult to get motivated for the coming championship season. My team Leigh has a good chance of being promoted , though what’s the point in cheering for it to happen If in two years we are no longer considered a big enough club to be part of the top league. The game needs to sort out where it’s going , as it feels like we are treading water at the minute .
  6. championship and league 1 podcast on Our league . Can also get back chat as a pod .
  7. In the rothmans there used to be a very small difference which I loved . On the clubs player list for the season , their previous and amateur club was listed . I always though that added something than just having the players name .
  8. Not that I'm all that good at it , but couldn't find any bookies offering handicap match bets on any champ or league 1 fixtures . Has this been done away with , or is there somebody out there who does . Used to make listening to the games on radio on Sunday afternoons miles more interesting ...
  9. It's not really that Rugby Union is an inferior product which is why it may be 'a worry'. It's more that 99% of the population of New York know that there is a sport called 'Rugby' with no differentiation between the two . A Union team setting up this year under the Rugby tag, may steal some of the League clubs thunder and impact with the public when (if) it launches next season.
  10. With the 'Major League Rugby' competition kicking off this year in the US , it was announced last month that a new team in New York would be joining the competition in 2019 (playing exhibition games this year). Could this be more than merely a coincidence with the potential league team being set up from 2019 ? Should we be worried ? Ps . Apologies if this has been posted previously
  11. I've just read the press release from the club . I think DB has been immense for the club, but to state that fans who boo the team should stay at home ? I wasn't at the game yesterday , and so can't comment on the performance..... But fans pay their money and should have the right to show when performances are not good enough .
  12. Why could league 1 not negotiate a tv deal with premier for example?. That could help with the removed 90k per year funding .
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