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  1. I like listening to his points of view on podcasts . Always thinks outside the box and talks a whole lot of sense .
  2. Yes , fair play to Dave Woods , at least he posed some difficult questions . I listened to the full 80 with Michael Carter, Mick Gledhill just went along with his statements without challenging anything.
  3. For me it is not particularly that the club involved is Toronto, it is the insular self-interest shown by some of the clubs, none of which should be deciding the future of the game . Until this changes , I also will no longer follow superleague .
  4. Could well be the case .... with the narrative that sky aren’t bothered about Toronto as they will not sell any dishes there . That argument baffles me, as surely sports subscribers are interested in a competition with big names. Having Leigh in for example (which is my team so can’t offend anyone), would sell maybe a thousand more subscriptions , but surely this would be small fry vs. having a North American team with SBW and the interest that brings. As a superleague neutral , I am far more interested in the competition with them in than not .
  5. Yes , regarding Toronto I’ve not seen any direct quotes , though its reported his position is that he can’t see what they would bring to the game . If they fail due diligence , then fair enough , but it seems a little short sighted from the man at the top that he can’t see how they could bring value to the comp .
  6. Please can someone shed a light on what Mr Elstone actually does in his working week? At first I thought he spoke really well and was impressed by what he had to say. However , don’t see him quoted much in the trade papers, and rarely on other media. This in contrary to Peter V’Landys, who seems much more visible in the Uk whilst in charge of a competition on the other side of the world. His only remit for his (huge salary) was to land a new tv deal , although the general consensus is that there is only one broadcaster to negotiate with anyway. I am just struggling to see what
  7. Agree - when the previous joke of a licensing system was in place in superleague , it was pointless paying to watch a lower league club - the games may have well been friendlies .
  8. Franchising seems the only way, however no P&R takes a massive entertainment factor out of the ‘product’. I don’t support a superleague club, though do enjoy watching on sky . With no relegation this year, it has taken away a lot of interest , as opposed to last year when I followed London every week to see if they could do it. Similarly this year with Toronto at the start . Wakefield vs Huddersfield playing for nothing just doesn’t interest me.
  9. What have Warrington done so wrong to mean they are relocated to Birmingham? Is it closer to Stuart Pearce’s house ?
  10. Batley - 746 Bradford 3640 leigh - 2942 Sheffield 618 whitehaven 532 widnes 3680
  11. They had the chance with Singleton , Cunningham to spread that cap money out over more players . Any dispensation should have been discussed before they finalised those signings . I’m a Toronto lover not a hater , but giving them the extra 105k could give a potential scenario where other clubs could use an injury crisis to cry dispensation.
  12. Kind of understand his point though to some extent ..... the signing could put off potential sponsors to a sport he is associated with .
  13. Well the good news for me is that it’s either an IT thing or being non tech savvy. I tried several times on the website but there was no link/button to a live stream . I could only see this on the app on my phone . If you know what I am doing wrong please say ??
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