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  1. It’s daft that it’s advertised as being on the RLWC2021 app , but seems you can’t watch it on a phone , only if you use a laptop .
  2. I may well be being very thick , but on the app there doesn’t seem to be any kind of option to access the live stream
  3. According to Craig Harrison from the full 80 minutes released yesterday …. He always seems to be ‘in the know’ and is talking about no relegation from SL in 2023 , and two up from the champ for 2024 .
  4. So nothing has changed regarding structure as such . It still says the same thing as is in place currently . I don’t care how they do it , just please get rid of the loop fixtures .
  5. ‘The 2022 competition will have a new format, with the 16 competing teams drawn into four seeded groups of four teams, with each team participating in at least three fixtures.’ This quote from the article is news to be . Not seen this mentioned anywhere in league express or on this Forum. Have I missed this one?
  6. Used to quite like that system . Always thought you could have 4 up and 4 down for a completely new league each year
  7. There’s no way they’ll drop to 19 games surely . It would be three rounds 9x H, 9 x A plus loops 4 home, 4 away and magic = 27 would love to be wrong though !
  8. Absolutely needs to be made , but let’s make the decision correctly.
  9. If the outcome is one that shows the good of the game was at the front of the decision , and not one that stinks of every individual club grabbing what’s left of the crumbs and ‘who cares about everybody else’.
  10. One of the suggestions(according to John Davidson), is that the bottom four of league 1 will get culled this season . for arguments sake, let’s say that is Coventry , West Wales , North Wales and London Skolars. That’s a number of player pathways just wiped from the game .
  11. I wouldn’t give a set outcome . All I would ask for is the good of the game to be considered by all and self interest to be left at the door. A pipe dream perhaps .
  12. Superleague clubs are meeting at 9:30, rest 1:30. Let’s hope common sense prevails ….
  13. I like listening to his points of view on podcasts . Always thinks outside the box and talks a whole lot of sense .
  14. Yes , fair play to Dave Woods , at least he posed some difficult questions . I listened to the full 80 with Michael Carter, Mick Gledhill just went along with his statements without challenging anything.
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