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  1. But before any of that can happen, IMG want to start by playing the sport under a different format, is that alone going to entice more people to want to play the game, increase the number of TV viewers/subscribers, get more punters through the gates, and increase sponsership, I would say this is a situation like the chicken and egg syndrome, which needs to come first to make the other things happen the new format or the marketing stratergies? and what is the timescale for improvements to start taking effect from one to the other?
  2. Saints return this season on attendances was an average of 11,700, considering all the recent success that the club has enjoyed I should imagine those that are interested in the sport and are based in what one could describe as the target market of the club is probably as high as it can acheive, what do you reckon?
  3. It's either one of two things, all those who have resigned have done so as a strategic move with the blessing of IMG or behind closed doors there is something that they totally disagree with pertaining to the discussions that are going on at moment and have resigned in protest. It will be interesting finding out.
  4. Thank you for the reply, but as I said in my post "if you are excepting of it then fine" apparently millions are, I found the game much more enjoyable from the period I mention other than today's showing.
  5. At the beggining of the tournament I told myself to forget all my previous contradictions of why I dislike football and so I made a concerted effort to watch it, but I must say that with each passing game I observed that gamesmanship is still the predominant tactic of every team, and the refs allow it to go on time after time after time, to see the close ups of incidents that is just plain cheating when no contact has been involved whatsoever or player's falling over and rolling over in agony (how does one roll over if you are actually hurt?) at nothing more than the weight of a cigarette paper pushing them down is laughable. I suppose each to there own and if you are excepting of it then fine, I actually managed up to 55mins last night, before switching over, but that has not always been the case at one time I loved football in the days when it was a 'contact sport' and played in a manly fashion when each team seemed to have the 'entertainer' the Best's, Marshes, Bowles, etc, then came the Butch Wilkin era about possesion football and falling over and to me it has never recovered it's just progressively got worse.
  6. Why is Soccer more popular, simple it can be played on any surface from a very early age and soccer does not require the tenacity and both mental and physical toughness of the handling games more people will 'give it go' than decide having seen the handling that it isn't for them.
  7. A hard man in a hard era of the game, RIP Brian.
  8. Is Mark K's injury long term at Fev, with bringing in Aekins?
  9. I never have Dav, never been one as long as he has a hole where the sun don't shine, full back or wing for me.
  10. I take it you missed the games when Charnley took to the field Rob - I am reluctant to say play in - if I said he was bobbins that would be complimentary to him, of all the player's at Leigh I think he has the biggest improvement of all to make the early starting lineup's, I have never been a great fan of Briscoe but after seeing the games on TV toward the end of last season and taking in consideration the opposition each were playing against (SL v Championship) I would have Briscoe in before Charnley.
  11. Could I suggest that comp is played in French Guiana. I absolutely abhor these plastic versions of Rugby League, leave the reduced numbers to Union they need all the passing practice they can get.
  12. I am basing my theory on living in the town, getting about talking to people and following the club since the time that "France Surrendered" - well nearly. Leigh could not be regarded as an affluent place by any stretch of the imagination and in these times of austerity I should imagine that extra disposable income is at a premium for a lot of families, I am more fortunate than some and I will be there and would be very pleased if we can emulate the 6,500 of '17 and overjoyed if we can add anything on that. As you say, I think Mr Beaumont is setting his sights to high to early but that is the nature of the fella, I can't knock him for his enthusiasm but I hope he doesn't get to dissapointed if he doesn't acheive his prediction.
  13. Aye the alleged rich clubs of SL have previous in this regard, this is why I am taking the IMG yet to be announced full intentions and criterion submissions very cautiously, just in case they don't fit precisely with the Chairmen who call the shots.
  14. If Leigh in my opinion manage 1,000 more on the average gate return of 6,500 they posted in '17 that will be very good, of that 6,500 number I would estimate judging by the 'away' ends at each game that year Leigh had an an average of 5,500 'home' fans in attendance, to increase and put on another 1,000 on that is a good increase and more than double the average gate this past season.
  15. Mr Beaumont is that young lad with nothing in his pockets who stood on the terraces at Hilton Park cheering on his heroes, and the club any Leigh fan wants to beat is Wigan there is not a lot of love lost in that direction and it seems that he has never lost it.
  16. Old news that Damien say it over a week ago but TRL have only a day every week to catch up, must say I had a chuckle when I first saw it, in your opinion would it be good for the game if it came to pass?
  17. There's not many who come on here will have a clue what you mean!
  18. Firstly Salop, the only thing that was said about Toulouse was that they only averaged 1% from the populas numbers that are available to them - including the Catalan game - what that has got to do with aligning them with actuallities of smaller places I don't know, but again everthing else you mention is based on Potential, as I said I am not against French teams, I just don't want them being given preferential leeway.
  19. I see your disciples are on your like catagory again Tommy, not your fault but please be aware. Anyway, you made the statement that in respect was nothing near what you claimed it to be and when challenged even intimated that IMG would concur it, you could have commented on my answer but chose not to, I will take that as a win on this occasion, one back, I have lost a few to you. I am not against having French teams in, but what I am against is the preferential treatment that many think should be afforded to them, if they are deserving of it fine but all this about fastracking and locking in I think is deplorable, please tell me is the time and money that the officials, sponsers and supporters that the French teams spend carry more weight than that which other teams afford to give up? I also thought and said so on more than one occasion that it was a diabolical decision that Toulouse had to stand the travel cost of other teams, but don't forget that any of us who support any team that has gone out to play Toulouse being those that have held their hand out even our rich clubs have done so without any remorse and declined it. So again no I am not against the French clubs, I just want everyone to be treated the same with a blank sheet at the outset and filled in accordingly, and "potential" should not be considered an attribute, realisation is what matters.
  20. Why would anyone be shamed I am personally not shamed but neither will I pay to watch *total mismatch fixtures, if that rocks your boat Damien then you get along to watch them. *To be honest I watched enough of these fixtures throughout last season, now before all of those who can't wait to jump down my throat and say it could happen again this season but the other way round, I say as long as I see competitive games I am a happy punter.
  21. That's your opinion Damien, the WC is supposedly the bees knees of our sport so make it as attractive as possible fixture wise, as I say it is personal preference and if I am going to pay good money to attend the proposed format is much more attractive to me than this years format.
  22. Fully understand what you are saying Dave, and as you intimate it is a personal preferance, France in my opinion will need all the travelling overseas support it can get following their teams to take best advantage of that make as many fixtures as attractive as possible even those lesser nations could attract more fans if the games were going to deemed competitive. I have already made tentative enquiries about the trip, but I am going to await what the group formats will be before committing at what stage I will make the trip.
  23. I am quite happy that as you put it the groups would be fudged, at least these teams have the semblance of an opportunity to gain a victory maybe two, it must have been great for them having 60+ points against them, a couple of lucky teams can wait for the QF's for that distinction.
  24. You reckon in 3 years the order of merit will be any different? As a fan who along with the missus will travel to France to take in some games, I doubt I would go for the full tournament, then the choice is to go for what should be the quality games (as an England fan) of the group games - if this suggestion came into being - of playing both Australia, NZ and a QF which should also be against good opposition - I wouldn't expect England to top that group - seems very appealing to me, that would make a good 3 week trip. There were far far to many blow-out games for me in the format this year others may disagree and that is their prerogative, I would not like to think I was paying good money for travel, accomodation, subsistance and match entry to watch such games on offer in France as there were this year.
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