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  1. So it’s not about politics mixing with sport, it’s about you seeing something you personally disagree with. I’m afraid that’s tough luck.
  2. Yes Cymru is a group for Welsh independence, not allied to a particular party. And no I’m not a member.
  3. I’d honestly be amazed if anyone saw the flag and thought “I was going to watch Rugby League there but now I’m too disgusted to share space with someone demonstrably into Welsh independence”. Firstly, you aren’t talking about an extremist group. Secondly, it’s a stretch to assume that if a fan has a flag that it represents the whole club and by going you are then tied to that opinion. Thirdly, a discussion about independence is going overground; if you don’t like hearing about it then you’d better buckle up. Lastly, it will be more alienating to tell fans what they can and cannot do. People who say “keep politics away from sport” tend to say so when it’s politics they don’t agree with.
  4. As for staying...I understand the reasons for looking elsewhere but I’m kind of relieved when you look at what tends to happen with teams that start going from base to base, ie they shed fans with every move. And while there are attractive locations the population of Wrexham is far bigger than anywhere else, and the town centre work might have been wasted with a move. It’s a basic facility but I don’t understand why fans are put off by it if they’ve been. The Rock would have been a nice compromise but obviously not right now. A bit of a word about the Racecourse. It’s not that much of a surprise to me that it costs so much more; a ground with 10,000 seats, executive boxes and three bars isn’t going to be close to what’s on offer at a municipal sports centre with 900 seats. I’d like WFC to be open to a deal, but I’d be prepared to stick my neck out and suggest that even a cost price would be way in excess of what is realistic.
  5. The fans’ forum talked about alternative venues. Do you have any idea what was said? When it comes to Wrexham there doesn’t seem to be options I can think of.
  6. Long story but here we go.... I’m from North Wales. My very earliest memories of the game are watching the all conquering Wigan team of the 90s with my dad on the BBC (god knows what my sister was doing at the time). The whole sport switched to Sky and bar stumbling across the odd Challenge Cup game that was it for years.... Until the ill fated RLWC of 2000 came to Wrexham, quickly followed by a Wales v England international there. I loved both games but getting Sky changed everything. I was more a fan of RU but as time went on I sacked off RU games for RL and devour them to this day. Helped by doing Grand Finals here and there. I still mostly go to football but on my football travels I ran into someone who supported Widnes and started going to their games. While this slowed after marriage and kids got in the way I still call myself a fan of them. My relationship with the North Wales Crusaders was complicated. I went to a few of their early Superleague games in Wrexham but it was obvious that it was built on sand and I didn’t stick with it, preferring Widnes. Later, after the club reformed, and my daughter was diagnosed with autism I started going to their games again in an easy going space and I’m really enjoying engaging with them again - I should be going to their game against Keighley tomorrow. TL;DR rugby league is great, but you need Sky.
  7. I’d be interested in why there was such a drop off from around the time of games at the Rock (which still held steady at around 700 or so then, although I didn’t go much then) to now. Maybe the movement between grounds didn’t help but I’m surprised at the drop off as it seemed to hold firm for a while before that. Although if there was an easy answer as to why then presumably it could have been avoided. From my point of view I’ve got on board more since the move to Queensway (my on and off attendance before games then is something I don’t need to bore you with). I always put WFC first but the Queensway move works for me in a lot of ways, but I can imagine the club is a little out of sight and out of mind on the outskirts, despite it being necessary.
  8. That’s great information. Sadly I am not a rich backer and nor do I know one but it’s good that things are more settled lately.
  9. Hello. I’m someone who has been a long time fan of the sport but someone who has only really attended Crusaders games regularly since the move to Queensway. One thing I don’t really know much about is the structure of the club; is it fan owned or with a fan presence in its setup? How is the club financed? Who ultimately makes decisions day to day? Any primer towards stuff like this would be appreciated. I’m not trying to be a busybody I promise, I just don’t know!
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