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  1. Taking into account,"new grounds", I think that Donny takes some beating. Dont know why the finals were not played there, or did they expect Widnes making it through?.
  2. A souless ground, lacking the atmosphere. Seats designed for stick insects to sit on.
  3. Think that the team looked "jaded" during last twenty min's. The dropped ball by Hardman led to the floodgates opening. With a lead of 22-4 with twenty min's to play, we just had to play basic rugby with a good final kick but our attack at times was very flat and support play disappeared. Ha well, I have enjoyed the season, plenty to cheer about, see you all next year.
  4. The Fax winning formula was Ben Black and Holroyd kicking us to death in the infield play. Our in field kicking was atrocious at times.
  5. Grand lad, good championship player. I suspect that his skills fall just short of SL. Hope for his sake that I am proved wrong. One never knows. Good luck to the lad.
  6. Never knew that C*s had a rah rah team Bob. Methinks she must have been an outsider.
  7. Keep mentioning such players, but the vast majority are no better or indeed are worse than the players we already have. Okay to strengthen our key positions such as props, where we need to rotate. I can honestly say that having watched Championship games on Sky, I have never been envious of what has been on display.
  8. Took grandchildren to the "open" day. Good crowd and decent entertainment for everyone. Nice to see old friends. Congrats to everyone who organised and took part. Grand to see the contributions of the players. Cements the feeling of being a true family club. Cannot attend the playoff due to holiday, but my thoughts will be with you all. Ger into their ribs lads.
  9. Congrats the Eagles from a Fev fan. Well done. Glad you stuffed that Robbie Paul. Wouldnt pay him out in washers.
  10. Too many leeds players reached the pinnacles a while ago. Now on that slow downward curve.
  11. Another attempt at money making.IMO, the team that finishes the top should not have to go through all the playoff routine. We are the top and as such, the teams below us should fight it out for the privilege of meeting us in the final. As for the comments in the RLE from a Halifax fan, sour grapes do spring to mind.
  12. Having watched them on TV, did not break any pots IMO. Smith not consistent. One step forward, two steps back.
  13. Coupled with outstanding team performances on the field, a competent BODs and a first class coaching outfit, I think that the good friends I have met, new and old, at the matches, has really been the icing on the cake. Great supporters and great friends.
  14. Noticed Tonksy shouting at the lads and flapping his arms around encouraging them to keep the pressure on. Good to watch.
  15. I thought that he looked a "trifle jaded" in the last quarter but he has been out a while and the conditions were pretty warm. Did not let us down with ball in hand. He will be reight for playoffs. Mainstay of the team.
  16. Mr Halloran had a decent game today,IMO, although I will admit that both teams gave him little to penalise. A bit PEDANTIC (apologies to Stevo), around the scrum, but hey, I thought that it was a pretty fast flowing game on the whole.
  17. Tonksie getting better game by game. Pleased he got the MOM. About time we gave it to one of the workhorses.
  18. Spoke to several of them at half time. They were strongly under the impression that there is something radically wrong behind the scenes involving wages. On paper they should have given us a better game than they did, but that is not taking anything away from our performance.
  19. Weather has treated us well this year, but having said that, the playing area, even at the end of the season is a credit to Rob. When I walked in today and saw the turf, i had an urge to get mi booits on.
  20. Understand on the grapevine that wage cuts have been in order.
  21. I have a feeling that 2011 will bring yet another year of re-shuffles, new decisions and re-structuring of the rules and reg's. Take for instance the Harlequins debacle. According to reports, on their financial uppers and if they do go down the plug, which is, at the moment looking ominous, how will the SL be re-constructed?. Harlequins out, assuming that the RFL allow this to happen, a fight between Wakey and C*s for their survival, all this may be an opportunity for two Championship clubs. The only way out of the predicament is for the RFL to once again pump monies into the London Club (again), in order that they survive. Bet there are some sleepless nights
  22. Could have counted em on one hand in the new stand. I will bare my a**e in wakefield bullring if that was the total.
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