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  1. It would be nice if he actually took the the trouble to attend a game.
  2. I think we are discussing Wigan v Hull KR last night not Warrington v St.Helens last week.
  3. It’s such a “Wigan thing” that there’s not a player from any other team that does it.
  4. Agreed. He said he needs time to think about it and that is not showing any commitment to Wigan whatsoever. Wigan should tell him now that they are going to look elsewhere.
  5. Wigan should sort this out ASAP. If IL does want him at Wigan but Edwards can’t or won’t commit then he should told that the job is no longer open to him.
  6. The last time I looked down from my lofty perch I obviously failed to notice that SL was awash with quality English born sixes.
  7. Being the “best available” doesn’t make him a great player and was that second best in the England squad?
  8. I hold a different opinion to you about George Williams and you describe that as “spraying out cheap prejudice”. Who is being prejudiced now? ?
  9. As a Lancastrian I will pay him the ultimate respect and describe him as a typical, likeable Yorkshireman who said it as he saw it. He was one of the old school characters and of course was part of one of the great rugby league families.
  10. He regularly uses this term of endearment when referring to Wigan. In a recent post he also talked about “ the thug, Wane” when referring to the former Wigan coach. He obviously has serious issues with anything Wigan related. This forum is surely for serious discussion on all rugby league topics and occasional lighthearted banter between fans, not for the use of this sort of language. The 3 paragraphs below are from the Forum Guidlines: All contributions must be civil and tasteful. No disruptive, offensive or abusive behaviour. Contributions must be constructive and polite, not mean-spirited or contributed with the intention of causing trouble. No unlawful or objectionable content. Unlawful, harassing, defamatory, abusive, threatening, harmful, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, racially offensive or otherwise objectionable material is not acceptable.
  11. A fully switched on Jake Connor could become one of the best players of recent times.
  12. Ok I accept that you’ve watched Wigan as long as I have and I apologise if my comments offended you. The fact that he is considered the best English player in his position in SL probably speaks volumes about what is or is not currently available. His possible move to Canberra is baffling as his position is not one the NRL clubs normally struggle to fill. If he does go there I sincerely hope he is a great success as I would love to be proved wrong. He is after all a Wiganer.
  13. I think I’ve touched a nerve there. Williams is a marquee player on a substantial salary, and, in my opinion, should be be bringing far more to the team than he does. By the way, my “ ignorant rubbish” stems from watching Wigan for probably a lot longer than you have and I’ve seen them all from David Bolton through to Williams.
  14. Short kicking game today was awful and he has little else in his locker. Most overrated player Wigan have had in years.
  15. Cannot disagree when you say that the home crowd was poor and that is something for Wigan to address. Still a better atmosphere with a good contingent of away support though..
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