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  1. Let’s put it this way. If he didn’t see it from where he was stood then he shouldn’t be doing the job. I think we’ll have to agree to disagree.
  2. The tv pictures confirm contact to the head ( I think accidentally ) so he should have told the referee because that’s what caused Marshall to release the ball. Seeing that a try was scored it was surely worth a look.
  3. Seeing as the incident took place very close to the touch line it’s reasonable to assume that the touch judge should have seen something.
  4. If you took the time to read my previous comments you would see that I thought it was accidental but should have been looked at. I never said it should have been penalised.
  5. Either way it was illegal, not necessarily deliberate, contact and should have been reported to the referee.
  6. Charnley’s boot clearly made contact with Marshall’s head. I thought it was accidental but the touch judge must have seen it and should have reported it. The touch judge should also have seen that there was some sort of contact between Ratchford and Hastings and should have reported that. Whether either incident would have resulted in the try being disallowed is another argument.
  7. If something happens that is considered to be foul play and the ref doesn’t see it then the touch judge should intervene. They are not just there to put their flag up when the ball goes into touch.
  8. I don’t think that the contact on Marshall was deliberate but it should have been looked at before the try was awarded. The possible contact between Ratchford and Hastings definitely should have been checked.
  9. I believe that to be true and was stupid for being there but has he got “previous” like Vaughan?
  10. Field suffered a freak injury in his first game so not quite in the Burgess category.
  11. On 4 July, Vaughan was placed under investigation by the NRL after it was alleged he hosted a house party along with eleven of his teammates which went against the league's biosecurity protocols, as well as a breach of the NSW stay-at-home orders.The following day, Vaughan was suspended for eight matches and fined $50,000 over the incident. It was also alleged that Vaughan withheld information from the NRL and NSW Police. On 6 July, the St. George Illawarra board approved the termination of Vaughan's contract effective immediately. The illegal house party was one of three behavioural strikes against Vaughan. I’m sure had Wigan signed Vaughan it would have given everybody a bigger stick to hit them with.
  12. I just thought that the commentary team was genuinely excited about the game and in my opinion not taking the knee doesn’t mean you are racist.
  13. When our game puts on a show like this it should demand more publicity. Well done to the players on both sides and also to the BBC commentary team who in my opinion made the Sky Sports lot look second rate.
  14. Would be believable if it were to the side of his head that had some contact.
  15. Oh dear. I must have watched the wrong incident in the wrong game or perhaps not. I took the trouble to view it again before I made the comment. Perhaps you should do the same.
  16. Watch it again. The right side if Grace’s head did make contact with the ground but he then put his hand to the other side as if claiming contact from Isa.
  17. Look at the incident from which Isa was sin binned. After the tip tackle he tackled Grace who held his head footballer style although there was clearly no contact.
  18. Coote stays down “injured” and then back on his feet seconds later to attempt the penalty. The game is going soft and cheats like him don’t help.
  19. This is very sad but not unexpected news. Had he been able to avoid the terrible injuries that he has suffered he would have been an automatic choice for England. I wish him well for the future.
  20. This was a terrible performance by Wigan and it emphasised the need for a couple of experienced props, at least one big second rower and a hooker/ acting half back who can bring something different to the party. The passing was slow and laboured and despite dominating the first half they couldn’t breach the HKR defence although they did get over the line on a couple of occasions but were unable to ground the ball. John Bateman, at the moment, is a shadow of the player that did so well in the NRL and the youngsters in the pack are just unable to dominate the opposition. The only bright spot for me was the handling skill shown by Kai Pearce-Paul which got Wigan back into the game late in the second half. HKR just soaked up the pressure and were good enough to take what few chances came their way and fully deserved to win. On this form Wigan will finish mid-table at best.
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