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  1. We didn’t have any half backs, we didn’t have s decent team out, there was some decent players in it but not as a collective. This year is a write off for Leeds, next year is when they need to be challenging
  2. Yes im usually the first to criticise RL rebrands but this looks ok on first look, as always id like to see more of the supporting branding to make a proper comment
  3. If Leigh fans think the rest of SL sides are poor championship standard they really need to start to worry about their own side next year
  4. Laugh all you want, what did I write that’s untrue? I know it makes you Leigh fans feel better by dissing the rest of the League, whatever floats your boat
  5. And I think you’re missing the point. Saints wanted to claim that 2nd spot, do you think their supporters will give two hoots how they win tonight if they win the GF
  6. Not really, Leeds have simply run out of troops, we’ve troubled both the top 2 this year and beaten 3rd and 4th place teams. It can happen when ayers are expected to play a congested fixture list
  7. Which was entirely the correct tactic with looking at the lineups
  8. It was poor but not unexpected woth the lineup we had One positive- was good to see johnson back
  9. Oh give over Lots of sour grapes from Leigh fans it seems because they’re going back down
  10. Not much to say about that, Saints too big too fast, and have had nearly all the possession. It looks like the lop sided matchup that it is.
  11. Sometimes in life a break away from something can be the best thing in the long run
  12. Leeds to put up a good fight but were too down on troops to trouble Saints, especially in the forwards. Hope Corey Johnson makes an appearance- another cracking young talent that nearly slipped through the net!
  13. 2018 was nearly perfect however for some reason the amber was too yellow! I am being picky mind!
  14. Got to have white shorts, the traditional blue and amber hoops never looks ‘right’ to me without them!
  15. Yes to be fair to Oxen i may have misinterpreted the tweet they don’t appear to be releasing it theyre just showing some shots of the photoshoot
  16. They released it before the Challenge Cup last year but that was to coincide with the announcement that were taking over the supply of the kit. i get the end of season launch, not two weeks before the playoffs, Im just not a fan of how Oxen operate to be honest
  17. Oxen releasing a sneak peak of the new Rhinos Kit today - obviously run of out of stuff to put in the weekly sale Odd time to release a kit IMO.
  18. Theyve just shown the Passi hit, looks like a shoulder to the head, he’ll miss a few for it
  19. I think we have to bear in mind he’s still finding his way back after an horrific injury aswell he will only get better
  20. I think it went forwards but having been sent up as s try that is harsh not to give it
  21. Find me a leeds fan that thinks we are GF contenders? Weve no chance with the injuries we have
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