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  1. But 6,000 + in a 12,000 capacity stadium is something you can’t achieve in a 5,000 capacity stadium. Our aim at the top level of our sport shouldn’t be to have 5,000 capacity crowds
  2. There’s so much negativity on here lately, so an interesting thought occurred, massive hypothetical situation. You’ve come into a lot of money (as in so much it’s irrelevant how much you can spend) you’ve decided to buy RL, you can make whatever changes you like, what would you do, nothings off the table as you’re in total control. (ill add mine when I’m at a computer not typing on a phone)
  3. I actually agree with you on well known players inna general sense, it’s a massive bug bear of mine we have personalities in our game, id encourage and reward clubs for getting their players more exposure, or take that responsibility off the clubs and market them centrally. but you e now jumped back another 15 years to 30 years ago when the same things being said about RL were being said (low crowds, no exposure etc) i do think theres a bit of rose tinted nostalgia going on and a bit of it was better in my day attitude! Lets take your game from the early 90s was the crowd massive and the TV audience huge?
  4. I kind of get this point especially as we simply can't attract the NRL stars like we used for simple economic reasons but I still think there's a bit of rose tinting going on here 15 years ago was 2006, were crowds and TV audiences much bigger then?
  5. I agree with a lot of this I don't see this massive shift in the actual games that are making them unwatchable, I think the quality is a bit down this year but that's because a lot of teams have played a lot of games in a compressed amount of time and because of that there seems to be a lot of injuries to the top players. Agree about the CC final but more so the 1895 game beforehand that was absolutely top draw sporting entertainment that IMO no other sport can achieve The Hull derby at the weekend was also a cracker Every sport has poor games, all the time, I didn't watch any of it but apparently the Lions tour in RU recently was absolutely terrible
  6. I didn't watch any of the olympics, I watched the first Hundred game (the women's one) and I found it OK but I wouldn't bother watching it on TV again, would go to a game but more for the socialising, I do enjoy test match cricket and try to go to one day a year. I watch every RL game on sky either live or recorded, I do think if you are so disillusioned with RL just stop watching it for a bit, I used to watch the NRL a lot, I don't thinkI've watched one full game this or last season, I actually found it less entertaining than the SL to be honest, although the Aussies recent antics has really left a sour taste so not even bothered with checking the results at the moment!
  7. I keep seeing/hearing the word Farce for this season. What else could we have done? As it is the race for the playoffs is very close and the next few weeks has a lot of implications for clubs placed 4-8, personally I'm looking forward to watching the games and seeing how it unfolds. There is definitely issues with the quality/way the game is on the field, the covid situation and lots of games close together is clearly not helping but this season still has a lot to offer IMO
  8. But the point being I don't see how moving to a smaller stadium would increase actual crowds by any meaningful measurement, which was the point I was replying to.
  9. A new day a new range of Rhinos gear from Oxen. Just ,anded in my inbox, Rhinos new Summer Off Field wear! Same stuff different colours. It'll be in the sale next week
  10. That doesn't really answer the question as to why it would attract more people. The Jungle does not look better on TV than a half full Headingley or Elland road it looks like a backwater sport that is stuck in the 60s.
  11. I mentioned before about the total lack of marketing around the ‘retro’ round, a total missed opportunity by Wigan. How many great times in the 90s did they have to draw on, absolutely loads, but we didn’t get any clips on the big screen, no past players on the pitch before the game or at half time, I think Wigan do have a bit of an identity and marketing issue, the rebrand was terrible timing (and badly implemented). The Wigan RL brand is/was huge but they don’t seem to know what to do with it or how to promote it
  12. He may be right that it was a poor game but look at the team sheets, players missing all over the place I’m getting absolutely sick of people especially those in the sport deathriding the game, I mean Eorl tweeted something positive and guess what someone like koukash pops up being really negative. Hes well within is rights to post whatever he likes but do people think e get more support or more interest in the game from investors, sponsors or partners by constantly doing the game down. All sports have poor games some more poor games than good ones yet you don’t see people within the game talking about it dying.
  13. This year I think clubs should either give discounts for ST members for play off games or include them!
  14. I'll reply if I want Yes lets leave it because for whatever reason you're arguing against things you are thinking people are saying not what they are actually saying. I don't think you understood the point I was making with the 2019 crowd but anyway, its better than making scenarios up as an argument
  15. If you've got to make up a scenario to try prove your point Id suggest its not a very good point to start with (I'm not even sure what your point actually is TBH) And please stop with the strawmanning as I haven't said 'all is well' in fact Ive clearly stated the game has issues to address but for some reason you seem to be intent on pretending covid hasn't had an impact on current attendances. Of course some of the usual ST holders will be wanting to go to the games, but the point is some won't especially if there's a chance that the game won't actually happen. And yes RL should have a plan of attack but it has to look at ALL the reason crowds are down and one of those reasons is clearly the Pandemic. As it happens do you know what the attendance was for the game in 2019 at the DW for the Wigan Leeds game was? it was 11,230 so even with the covid factor this year it was the same as 2 years ago last night. Is that a good enough crowd, no it isn't but the game isn't suddenly dying with rubbish attendances. The game is coming to a really critical part of the season and the race for the positions in the playoff spots with early any percentage points between 4-7, the game should be talking this up instead of people within the game (looking at you Mr Pearson) constantly death riding the sport.
  16. Totally agree look at the sides last night, neither side had anything like a first choice team out, it’s not surprising quality suffers. Wigan didn’t have a hooker and Leeds had a hooker at half partnering a guy thats playing on one leg! The the teams last night have played the most games this season, coinicidence?
  17. Some will some won’t ergo fewer people attending. I know that none of the previous ST holders are back around where I sit at Headingley.
  18. I’m saying that the fact ST sales will be down because of no guarantee of when or how many games they would be able to go see is affecting crowd numbers, it’s not really a controversial POV it’s common sense, I’m unclear as to why you think that wouldn’t be the case, that ontop of uncertainty of wether the fixtures will go ahead is leading to poorer than usual crowds, again hardly controversial, are you trying to say it isn’t having an effect? I cannot answer your second point as I haven’t got a clue what protocols and situations regarding bubbles in those sports are. Rugby is a sport with far more physical contact maybe that’s a factor?
  19. No they aren’t all ST holders but my point stands, Im not sure what point you’re trying to make with your second question, it’s irrelevant to my point, the fact is we’ve had cancellations are you seriously arguing that it hasn’t affected ticket sales?
  20. The season started in lockdown, now do you think that may have had an effect on season ticket sales? Weve had games cancelled with short notice, do you think that might have an effect on ticket sales? what other sport has encountered those two things?
  21. I really don’t care how we performed, Ive see Leeds lose enough times at the DW (and elsewhere) not to enjoy that. I did think we just did what we had to, job done.
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