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  1. 14 minutes ago, homeandawayer said:

    You took a bit of flak last week about lack of information from me included so well done on the build up to the Keighley game on Facebook and the media. It was great to see all the video messages from past players..top effort Graeme.

    Thank you. 

    The media video messages was driven by Gary, he deserves the credit. 

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  2. There has been a number of strong opinions on how we are fairing on and off the pitch as we head towards the climax of 2021, we welcome opinions and feedback so please use this opportunity to interact with the officials of the club by asking your questions in the Facebook feed.

    3pm is the scheduled start time. 

    Many thanks for your support. 



  3. 29 minutes ago, Town utd said:

    supporters should not have to email a director for news on the club,team news and updates on things connected with the club should be put on clubs website,more information on club matters gets more people interested 👍

    Think you may have misunderstood what the offer was, it was discuss to what the person felt were the deficiencies in the club in relation to a couple of points made. 

    Not to run into the detail of each of the situations you have mentioned and to see if l could help and take on board any feedback, as l will with your comments. 

    Our social media channels often have the information you mention but we appreciate that not everyone uses those channels, also all of our support staff that work in these  areas are volunteers so any shortfalls aren't deliberate or intended. 



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  4. 1 hour ago, havenhater said:

    Greame, personally think your doing a great job and people don't understand what the role entails.

    But any club word on if we can sign anyone or not for the play offs with no game this weekend an update would be appreciated for us doe hards 

    We can sign amateur or academy players or anyone who has not previously had a professional contract in 2019/20/21. If we do acquire a player it will be announced through the official club channels. 



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  5. 12 hours ago, town2018 said:

    The fans surely deserve to know whats going on at the club to a extent fans pay money on the gate every week some sponsor players some pay monthly to help the club and at present getting nothing in return and if the club don't move with the times they will be left behind 

    Hi town2018. 

    Thanks for your concern. 

    Please email graemepeerstownrlfc@gmail.com 

    With your feedback on what we're doing / not doing. 

    More than happy to take your feedback and discuss. 



    Workington Town RLFC 


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  6. 4 hours ago, Mr Frisky said:

    Semi- regular.

    When I showed then the Town website they just said on the day Town won't turn money down... each to their own. Hopefully back to normal very soon.


    You can still get tickets but you cannot pay on the gate and the guidance is there for a reason so I'd suggest advising them to secure tickets as they're only a few limited Town end places left. 

    Thank you. 


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