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  1. I do think that St Helens smashing Leeds (given that they're two of the top teams in English RL) warrants a place somewhere on the main page.
  2. I was hoping Brentford would do it as I have a friend who is a big fan of The Bees. I remember thinking that they'd done very well when they got promoted to the Championship. It will be interesting to see how they go next year after only just missing out this time.
  3. And break the "Crucible curse"? That's a bold prediction. You could be right though - I think Trump is the sort who has the temperament to do it. As normal I'll be supporting Ronnie, but I don't really mind who wins. I just hope for some good quality snooker.
  4. I was born in Yorkshire but we moved south after only a few months. Hope those who stayed had a good day. Is there any reason why it's 1st August or did they just need to choose a date?
  5. Come on England! Hopefully they continue to make a fight of it and don't get skittled when it's their turn to bat. Meanwhile, Hampshire are looking to bounce back against the middle Saxons, having lost our first match in Hove to the south Saxons. It's only five games so there's not much margin for error - especially with only two teams going through from three groups.
  6. What happens next? Is it just play on with the other team getting the ball?
  7. How much money did Argyle (and other owners/investors) spend on Toronto? It would be a shame if it all ends up being for nothing.
  8. How about each of the next three seasons, relegate one from SL and promote two from Championship? That would have the same effect as Hudgell is proposing - albeit without the period of sustainability and long term planning that he also talks about.
  9. Thanks. I've looked it up and it's an interesting set-up. I know it's RU but I'm posting the link so that others can also see how it operates, since something along those lines is being suggested for RL: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2018–19_Pro14
  10. So something similar to the NFL? The thing there is that the NFL has a draft to try and even things up for the weaker performing teams - which presumably helps to keep the conferences relatively equal in standard. Would you have an equivalent for RL so that the different conferences were of a similar quality? I'm just thinking that if say the North American Conference teams ended up being far better than teams in the other conferences, then they would then dominate the Grand Final (or whatever you're calling it). So you might end up with a Grand Final in Manchester every year between Toronto and Ottawa or Toronto and Vancouver.
  11. I can see what you're trying to achieve, but I'm curious about a few things. Firstly, suppose that Canada has 2 places which are filled by, say, Toronto and Ottawa. Someone then sets up a team in Vancouver. Where does Vancouver play while they're waiting for their opportunity to win/gain entry into the league?
  12. But isn't the problem that existing clubs don't and won't want to support a new/expansion club that could then (if successful) go on to take their place in the hierarchy?
  13. They've renamed themselves Solent Spitfires to try and attract people from across the South (e.g. Portsmouth folk), who wouldn't want to play under the Southampton banner. I think also they might only be an over-35's Masters team. I'm not sure if they do any junior stuff.
  14. Good effort from LRL and interesting to see where all the clubs are.
  15. Regarding international teams, I was interested to see on Wikipedia that lots of international teams have been founded in the last 20 or so years. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_men's_national_rugby_league_teams I'm not sure how they define "founded" and what (if anything) existed before, and likewise I don't know how often these teams have gone on to play, but it's surely a good thing that so many countries do at least have a team.
  16. I was hoping this thread was about him joining a SL club. Is that ever likely to happen?
  17. I can understand and have some sympathy with many of the problems facing TWP - especially given the COVID situation - but I'm a bit confused at why players and other creditors are being paid late. If there's money available to pay the players, it would seem strange not to do so when all you're doing is giving your critics another stick to beat you with. It's not a good look to have players speaking to journalists and moaning about late salary payments etc.
  18. I hope it isn't the end for TWP. I think mistakes have probably been made on both 'sides', but I'd like to think that a way forward could be found that is good for everyone.
  19. Congratulations to Leeds. I'm pleased that they're back in the Premier League.
  20. I think it's important and is a good thing to develop the sport in every way possible - kids, women, wheelchair, seniors, etc. The more opportunities that exist, the more people can get involved.
  21. Do a poll and then we'll know what people here think.
  22. Great Britain vs Rest of Europe. Or is that getting too political in these post-Brexit days?
  23. I'll take a Desmond at Old Trafford. Another very good performance by Southampton. We're playing some decent football at the moment.
  24. I think there are arguments both ways. I just feel that there needs to be an attempt to attract new fans to the sport. If you only ever play England matches in the heartlands (apart from occasional matches in London), you're missing an opportunity to showcase the sport in new areas.
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