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  1. Martyn Ridyard that’s a surprising one and I wouldn’t have king that high as likeable as he was he was are second best hooker last season behind Jones .
  2. It looks like Carey’s preferred to Gaz at the minute I can’t understand why though .
  3. Why has Luke not been able to keep a starting spot so far ? Because what I have seen of Tom and Luke (obviously just Tom on Tv and more of Luke in real life ) Luke is the better player .
  4. Let’s hope we never make super league !
  5. Maybe they didn’t want the pitch completely ruining impacting on further home fixtures .
  6. Good lad is keal was a good hooker for us shame he came to Fev when they was dishing out daft wages and had to go when they didn’t make the super 8s .
  7. What’s happening with Dakota Whylie hes shown on the website to still be with us but has anyone anymore information on him he hasn’t played in any friendlys surely he’s still not injured?
  8. I think Gaz Gales got to be pushing for a starting spot he’s been excellent so far I would like to see how he goes against hull and Leeds if he does well against them he’s got to be in contention for a spot in the squad .
  9. That’s the rule with all loans a minimum of a month before the player can be recalled.
  10. Or at least a decent percentage of it .
  11. Yes the same would go for them mcellend played most of last season for Fev and he’s been made available for us all this season so jouffrets got to earn his place over him .
  12. Jouffrets got to earn his place why should he just walk in and get a starting spot .
  13. It will probably end up been longer it says 9 games initially then both teams may explore it been longer at a later date .
  14. Goulding Briscoe worthington Hardacker Saxton Kain Finn Dickens Ellis Tony Tonks Locky Davies Hepworth
  15. Widnes or Bradford I have heard he’s going to .
  16. Batley going for the Leigh look . That just doesn’t look like a Batley home kit one bit .
  17. They did same last season it seems they go for quantity over quality .
  18. No it won’t go that far back I doubt anyone that played in 1921 is still playing today .
  19. But it’s not a pointless topic is it just because it doesn’t interest you doesn’t mean it’s pointless . If it’s not of interest to you just bypass the topic no need to make a comment just for the sake of it .
  20. Why bother looking and commenting then ?
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