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  1. The problem with your argument is that it is one long contradiction. Clubs that can go bust (or come within two weeks of) in SL and can retain their place, Hull, Wire, Wakey, Leeds, Hudds Clubs that can't have a place in SL in case they go pop - Any club currently not in SL. But that is not hypocrisy is it because we must live entirely in the 'today'. As you don't see this it's time for me to bow out.
  2. Winter? True story, I played for Eccleshill CC 2nd Team up at Queensbury one June in the 1980s and it bloody snowed!!!!! For literally 2 mins and very light but it snowed!
  3. It made it to Planet Rock on Saturday. Just in the sport bulletin but asking if Warrington could overcome their hoodoo. I did shout back Bradford will return and win it again before the perennial bottlers but they didn't respond Graham....;)
  4. It's a tricky dilemma. How close were Leeds to being bust when Hetherington took over? Should Hull and Hudds stayed in the Championship (both went pop in SL remember)? The gap from Bradford to KR was massive but that situations now reversed. Wolves were two days away from liquidation at one point at Wilderspool. Should they have been forcefully relegated to stop the financial troubles? Bradford had a decent turnover but turnover is vanity , profit is sanity but cash is reality. How many SL clubs pass this test today? Some truly woeful decisions were made to try maintain success. Would it have mattered if Prescott had kept his nose out of the Tesco stadium deal? Fully understand what you are saying but it would be hypocritical of some areas to push licencing given their financial histories and equally we can't have a halfway house saying that, for example, Halifax aren't allowed to go up because the gap is too great. Even monied up Toronto had a massive gap from St Helen's to themselves. If Halifax did enough to go up good on 'em. You sadly have to trust the people in charge at the clubs to know their limit at any given time but you shouldn't dictate what they can or can't do. I think 14 clubs would be stretch too far but we shouldn't artificially interfere with movements between divisions.
  5. ...and the mythical Manchester dead horse doesn't even exist.
  6. But isn't that a bit of a red herring? Bradford went pop during licencing? Whether there is P&R or not some clubs will overspend to get to the top.
  7. "... 'You wont go play for those b4stards'. And with that I left and drove over to Headingley to sign the contract."... the bit along those lines? Sorry my opinion but I will never be in the cult of St Noble.
  8. .......and as for the game, I really hope we win as I believe Worky have a better chance of turning Swinton over on their paddock (toss permitting) than we do. As with most fellow Bulls fans I just have that nagging feeling that our knack of fekking things up at the last minute would see us in L1 again next year...
  9. and mine... I've actually been surprised at the level of enthusiasm and pride JK has shown for the club. He speaks warmly of getting it back to where it can and should be and though he'd never have been my choice he's definitely converted me. Certainly seems more affectionate about the club than that proud Bradfordian who lost JP and signed Harris (good work that...), ran off to Wigan as soon as the going got tough, did nothing of note there, reappeared trumpeting how Toronto would partner Bradford beneficially before promptly disappearing back up his own 4rse again? If he pulls off the unthinkable and gets Bradford back within sniffing distance of SL standard again he'll be one of the greatest coaches we've had in my eyes.
  10. Looking forward to seeing Keith Senior at Odsal this weekend...I assume he's still in Scott's back pocket?
  11. Spot on, any further than Huyton or Garston and you are in Wooly-back territory. Liverpool is Liverpool, Widnes is Widnes and Runcorn, Runcorn. All have their own identities and accents and the towns themselves would not thank you for calling them scousers.
  12. Sheffield's 4th would you believe? https://www.ukpopulation.org/cities/ Or Birmingham – 1,073,045 Leeds – 751,485 Sheffield – 552,698 Bradford – 522,452 Manchester – 503,127 Liverpool – 466,415 Bristol – 428,234 Newcastle – 280,177 Sunderland – 275,506 Wolverhampton – 249,470 (Source: 2011 census data.) I guess they left London off as they reported split figures for City of Westminster, City of London etc
  13. You don't? Ask a sample of 100 people to list the 5 cities in terms of size without letting them look for the answer and I bet they'd come back 1) Manchester 2) Liverpool 3) Leeds 4) Sheffield 5) Bradford It's either they talk about themselves more or, more depressingly, people are so indoctrinated with football that their thinking is skewed by it?
  14. It's bloody weird because as cities, both Bradford and Sheffield are larger than Manchester (not the administrative county) and Liverpool. Looks like Lancashire sells itself better than us
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