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  1. Well done bod and Chris, we lacked pace and bodies in backs last season, looks good, and moving to area all good . If u can score that many tries in a Coventry team, hopefully more in a town team. Utt
  2. Good luck lads today,it's going to be really tough, just do the club n town proud. Iam sure when this season is over Chris will get to grips with the job in hand and won't allow this to happen, we need bigger squad to compete, hence u always going to get injuries.
  3. Well done bod, I always hoped it would be ct for coach next year. He is a quality coach and person, with a full pre season and get a full squad, we should do better. I know this season isn't finished yet, I Carn't wait till next season starts utt
  4. Like to think sign penky. Scored some good tries,and on his day no better hooker in this league.
  5. Imagine what Chris could do with a full pre season, and full squad. Look like we goner do it,got lads playing now if it's 15 players or 17 players.bring on the Dons. Beat The Dons now and we get home advantage in playoffs.
  6. So if we can win both games guarantees us a home tie against Doncaster. Come on town
  7. It won't be easy but if we can get the win.make a cracking last game against Doncaster, the winner of Doncaster game gets home advantage in playoff, hopefully the couple weeks off should have helped with a few injuries and niggles utt
  8. What about Chris and Rooney as assistant .? I don't know how often the brow train etc.is that too 2 bigger jobs to do both assistant and coach brow? Opinions
  9. Agree with Callum n town Utd. We got a good coach, got the experience of super league with Huddersfield and played for a few clubs,and he got the lads playing well on a good run now. Imagine if we had a full squad and a few more numbers to play with, and like Miller , field house etc. I hope he signs on, he came in part way through season, imagine with a full preseason with Chris and got them playing from game 1.
  10. Thunderstorms pal look on new and star website from 12 on Sunday til 10 could be 10 to 20 mm. Do u think everybody could squash in Kells end.
  11. I will be making 60 plus round trip. Sure all true supporters will be there. If play like did against keighley we will give them a game, plus the rain, will make it tighter. Hopefully we got a descent fit team utt
  12. Great performance by all. Good to see Gordon get back to is old self. Like Chris as coach. Like said on radio, great preparation all week in training,came to fruition and do basics right it pays off. Well done all concerned, hope all injuries not to bad, like to think some injuries clearing up at right time of season now, utt
  13. Let's all get to down to dp and get behind the lads. Crowds been holding not to bad. Let's get over a thousand n roar them to victory(should put us in playoffs with London at Newcastle) utt
  14. Where next week staged at dp.?people saying this season is over. Still too early( I know we on a bad run) next week is the must win London scholars at home. I think we can sneak that last position got 4 home games to come. London got Newcastle Oldham n Doncaster next 3 games after us. But we have all to get behind them we not had that old atmosphere of fans getting behind them for a while at home, gives lads a lift we have to be that 18 th man(I know defence been poor n poor displays) we need to get behind them not against them utt
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