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  1. Indeed. The future for any developing Rugby League country is to develop it's own players over a period of time and not rely on heritage players
  2. There are some very good young athletes in the Afro-Caribbean community that would make very good Rugby Leagues players, something we have never really tapped into.
  3. Sadly Aussies are very insular
  4. I thought that there was a good chance Theo Fages was going to join the, but has now signed for the Huddersfield Giants
  5. He deserves all the plaudits he gets for what he's doing
  6. I thought they were going to play a majority of their games out of Suncorp and only play home games against teams who don't have any sort of away support like the Roosters, Manly and West Tigers etc
  7. How can they budget for away fans when they don't know how many away fans will turn up on a certain day? The same as you can't budget for Challenge cup crowds for the same reason
  8. Wakey haven't got the money to sort out their ground and neither do Cas The Red Devils need to move out ASAP and move to a smaller capacity ground where their lack of fans is not so noticeable on our TV screens. These 3 clubs don't have the finances or facilities to be successful on regular basis and are really championship clubs playing in Super League
  9. AJ beating Usyk is unlikely, unless he gets in with a lucky punch. Wilder is a league above Whyte and Whyte wouldn't last 5 rounds against Fury. Usyk would cause Fury Problems in the early rounds with his mobility, but it will be curtains for him once Fury catches up with him
  10. They shouldn't rely on away support, but they do Some of these clubs idea of marketing is to put a poster in a shop or pub window and just hope people turn up. The world has moved on from a meat raffle on a Friday night at the local pub or club to generate some money and some Rugby League clubs need to move on as well into the 21st century with their marketing
  11. Think Old Trafford full. Think money Fury's from the area it won't be a problem filling the stadium and Fury's fans would pay to see it. Don't underestimate the high interest there would be for a 4th meeting between them in this country, and seeing Fury knock him out again
  12. A tough tough game and the players certainly deserve the R & R they will get now
  13. I have no doubt there will be a 4th meeting between them and it will create a lot of interest again and money. Wilder can't continue to take the amount of head shots he does without repercussions at some time in the future. Fury can be world champion as long as he wants to be, as at the moment he a class above anybody else despite the 2 knockdowns he suffered in the 4th round
  14. I'm told they did, but wouldn't know the numbers We have a vast fan potential out there, but for reasons unknown to me we never exploit it. It seem we keep relying on a ever sinking fan base from RL areas in the past. Much the same with junior development
  15. It's been suggested by people in Australia that one of the reasons it hasn't moved to any extent to other countries is because in Australia they get taxpayers money to prop it up in some areas, but can't overseas. They played some competition AFL games in New Zealand, but when they didn't get any taxpayers money they pulled the plug on it. Look what happened when they tried to claim junior playing numbers so they could get Taxpayers money for junior playing numbers for Birchwood grove and got badly exposed and had to revise their junior playing numbers down by about 2/3rds https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/afl-accused-of-exploiting-figures-20120723-22knq.html
  16. I must read up on my history again as i didn't think Brazil and Argentina were part of the British empire with it's soccer presence there. Thanks for enlightening me LOL.
  17. Or Clapham common, where the UK AFL is held LOL.
  18. So they have only got themselves to blame for having to play the Championship grand final in Toulouse
  19. Even if they had beaten them by a wider margin than Toulouse beat them at Post office road?
  20. Well it's certainly cost Fev the chance of hosting the Championship grand final
  21. So that rule possibly cost Fev the chance of hosting the Championship grand final if they had gone to Toulouse and beaten them by a wider margin that Toulouse beat Fev by at Post office road
  22. Legally the RFL couldn't have stopped Fev going to Toulouse if they wanted to
  23. Lets not forget Birchgrove oval LOL
  24. But it was alright for Toulouse to come here and beat Fev
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