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  1. Newtothis


    I don't think it really matters what the strip looks like marra
  2. I’ve also heard this regarding the ex town director Asked him to join the board But we all know what that means i think Jamie would do ok in League 1 not so sure in championship but time will tell
  3. Newtothis

    1895 cup

    I agree with this decision winning the league is more important
  4. Looking forward to what should be a great night Has everyone put their votes in with the times and star?
  5. I was told Tom McKeating (Gary’s Son) was now a board member I’m sure this would have been announced officially by the club if it was correct though.
  6. Lads really dug deep yesterday, awesome performance from every single player Fingers crossed we play like that against the jam. What's your predictions?
  7. Great Result. thought the boys really bonded as a team yesterday and it ended in a great result Awful comments from a town fan regarding Jamie Doran " get some of that weight off Jamma " Would love to see them pull that shirt on and run on that field for a full 80minutes. Idiots Up the town
  8. Nothing ever seems to go in favour for Workington. I think the council have made the wrong decision and will regret it in time until then nothing the public say or do will change that decision unfortunately
  9. Don’t have a clue what you are talking about marra
  10. Not Craig either so can’t answer that one sorry
  11. And what false promises would they be? have you been snoop dogging in the board meetings PS my name is not John
  12. You are going to get yourself in trouble 40/20 pix
  13. Heard this a few times lately, when's the announcement does anyone know?
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