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  1. Not sure a playoff place is reachable this year for Thunder. An improvement on 11th certainly is. Baby steps and getting better year on year is a sustainable way to go. We're a decent side with a fit 17. Don't have the depth that heartland teams do. Not yet anyways. Played only 4 of 11 games at home so far. So, I suppose a 50% record is a reasonable, targettable goal for the season if we can keep folk fit. Then kick on from there.
  2. London 22 Newcastle 52. Quite, quite comprehensive that one. Didn't see that coming.
  3. Meanwhile Raiders have conceded 84 and Skolars 92 and counting. Think Cornwall will win a few this year.
  4. My post seemed to inspire an instant turnaround. Am available for other clubs. Cheap rates.
  5. More than that. They'll have only beaten the two winless teams. It may start to look like a relegation battle.
  6. Yes. It isn't just that though. We used to see 2 or 3 heavyweight ties in the 32 every year. Meaning they were knocked out early doors. You could get to the quarters without playing a top division side. And. Much more fun for a SL supporter to have a surprise trip to Worky or Keighley than yet another to Wakey. One of the best cup days out was my one and only visit to Bramley. We scraped a draw having been thoroughly outplayed. Made Wembley that year.
  7. Call me old fashioned. But we need to get back to the SL coming in in the last 32.
  8. 28-20. Whatever happens from here this has been a performance of a competitive side.
  9. Thunder v Haven a big game next week. Winner has 4 points from 4. Comfortable mid table or down near the bottom. Thunder have Leigh, Dewsbury, Widnes, York, Sheffield and Fax after that. 4 of them away. So. Badly need 2 points Sunday.
  10. Redruth play in Nat 2 South. They play teams from Leicester, St. Albans, Guernsey, Canterbury and Bury St Edmunds. Many of them are as far away as Wigan or Warrington. Their closest team is Barnstaple which is 100 miles. Roughly the distance from Salford to Hull. So not really a derby.
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