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  1. I agree. But Toronto is about the marketing too. Wilkin is eloquent and personable, with an Olympian spouse. He'll be great for publicity, interviews and the like, as well as being one of the most experienced and successful SL players around. Even if he comes off the bench, I reckon he offers far more than just his on field contribution.
  2. No idea. But I could not see them moving out of West London. Best bet would be put up some temporary seating, see if they stay up, (and how Ealing RU do). If they were to get established in SL, there is a new ground for Brentford going up, which is in the area they have traditionally played as a possible option.
  3. Have a sneaking feeling Broncos may pinch this. They have won a number of must-win games at the backend of the season. Easy to forget that few gave them a chance of making the 4 with 4 games to go. Beat Toulouse, FEV and Fax to make the 4 when a defeat in any would have put them out. Beat Widnes by 1 and Salford by 3 when they had to. Do feel that Toronto have the better chance of staying up, should they win. However, if not, they would be strong favourites for the Championship next year. Anyway. Hope it is decided without any controversy.
  4. Good news. Hopefully a sign the club is putting down real roots in the French sporting scene. And becoming less reliant on the largesse of Guasch. For all the moaning about the crowd at Wembley, and about the rise of Toronto, I reckon the Dragons CC win might be the most significant event for the long term health of the game.
  5. Although Hoffenheim is part of the Rhine-Neckar metropolis which has a population of 2.4 million.
  6. Hadn't thought of that. You could be onto summat. Wonder also about the really hot spell. Exhausted, de-hydrated players making errors in tackling technique or attempting stuff they might not normally leading to injury? There do seem to have been a lot of injuries this year. Although that may just be my impression.
  7. MR. Stottle, I was perhaps remiss in not being clear in my original post that I was referring to the kind of sources Michael quotes above, and most definitely not to any discussion or poster on this forum. There are some people out there who verge on the apoplectic when referring to Toronto, using vile and violent language, and tediously repeat endless provably false assertions. All because some Canadians enjoy RL. I was merely wondering why. I did not mean to imply that anyone here, not least your good self does so. I come here for a better level of debate. I respect your and Mr Parksiders view even if I disagree. And I have no doubt your views are based on what you believe is good for the game.
  8. What I don't get is the anger it provokes. Nowt wrong with a degree of scepticism. Nothing wrong with pointing out pitfalls, or suspecting this is not a long term proposition. Indeed nothing wrong with being steadfastly opposed to Toronto, and wanting only a UK league. It is just an opinion after all. But pray someone tell me why a billionaire spending his own money on our sport and attracting thousands of new followers and publicity, should result in a torrent of abuse, conspiracy theories and downright falsehoods that infest social media every time Toronto is mentioned. That bit I cannot for the life of me fathom.
  9. No one has so far mentioned the obvious. We play too many games. This has all happened at the backend of the season. Teams have to decide a squad size they can afford and give enough game time to to keep them happy with no reserve sides. This is a fine tightrope to walk. Sign too many players, it costs more, and those left out lose interest. Too few, and injuries can kick in. 30 games in the Championship is WAY too many. 27 next year is at least a start.
  10. Indeed it is. He seems to move around a lot. Feel having re-signed Lewis Young and a couple of props is more important for Thunder. Although they probably would have liked to keep him.
  11. We'll probably miss this trick, but with the reduction of 1 game, why not a full SL programme on the Easter Sunday at 3? When there is hardly any football. Leaving Good Friday and Easter Monday free for the lower leagues to get some much needed decent crowds.
  12. Strangely enough I have been in that very position. At the age of 18, I was offered the chance of free board and food to move from Wigan ( the town, not the club), to Canada and play Union. I pondered for around, erm a couple of seconds...
  13. I wonder if the Easter double header may be dropped. We are moving from 30 to 29 games. Coaches and players have moaned about it for a while.
  14. How could I forget? The cheers of Saints fans as they drew Catalans for the Semi Final... Comedy gold.
  15. Yes they are. There is a thread about it. Would add. Toulouse proving they are genuine contenders for a second French SL side. London and Halifax punching above their weight again. Coventry Bears. Huddersfield turning themselves around. Magic Weekend back on my doorstep. The multiplicity of RL available for free. NCL, Ourleague, and Proper Sport. And at last a decision about structure for good or ill. Maybe we can talk about on the field stuff now.
  16. Guardian now reporting they will start in Third Round alongside League 1 clubs, and will play away from home. Seems a bit ambitious, but I guess we will see if they are up to scratch.
  17. I have no idea. Only reporting what I heard. He may have meant marquee in the sense of big name, rather than not counting under salary cap of course. Re TV money, only 2 things are certain. 1 Other clubs will try to stop Toronto getting any SKY money. 2 IF they get their own deal, those same clubs will want a share...
  18. All the best to him and his family. Have been unfortunate to have had pleurisy. Extremely painful, but touch wood no permanent damage.
  19. Beswick is 33 and is the conditioning coach. I don't think there is a plan for him to play next year, so yes, a hooker definitely. Kicking game, including place kicks needs urgently addressing (although they seem to have drop goals covered). My money would be on Drinkwater or similar to address this. Prop. Don't think Sims is up to it, though he tries hard. More needed here. Disagree about Patterson though. I've been impressed with him.
  20. Any idea at which stage? And will they be allowed to play at home?
  21. That will go well with my Huddersfield mild, a pint of Infuriating Cowbell .
  22. Doubtless poncy craft beer and not bitter , as is right and proper too.
  23. Listening to 5 Live SX this evening before the Leeds game Dave Woods mentioned rumours of 5 marquee signings to be revealed soon . Did I hear correctly? Has anyone heard similar? Speculate /poo-poo away .
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