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  1. Well yes. The fact that he's also a nice bloke who is confident and competent on TV as well...means it probably won't happen any time soon.
  2. The size of his upper body and the way he was slinging Oti around, coupled with some nifty footwork and flying press-ups...Roughyeds could do worse. A sequinned away kit might sell too, particularly if slashed to the navel. Can he catch?
  3. Almost certain he did. Isn't his Dad an RL coach? Happy to be corrected, but I thought I read that somewhere. Nevertheless, it is unlikely he had no interest in the sport in Halifax, then became enamoured of it in the hotbed of Melbourne!!!
  4. Great sadness. Hope her family and friends get the support and love they need.
  5. From another thread. Maybe the Wiggles could step up?
  6. Wasn't meaning to disparage them at all. As I said, I had a soft spot for them. But they went down the local players route... They even had a Colts team. 3 or 4 more experienced, gnarly, RL sodden forwards, and they could have got promotion. Who knows then, what would have happened?
  7. Went to see Cardiffs first away game at Keighley. They got monstered that day. Looked like a bunch of guys thrown together, which they were. Also played in a curtain raiser at Ninian Park against their Colts team before they beat Donny some time later. They came in with Carlisle on the back of the successful 1st season of Fulham. However, Carlisle followed the Fulham blueprint, sign a solid team of experienced RL pros, capable of winning promotion. Cardiff did sign 4 Welsh international RU players, but weren't up to it on the field. A pity really, as they were part of the soccer operation, and carried a good amount of goodwill, as well as funding in the city (which has always been a football place). The crowd for the Donny game I saw was football, not Union oriented. Their poor results didn't help. They were always competitive, but never looked like getting promoted. Dai Watkins was the GM. He was lovely and kind to us when we played there. I had a bit of a soft spot for them...
  8. Yep. I'm surprised more don't see Toulouse as the team to beat. They are by far the most settled of the major contenders. Only trouble is they are very flaky, capable of being extraordinary on any given day, both good and bad. This should be a wonderfully competitive comp. As evidence a vast range of opinions here. btw. How are Swinton this year? They seemed to have a decent side on the field. Has the off field trouble affected them?
  9. Barrow, Donny and Newcastle all underperformed last year IMHO. I would expect one of the three to win it. Given the prices, Thunder look best value, but they need to learn how to close out big games. DYOR!
  10. Agreed. He'll lead them over a cliff to the inevitable drop. ?
  11. Wasn't it common knowledge he was leaving? Too good for the Championship. Both decent signings.
  12. Lord am I looking forward to next season. Who will be right and who wrong? At least we had summat to talk about.
  13. Surely the point about standing is that YCFC aspire to be a League club again. In the dim distant past I remember them being in the Second Division (Championship). A long time ago I grant you. But if teams like Burton Albion, Rotherham, etc can play there, it is not inconceivable York City could again. Why build a stadium that is not up to your aspirations? That said, the all-seater rule is obsolete for new stadiums and should be ditched. But it hasn't been.
  14. There is an argument for saying George Fairbairn was the best of the lot I've seen. Which goes to show you don't have to be a big Union name.
  15. Anyone who moves across is good publicity. RU trolls have been banging on about RL dying for 25 years now. They also were telling us what a wonderful transformative World Cup they'd had which would result in kids across the world ditching their soccer boots en masse... Since then a string of bad news. ? Hopefully more to come...
  16. Salford. And I know it isn't a "moment", but the last 2 minutes of that game in regulation time were quite astonishing. Made all the better by my listening to it on R5L sport, with John Inverdale (spits) anchoring, and having to make the indisputable drama the major focus of the show whilst obviously squirming through gritted teeth.
  17. See. Would that not be a game to take to Vancouver? Much easier to sell to the Aussies as a halfway stop. And make Wolfpack Canada's team? Just a thought.
  18. Ideally both. A regular game every week on the same channel at a known time would do wonders. Every other game on pay TV.
  19. IMHO, what happens off the field is more important than on it next year. Provided TWP don't get relegated that is. SL 17 has a valid point. This is not really a SL ready SQUAD. But, it is a much better say 22, than the Broncos last year. And, Broncos were unfeasibly unlucky to come in to a league without an obviously uncompetitive side in it. TWP will be better than London and should stay up. More important will be. Will there be visa problems? Will there be cap breaches or late payments? How many will turn up for the games in England? Particularly the nominal "home" games? Will the away games attract as many fans as average? And, crucially, will Lamport be heaving and bouncing as it was against Fev, even if they've lost 8 in a row? In short will interest build again? Will it aid a better TV deal? These are unanswered questions. If Toronto leap these bars, and, to be fair, they have done so thus far. If SL Chairmen are convinced they are a net financial positive, then many, many other issues will be made to disappear. Particularly around cap dispensations. Getting to divvy up central funding is the first step on that road.
  20. Ta for the clarifications above. Would give them a trophy, but the button doesn't seem to be working.
  21. "Any player who has not previously played RL." That is vague. To what level? Under 8s? In school? Most Union players in the North, and pretty much every Aussie one will have done so to some degree. Does Burrell count? Would Ford and Farrell?
  22. Top story on NRL.com. Who knew they had heard of SL? Also top sports story in Sydney Morning Herald. Likewise.
  23. See. This is the point. Almost everyone off contract, Union or League is now going to be linked. Constant publicity year round. They don't have to sign any of them. Just know they can. Puts the wind up Union too. Bonus.
  24. Almost locked there. Better get in before it is...I've never seen him play in the flesh. Early start for Magic Sunday then. Good news.
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