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  1. I think there's some serious communication errors in the side at the minute. We've gone from playing some of the best rugby around with our last coach, to not even been able to do the basics right. Something is a miss here and contrary to what some f/b groups think, the whole one team/stick together philosophy isn't working. It might work on the terraces but on the field this club is in crisis. Excuses of low budget and working with what we have aren't good enough. The results show that and there's no escaping the fact that the club is only going in one direction. Loosing to York no matter how good there ment to be is not acceptable. But that's just my opinion. Hope to be proved wrong.
  2. Absolutely garbage today. No passion,no grit,no clue. Rounded off by the insult of a team not even applauding their fans. Change is needed and quickly....i fear its to late already
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