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  1. Don't worry - there will be 3 more a year forever. You won't miss out on missing one.
  2. Well, Broncos have no fans and didn't manage one of the initial Premier games. Other than that - they are popular on my side of the sofa.
  3. Any news on the side yet? Will it be local RU players?
  4. i think crowds might improve, from a low base, but I don't see 1500 even. Not with a PT side.
  5. He's a football fan from Kent. He has little to no interest in RL and knows nothing about it. I just don't see the large crossover. As someone already pointed out - even a 10% conversion is not a lot and they won't do that.
  6. I agree that I might just get tickets on the day. I have had 2/3 ST for the last few years for me and others I take. Even if I see 10 games it washes its face in terms of cost.
  7. I go to watch the sport. No interest about who or what anyone posts on social media. All of it, on both sides, just seem juvenile. On a separate note - I walked the dog with a Dons ST holder this morning. They aren't getting many Dons fans to watch.
  8. There is a bench outside Radio Rentals. They have all the channels.
  9. It's quaint people still use cable providers.
  10. Sounds a nice guy. Also seems to love a "cause".
  11. Yup. No idea why anyone would use the sky or virgin option. But each to their own.
  12. I have to say I am still quite excited about the move, better ground, easier to get to (for me) - so all good.
  13. Well, they should have cut a better deal on that basis with a reduced rent to compensate. If they are solely relying on ST income then.......
  14. Their best bet for that would be to give free entrance and go for a Toronto style experience. Try and get the money through food, drink and merchandise. Apparently the Wolfpack did $30k in merchandise each home game. The ST is still the same price as next year, so I don't see 5k paying £240 a head or £22 each on the day.
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