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  1. Per RL Express: Huddersfield v St Helens: 4,684 Castleford v Warrington: 7,348 Wakefield v Hull KR: 4,705 Wigan v Salford: 11,497 Hull v Leigh: 10.952 Leeds v Catalans: 14,321 Barrow v Halifax: 1,879 London v Swinton: N/A Featherstone v York: 2,892 Whitehaven v Batley: 1,006 Sheffield v Toulouse: 959 Batley v Barrow (Monday): N/A Keighley v Bradford: 4,793 Widnes v Newcastle: 2,743 Hurricanes v Workington: N/A North Wales v Oldham: N/A Cornwall v Skolars: N/A Rochdale v Dewsbury: N/A
  2. Per RL Express: Salford v Wakefield: 4,757 Catalans v Hull KR: 7,682 Castleford v Leeds: 7,458 Huddersfield v Wigan: 5,777 St Helens v Hull: 9,218 Warrington v Leigh: 12,073 York v Whitehaven: n/a Halifax v Keighley: 2,123 Swinton v Featherstone: 1,090 Bradford v Sheffield: 3,004 Widnes v Toulouse: 3,093 Newcastle v London: 978 Doncaster v North Wales Crusaders: 837 Hurricanes v Rochdale: n/a Workington v Dewsbury: n/a Skolars v Hunslet: 186
  3. Yes, sorry, my fault. Should be 15,148. I was typing off the mobile edition on my phone. Sorry!
  4. Per Rugby League Express (apologies for typos - was working off a small screen): Warrington v Salford: 9,616 Catalans v Hull: 6,933 Castleford v Wigan: 7,565 Wakefield v Huddersfield: 4,155 Hull KR v Leigh: 8,448 St Helens v Leeds: 16,148 Halifax v Batley: 1,703 Sheffield v Widnes - 1,319 Barrow v Newcastle - 1,752 Keighley v London - 1,693 Toulouse v Whitehaven - 2,558 Widnes v Halifax (Monday) - 3,187 Swinton v York - 1,029 Hunslet v North Wales - 504 Oldham v Skolars - 525 Rochdale v Doncaster - 391 Dewsbury v Hurricanes - N/A
  5. I gave up a line in. Sometimes life is too short. On the other hand - had a great day on Sunday and really enjoyed the game and have a non-RL fan who regularly attends with me as well and who is a convert.
  6. To be fair - the squad is competitive. Coleman was a complete disaster. They have been within 10 every game so far. Albeit I expect a few pastings.
  7. It's not tough Langpark. If you let in a lot of people for £1 or £5 or for free - I'm not sure why then that is the benchmark for the following week without offers.
  8. I believe a lot of freebies and kids. So not really a like for like.
  9. Yes - it's very good. Ealing had some good points but this feels much better and the pub in the ground is quality.
  10. Yeah - you might be right. Was similar to the first game. But I went on the lean side to give all the London haters something to chew on.
  11. Per Rugby League Express: Castleford vs St Helens - 10,042 Huddersfield vs Warrington - 7,731 Leeds vs Hull - 16,140 Wigan vs Wakefield - 12,306 Salford vs Hull KR - 5,565 Catalans v Leigh - 7.862 Bradford v Toulouse - 2,798 Batley v Keighley - n/a London v Sheffield - n/a (was there and would say 800 ish) York v Barrow - n/a Whitehaven v Swinton - 891 Featherstone v Newcastle - 2,489 Only included CC games with announced attendances: Hunlset vs Heworth - 556 Workington vs Ince - 603 Cornwall v Rochdale Mayfield - 1,061
  12. Yup - was at the game and tried to look on Twitter for the teams and nothing. Poor really - although you never know the reason (maybe personal issues for someone).
  13. You mean we aren't going to call up Radley, Burgess, Young at all for Serbia? Davalues it for me. #sarc
  14. More than likely. I am sure once venues are firmed up they will get on it. I am not sure the lack of Feb hype for an away game in Serbia is worth reading into.
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