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  1. The £500k p.a. he gets paid could go to London
  2. 30 years ago everyone was told at school the world would end etc. What happened to those countries that would be under water by now with all the ice melting?
  3. I prefer it a bit warmer. The more carbon we have to get things up a degree or two the better.
  4. I would be as quick for me to fly to Toronto from Kent as it would be to get to Whitehaven. And the price wouldn't be hugely different. Hopefully Whitehaven are told next year they won't be allowed to go up - because their location is just a bit of a pain in the a'se really.
  5. Unless the band does it for free for some advertising - I wouldn't bother and would save the money. Shed Seven will be adding precisely zero additional ticket sales from their appearance.
  6. In a 10,000 seater stadium, CO2 would represent 2 spectators. Keep on believing the myths. Cold is the real danger to man - not 1 degree ffs.
  7. And yet again. This was the League One West Wales Raider type team we beat in the first game. The revisionist history is unbelievable. St Helens: Welsby; Swift, Naiqama, Percival, Grace, Richardson, Fages; Lees, Roby, Thompson, Paulo, Peyroux, Knowles. Interchanges: LMS, Amor, Ashworth, Costello.
  8. How many players did Hull KR get through this season with swaps, loans, buys etc. And he has the temerity to have a go at a side which only brought in Brock Lamb, from memory. Hull KR couldn't have stacked the deck any better.
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