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  1. Thinking of going - but are Greece any good or will Scotland just walk through them?
  2. Only in rugby league is 60k supposed to be abject failure for the CC but a good crowd for the premier competition.
  3. Hopefully it is enough to cover the additional costs SL have put upon the game to simply replicate what seems to be pretty much what the RFL did anyway. That is the best we can hope. Rob needs that salary paid.
  4. Sounds a decent attendance all things considered.
  5. But the AJ Bell is apparently a bit of a hassle to get to.
  6. They managed 17 the week before.
  7. Workington aren't a top team.
  8. Was reported on Forty Twenty podcast.
  9. Didn't Workington only field 14 vs the Thunder in a play-off game because some players were on a stag do? They are beginning to sound a pathetic club.
  10. Glad I won't have to see his tramp stamp every week. Holroyd and Mustapha should be getting more time.
  11. The £500k p.a. he gets paid could go to London
  12. 30 years ago everyone was told at school the world would end etc. What happened to those countries that would be under water by now with all the ice melting?
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