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  1. What investment is RL making in Canada? None. If anything, Canada is pumping money into the UK game by not taking funding.
  2. So if SL invested £100k of the £2m they are getting from Toronto taking no allocation....
  3. 3 please I still give money to Widnes via their supporters club - so ties in. And it is the best name.
  4. Sorry - late to the party after the thread initially lost some steam. AUD 200 in.
  5. Outside Wimbledon - nobody in the UK cares about tennis. There is a regular RL audience though. As I said - just split the rights. Are Sky really going to walk away? Nope.
  6. No reason why they can't leverage the packages into mainly sky and a game a week elsewhere. I don't see how a Sunday 3pm game on Amazon impacts sky showing Friday and Thursday games one jot. I think people fail to realise how little content anyone actually wants, outside football, Sky has. Even the cricket is a channel of repeats plus the winter tests are usually at night. I doubt they would even want to show old super league highlights if SL went elsewhere - which are still a source of good cheap programming. SL should be using all the leverage they have.
  7. I assume there are more Amazon Prime subscribers than Sky Sports subscribers in the UK?
  8. Yup - Sky is down to football then and cricket. A cheeky Sky go account shared between 4 people and there is no other reason to have it.
  9. No thanks. We have Morgan Smith and Aston. Plus Meadows in the wings.
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