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  1. Rah rahs are always going to Twickers. I'll add in that I work with an Irish Union fan who is going. So i think that has some appeal to ex-pats and Irish fans. None of the Union fans I know would go to the CC if you gave them a free ticket. Mind you - I'm the same with Union.
  2. I saw that as well. That mob never miss a chance. To be honest, as a Kent boy, I think the crossover is zero. Nobody in the south who isn't an RL fan has an idea the CC final is on.
  3. I think it looks far better with Club Wembley full. Not sure the excitement at getting an extra 10k empty seats added to the attendance and all in camera shot a lot of the time. Not even sure the allocation of any old Club Wembley bonds the RFL got - but mist have been trivial when divided over the other sporting events.
  4. 25% Off Coral Challenge Cup Final Tickets! Enter code CUPREWARDS4 in the Rewards4Rugby League section on the rugby league ticketing website.
  5. 70k would be a decent attendance. Esp. given Super League can't even sell out Old Trafford and the venue is not in the heartlands.
  6. I think anything with a 5 in section is a nosebleed so probably cost £20 or less facevalue. Happens - I went to Lords on Saturday and it wasn't tough to get tickets off touts outside.
  7. Isn;t that a reseller? So might just be people who can;t make it trying to get some money back at whatever price they can.
  8. Wife, Cousin (goes to Broncos but isn't that fussed about league), Cousin's wife, Father in Law and 3 of his mates who now make the Challenge Cup final an annual day out and bloke next to me who lives in Wembley and comes to the odd Broncos game if I have a spare. But prior to this season he had never watched a game. One of the party is now wheelchair bound - so we have nearly a whole row in block 217 in Club Wembley. Add in me - it is 9. Prior to his year just 6 with the wife and Father in Laws crew. All southerners. Me and the cousin are the only ones who go to league games regularly. If only less on here moaned.
  9. Taking 9 along. I am the only true RL fan. Looking forward to it.
  10. Let's face it, the main issue is that the established clubs stacked the decks in their favour massively. And still London are in there with a a shout. That is the issue. If London had 4 points nobody would care.
  11. So we need franchising because scrapping the super 8s and having a championship side with a £1.2m spend didn't guarantee the rest SL status.
  12. Heaven forbid London win a game when other sides have been changing coaches, swapping players, signing new teams, tapping London players and loaning other SL players left and right. Good game and London good value for the win.
  13. What a pointless game. Other than giving some of the younger Broncos players a hit out.
  14. Well, other than Catalans, which is effectively cheap as SKY don't produce it, I wouldn't;t have shown any Broncos away games, especially as Ward has rested players against the big teams all season. At home they are more competitive and there is more chance of a shock. If that meant less Broncos games, then fair enough.
  15. Great choice of game. Especially when, for once, Super League is on Main Event channel. And they wonder why they struggle with TV deals. I'm a Broncos season ticket holder and I turned it off after 10 mins and watched the cricket highlights for the 3rd time.
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