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  1. Nice crowd for early Jan. Good to see the carry over from Barrow's last season.
  2. I do love Catalans for the amount of fume they generate. Very entertaining.
  3. Don't worry - there will be 3 more a year forever. You won't miss out on missing one.
  4. Well, Broncos have no fans and didn't manage one of the initial Premier games. Other than that - they are popular on my side of the sofa.
  5. Any news on the side yet? Will it be local RU players?
  6. i think crowds might improve, from a low base, but I don't see 1500 even. Not with a PT side.
  7. He's a football fan from Kent. He has little to no interest in RL and knows nothing about it. I just don't see the large crossover. As someone already pointed out - even a 10% conversion is not a lot and they won't do that.
  8. I agree that I might just get tickets on the day. I have had 2/3 ST for the last few years for me and others I take. Even if I see 10 games it washes its face in terms of cost.
  9. I go to watch the sport. No interest about who or what anyone posts on social media. All of it, on both sides, just seem juvenile. On a separate note - I walked the dog with a Dons ST holder this morning. They aren't getting many Dons fans to watch.
  10. There is a bench outside Radio Rentals. They have all the channels.
  11. It's quaint people still use cable providers.
  12. Sounds a nice guy. Also seems to love a "cause".
  13. Yup. No idea why anyone would use the sky or virgin option. But each to their own.
  14. I have to say I am still quite excited about the move, better ground, easier to get to (for me) - so all good.
  15. Well, they should have cut a better deal on that basis with a reduced rent to compensate. If they are solely relying on ST income then.......
  16. Their best bet for that would be to give free entrance and go for a Toronto style experience. Try and get the money through food, drink and merchandise. Apparently the Wolfpack did $30k in merchandise each home game. The ST is still the same price as next year, so I don't see 5k paying £240 a head or £22 each on the day.
  17. Any news on whether they are paying or is it being offered for exposure?
  18. As a ST holder - LOL at 5k. Still - at least there is ambition there. Was the lad from the youth set up that Wigan poached any good? I believe he was Brazilian? After Pearce-Paul, would be interesting to see how he goes.
  19. Worked for me. The only odd bit is that above the credit card box you have to enter the code and whilst is says the code is applied, there is nothing to show the usual annual amount (£129) less the discount. You just have to hit pay and assume it is deducted. So there is a bit of faith involved there. But it went through and £60 on my CC. They are right there is no option to select RL on the list of sports when you sign up - but all good.
  20. I heard a lack of away fans was the issue. They will play in a league with Newark and Long Island. No sure yet where the museum will be.
  21. I'd lay the broncos at that price. I see no broncos games on Premier. That's whether you have Virgin or the App.
  22. Shame. Was hoping they might have gone for one big name in the pack. However, makes sense longer term for financial stability. No point being Leigh and just recycling the same London and Toronto cast offs.
  23. Also why Our League is a good idea for the same reason.
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