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  1. You are a berk. Also, it’s ‘their wages’ not ‘there wages’ you moron.
  2. Do you know Riddy like? Just wondered if he’d told you he doesn’t want to do that?
  3. Please, Please, Please tell me this is a joke or said with an extreme element of irony!? If not, you probably need to give your head a shake you berk!
  4. Don’t talk wet man! It’s a good win, so what? Don’t we have any further aspirations? I definitely do say it how it is and I won’t celebrate this win unless we make the 4, if we don’t then too little too late for me fella.
  5. I just don’t agree with mass celebration, I don’t mind that the lads have put in a good dig, hats off, but history makers!? Please!? This “first team to beat Toronto in Canada” is garbage, who was the first team to beat Catalan or Toulouse in France? That’s right, no ones bothered!? I’ll take my hat off to the lads on this one because it is a great result over there but I still feel that celebrations could wait. I find it all quite bizarre really?
  6. I am speechless at this subject tonight!? We have beat Toronto on their patch, fair play, good result! The social media of “history makers” is a down right joke. Are the players n coaching staff celebrating like they have won something? This game was a must win for the 4, yes, but those players celebrating like that when really they stand little chance (who knows about tomorrow) of making their goal. I stuck up for them being part time etc but I feel this win is a total farce in terms of the teams celebrations. I am gobsmacked at what has been plastered all over social media! This was a must win, congrats, we won, but what has followed is rubbish! A celebration of what? If London or Halifax lose then stick what you want up, but until then it should be a video of a changing room in silence! Well done Rovers, you beat Toronto away, is that what our season is?
  7. Injuries, small squad, part time players. Featherstone haven’t been good enough, they have lost against all the top teams, 2 against fellow part timers Halifax. I’ll be honest, if Mark Campbell turned his attention to York then who could blame him as a businessman? We have had some fantastic seasons over the last 10 years and still attendances aren’t great really. Then, if we were to make SL, they would increase due to away followings but then drop off with the Home following due to losing a majority of games. I love sitting in that stand and minding my own business watching Rovers but aside from the 2,000 (ish) who turn up every week I’m starting to wonder if we’re at our limit. The sport has slowly fallen away in our little town and days like yesterday won’t help. Aside from all that, it was good to see a close game again, there has been too many 60, 70, 80 point score lines. We win, yay, everyone is happy but does it get your heart going? Do you have any fingernails left? Yesterday was a shame but we’ll move on and keep trying to get up there. I know that in the coming weeks I will be cheering on Toronto, Toulouse, London & Fax (if they are the 4) in the hope that they do our league proud. Hell, ad absolutely love if all 4 went up, what a spanner that would be. Good luck to all those teams, they deserve their place and deserve to represent our league.
  8. I’ve heard that Matty Smith, Penky and Toby King have all signed for us!
  9. 1987!? It’s 2018! There has been more rule changes than I’ve changed me socks!
  10. Apparently the referee today was an ex service man who has been shot in Afghanistan!? He was fantastic! Had total control all game and gave 2 yellow cards at the end that were exactly that! Great game by the referee!
  11. 1. Dwyer 2. Lockwood 3. Thackeray For those who picked Wheeldon, did you not see the absolute utter stupid idiot of a yellow card!? I think it’s safe to say that John Duffy weren’t too happy when he came off the field! He played well until that, complete idiot!
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