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  1. I would completely agree. I think I might just have fell out with the game.
  2. The only reason this bloke is still here is money. After a massive win like that no one cares, the atmosphere around the ground is shocking, I spoke to loads of fans today who are waiting for next season. I love what Mark Campbell has done for our club but hiring this absolute moron of a man has been a blip. If he is here beyond this year, I won’t be. I won’t go to support a team that is lead by a narcissist. He needs to go and has been the worst appointment I have ever seen at Featherstone. At least John Bastian seemed like a decent person, this bloke is a toilet. I have a season ticket but I’m not going to the Workington game. People can say, you should go to support etc etc but I won’t support Brian McDermott.
  3. Mack Out. Total idiot of a man. Should have got a driving ban!
  4. This bloke will not get us up. The performances are poor, the defence is shocking and its getting worse, not better. He keeps saying to judge him on the final, we keep going like we are we won’t make the final. He, is not, a good coach. Every Leeds fan I have spoken to says the same, blessed with the players he had. This bloke is utterly useless, he isn’t worth the money we are paying him. He has poor man management skills and I have heard this from players within the camp. The bloke is a total idiot. Get rid, go again next year. I want him out of our club. Only my opinion haha.
  5. Absolutely no chance!? Course clubs would swap places with us. The bloke isn’t making the right decisions, defence is shocking! The bloke is a tool.
  6. After Batley this is poor. Players performing and getting a result. Zero from the coach in my opinion. Soft tries and he wants a strong defence. Blokes a toilet, never liked him, never will. Coming to watch is rubbish. Want him gone.
  7. The blokes a compete and utter moron mate.
  8. For some fans I would say that’s the case, for others the frustration is we think we could be better than what we are and for me, we aren’t getting better with McDermot.
  9. I’d take a loss against Newcastle to get rid of this twerp.
  10. I would agree yeh. Very similar and right there with you that Ford needs a go. Sunday was crazy that he didn’t get on.
  11. A little unfair on Morgan, he’s broke through a few times and scored a few tries with dummies at the line and I remember him backing the breaks up a few times too. The problem isn’t the players we have. There is some brilliant lads in that squad. The problem is the bloke coaching em. He’s dropping players for such small things that it seems odd that Joey hasn’t been dropped yet? But, I suppose you have to make a mistake to get dropped and Joey isn’t in most games to make an errors so…..
  12. I might take a “McDermott Out” sign with me on Saturday.
  13. He’s too good for us. Just saying I liked him.
  14. He was great. Came across really well too, unlike our current fool.
  15. Please no! He spent a few months down under and came back speaking like Steve Irwin.
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