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  1. Ball no9 was Rochdale how come we play Sheffield ????
  2. The tfl are not up to date with postponements so what chance the BBC
  3. Good luck Town will be watching this on our league app in sunny gran Canaria. TT
  4. ST1959


    enjoy your retirement Ollie Hope youre at the Doncaster match so all the town fans can wish you well Top bloke
  5. even tougher without Maudling 1 match ban for kicking out last week UTT
  6. Just been looking at league table and realised FUI's goal kick moved us up to 6th position on points diff Wonder if he knew this at the time UP THE TOWN
  7. Chris Thorman studio guest on rugby AM next wednesday 8.0pm Tune in all town fans UTT
  8. hotels near airport were cheaper than in city centre when we went and as sir kev says subway into city is cheap
  9. Whats wrong with FUI FUI done ok there last week haha UTT
  10. hopefully good cover for penky who wont have to do the full 80min now Welcome to town hope he has a good month UTT
  11. is this the same mark jenkinson getting involved with seaton rugby league club
  12. Sam Hewitt played for Huddersfield first team easter weekend so should go well in the forwards Looks a good squad just hope we get a good reaction after thelast few weeks UTT
  13. this has finally made it onto times and star website UTT
  14. thought town threw the ball about better than weve seen all season just a pity they didnt have it that much With a week to prepare for Good friday things arent as bad as some are saying Remember wrer playing whitehaven not leeds who had quite a few regular first team internationals and full timers UTT
  15. think it depends how serious Leeds take this match Looks like they are resting a few top players but I think they really need the win considering how their season is going Lets just all enjoy the evening and back the lads for the full match Good luck Town UTT
  16. anyone know if there is any live commentry of match anywhere UTT
  17. South stand is open which is where majority of leeds fans stand and where the noisy band is Lets hope we can drown them out with town songs Just picked tickets up from town shop UTT
  18. ST1959

    Ell Miller

    excellent news shows that everyone is going in the right direction UPWARDS well done BOD and congratulations to Ell UTT
  19. Tickets on sale from leeds on thursday £15 Free for kids Dont know if town get tickets no info yet Hope plenty fans can make the trip to give the team some good support UTT
  20. was hoping for leeds at home but could be a good day out UTT
  21. draw on bbc sport website monday 1st april 7.0pm lets hope for leeds at home UTT
  22. big match lets hope for a big win nice to see sutton getting a game and good to see FUI back UTT
  23. Good interview on our league with Simmo and Leon both predict a town win UTT
  24. ST1959


    even Town website has tyllar Mellor kicking four goals
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