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  1. And that tells me all I need to know about you. Goodbye.
  2. But it MIGHT be beyond you , Bob lad ?
  3. Nearly as depleted as our team then.
  4. We don’t have good memories of Ben Thaler up here, I recall a cup tie at Hunslet in his early years, when he allowed them to try and kick us off the field. Thankfully, we were too good for the Huns I those days.
  5. Why on earth, in this day and age, didn’t you tell the Welsh rugger union to go to hell????? It beggars belief !
  6. Kenny and John, 2 great servants of the club, mate.
  7. I recall from that time that the squash courts and office building were built on pontoons and the tunnelling caused some movement in both buildings ( in the office case when June Kennedy was working, which was scary). The squash courts had already closed due to lack of members and were not considered salvageable so were demolished. The office had remedial work and was saved. I did think though that the tunnelling was to do with a gas pipeline, not sewers. I may be mistaken on that though.
  8. Chris Caisley is the single most arrogant person I’ve come across in the league. I’d love to ask him and Gledhill how many times their great club has gone bust over the years???
  9. I recall a play off game at Huddersfield in the Peter Walsh glory days of the 90s when Tony Kay fed Dessie a short pass on the halfway line and in the blink of an eye he was putting the ball down under the posts for a crucial try. I was sitting in the main stand and it happened right in front of me, but i never even saw that pass, so it says a lot about Tony Kay but even more about Dessie. Absolute legend.
  10. Fair enough mate, I take your point there.
  11. I’d take an Ollie Wilkes all day too, but I’d draw the line at a thug like LMS.
  12. Never seen a smarter shirt than the Workington Town 2021 vintage, based on the 50s/60s shirt.
  13. I should exempt Maurice Lindsay from that compliment about Wigan people!
  14. Interesting what you said about Colin Clarke Bob, cos I find that typical of Wigan people. Whenever I went to Wigan as a Town official, I couldn’t have been better received ( though that might have been down to being with Ike Southward, who was treated as rugby league royalty), but whenever I went to say St Helens or Leeds or particularly Bradford, all I met was arrogance. Says it all really.
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