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  1. I agree entirely with your assessment of the damage to Super League aspirations which to me is a shame as I have never supported a super League club ,nor a fashionable club. The thought that a club like Feb could make it would give me great pleasure.However I do think it is the wider view,rather than that of supporters of our game, that may ultimately give rise to the more serious consequences.
  2. You may not care about fans of other clubs, but think about this, the RFL I believe has just been given another 16 million pounds by the Government, following on from the previous handout of 16 million. The Government has no money of its own,only what it reaps in taxes etc from people and businesses.How do you think the 55+ million people in the country who couldn't care less about Rugby League might see the this? Prime facie there have been multiple breaches of both the law, and the RFL protocols. Anyone who was there should report to their locàl police station to face the consequen
  3. 8Not that impressed by Barrow, didn't look clear favourites to win L1.
  4. Golden eggs. Plan b is to ask for dispensation to have no salary cap applied to them at all so that Argyle can buy a whole new team. They are playing journeymen superstar wages. I
  5. Occasionally K'yakm'n, less of the imperatives, bumptious commands from you won't help your argument.
  6. If they don't value junior development that would be a reason to reduce their cap in my view.
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