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  1. Except that the 2 quality teams may produce a match that is absolute faeces to watch. On the other hand 2 poor quality teams may produce a spectacle that everyone, partisan or not, says was truly a great game to watch. Such an arrogant view that the great Wigan, or Saints, must be shown whenever possible from coaches or fans is poor. Also it must be remembered that the chances are that the number of people who subscribe to Sky and do not support those 2 clubs out number those who do by a ratio of 10000 to 1.
  2. However, I have never understood this idea that clubs spend "tens of thousands" developing a player. They spend money on collectively trying improve all their players. Young players will nearly all improve as they mature, in all senses of the word, as they play more games, possibly against more challenging opponents, etc. This is the natural way of things. I have yet to see any club present any meaningful evidence of massive spending directly attributable to one promising youngster into the next Billy Slater by the time he is in his early twenties. But as in general terms transfer fees are now rare the lack of such evidence either in the days of massive transfers, or now is moot.
  3. It is not possible to disprove an opinion, it is possible to try change an opinion. In my opinion a good portion of what you said is aged oblate spheroids.
  4. That might be a valid argument except imo for the facts that at the start of the season the weather is so inclement that it is not possible to play, most of the players are not based in the country that the team purports to be from and are in fact domiciled either in the country you wish to play your block of away games in or are antipodean so don't care in the slightest as they are 12000 miles from home and living out of a suitcase anyway. O P
  5. No, the point is that if Toronto said we want to play our last 9 games of the season in Canada why shouldn't any or all of the other teams say the same thing, that they want to play their last 9 games at home. This is patently impossible to accommodate unless you choose to accede to one clubs wishes and deny the wishes of the other clubs. Justice needs to be done, but also needs to be seen to be done. As a Canadian poster said, they asked to join a league structure based in Northern England knowing full well the logistical problems that would pose, why should they be accorded prefence in choosing when they play?
  6. I doubt you would understand them, IMHO you are a troll of the highest order. The fact that you seem to be unable to understand or admit that allowing one club in a competition to effectively dictate the whole fixture list due to their requirements, and no other club has any choice but to acquiesce because they are the "future" of Rugby league is truly frightening.
  7. No, not when you are supposedly a team based on the other side of the Atlantic
  8. What happens when 3 other teams say we want to play all our home games in one block at the same time frame. Instantly the idea falls apart.
  9. Your sense of superiority is underwhelming.
  10. I expect better from you, and no it is neither of those.
  11. Then establish yourselves a north American continental league and play in that.
  12. What they should be doing is playing home and away each week, based around a 3pm Sunday kick off, as near as possible, just like everyone else does.
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