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  1. Please please NWC just to take the wind out of a certain posters sails.
  2. I wouldn't, unless their was a French domestic super league with a meaningful number of teams playing in it, at a standard akin to the top of championship/bottom of the Super League.
  3. Hopefully we will have 10 French sides in a competitive French "Super" league.
  4. What an utterly ridiculous statement, music is audible sport is visual, I like a huge number of bands and listen to their music but don't see them. Rugby league I watch, mainly live.
  5. He doesn't have to accept itdoes he. He could say that the honourable thing to to was to be paid half, or better yet per game.
  6. Then why aren't they coming? Why wait to explode a bomb under the competition? Perhaps because if they had done the decent thing by making it clear they would not come 6 months ago, then the competition would have gone on without them thus puncturing the myth that they are the First Nation as far as Rugby league is concerned. They are scared, but it is not just one thing that they are scared of, it is as always in the real world a combination of things, and the least of those is COVID.
  7. So glad you agree on Vlandys actions, the NRL, and that it would seem that for various reasons the Aussies do not seem to want to play international matches any more. I might have used another term but if you are happy to call them garbage that fine.
  8. Yes it would, it would be a competition between those who had the guts to turn up, and the winners would be worthy winners.
  9. Bags are of use, so are spanners, Aussies aren't.
  10. It depends on your view of the future. The vast majority of people IMHO are sleepwalking into the future assuming that the world is going to keep bumbling along pretty much as it is now. There are many studies, some new and some decades old, that indicate that in the next 20 or 30 years socio economic and geo political disintegration may be a reality and the global Village will fracture back into a much more insular planet. In short, in this time frame the idea of sports teams travelling half way around the world on a plane to a "world Cup" may have disappeared. I am old enough that I really don't care if the future is Utopian or Dystopian, but caving in to the Australian view of international rugby league as if that was important in the long term is laughable
  11. Spineless decision. Now time to leave Australia to their own devices, remove their players from the Northern hemisphere game, and make real overtures to the Island nations that their players would be welcome here, and that as Nations they would be welcomed, but players that chose the NRL would not be considered for their National team.
  12. Longer the better, being positive about something that you wish for is one thing, being blinding stupid no matter how dodgy a scheme seems to be, and ignoring similar ideas that have failed previously does not make you a victim of posters on a forum, only yourself and those involved in those schemes.
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