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  1. Give it 8 months and he will have stuffed it up. Even money
  2. What's with the acronyms? Don't you have the guts to say it in plain English? Has it really taken you 8 hours to come up with this.Fantasists like you don't really help garner sympathy from others over the very real problems Bradford have now, and have had since the early nineties at the very least.
  3. "thick as concrete", paranoid myopic interpretation of real world events, not the dreams of a few Bradford fans who cannot grasp that over the last 30 years the clubs "success" was built whilst buying its head in the sand.
  4. So what. Have you evidence that the process was legally flawed or that their was some corruption? If not then a decision was made, albeit it one that you don't like. Are you suggesting that the planning process should have been subverted to reach the "correct" result, in your eyes anyway.
  5. IMO the top 6 of the championship would as a group would then be the bottom 6 of the Super League, still with a large gap the top and bottom. In any given year 1 of these might migrate up due to various factors but in 5 years time the relative positions of most would be roughly the same.
  6. Do you think the powers that be would countenance that, reducing their share of the pie. And there is still the danger of the gap between the top and bottom teams in the expanded SL. Their mantra is "more quality less quantity", fewer teams, fewer games, but more "quality" to enhance the Value of TV rights so more money for them.
  7. No apology necessary. My general point would be that we have tried 1,2 and 3 division formats since 1895, and have kept changing. No doubt the arguments with every change were the same then as now.
  8. Interesting phraseology, you could have written "are as pointless as mentioning" which is impersonal. You chose to write "are as pointless as people" which is personal. You have demonstrated this trait on more than just this thread, you believe, and your language demonstrates, that any opinion that you do not share, and it's holder are valueless, pointless as you put it. I may not share another's opinion, I may ask for clarification, explanation, or for more background so I may attempt to understand it, but even if these are not forthcoming I would not label them "pointless"
  9. No hostility, just asking you where you are and how much experience you have of following Rugby League in the flesh just interested. The OP suggested 1 division, I have no problem with that at all notwithstanding the large gap between the top and bottom. Others proposed 2 with one being a development division, I have pointed out that we had that until the RFL changed its position which has led to the demise of development teams that were in that division.
  10. You really do have a problem don't you. Those teams did exist in the third tier when the RFL invited them into a "development league". Subsequently the RFL changed their thinking and dumped some of the established northern teams into it, I have mentioned this already by the way, which changed the dynamic of that league. The result was that some of the people who had struggled long and hard to get expansion teams into the semi professional set up got fed up of banging their heads against a brick wall, the RFL. Those teams should still be in existence! Go talk to Bob Brown and Lionel Hurst, I have.
  11. Howso? I don't recall any full time professional team in the third tier except for the "cuckoo" teams, but hey you obviously know more about it from your vantage point of? Just remind me where you are. .
  12. See my previous post, Hemel, Oxford and University of Gloucestershire were all admitted to a "development league" that the RFL later packed with established northern clubs.
  13. Don't you remember? We had this, until the RFL fudged it up.
  14. Just seen R4F RL on a range Rover going north on the M1 close to Wakefield. Forces rugby League, or God forbid Ralph the RL saviour,not.
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