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  1. Edit for accuracy, instead of the 1st team.
  2. And I hope that on behalf of the half a million plus residents of the BMDC that some one makes sure that the RFL, or Bradford RL pay every penny that they are obliged to.
  3. I like the Valencia Matadors can see the head line "stick it to the Bulls"
  4. Previously you have posted on other threads that you would stop posting, and that you had had enough, I think that you should do as you as you said, some of your posts in this thread to my mind are embarrassing. You have castigated other people as no nothings, gossip mongering , without inside information, etc. You have admitted in this thread that you are just a "fan", without any real insight/information into Bradford Bulls situation. Please, enjoy your life in Spain, life is too short for trying to defend the actions of other people, from Caisley on, who do not deserve it.
  5. Be interesting to take that up in proper Court (not some RFL rubber stamp committee).
  6. Imo he has shown the ability to sell the idea of Toronto bringing massive benefits but he has not delivered them. What has happened is that once the opium smoke has cleared all that has happened is that a "billionaire" has thrown a load of money around to purchase a team that has got itself into SL. Ironic that Bradford threw a load of money around to get to the top of SL but forgot to have a billionaire to provide that money.
  7. Yeah, and the moon is made of green cheese. Let's wait and see, next Bull's implosion before the end of 2020 is my guess. Unless Jabba has access to sufficient cash to keep the corpse on life support until the central funding stops, at which time we might see Lazarus rise to be invited back to SL as they are (insert epithet) "with an iconic ground" etc, etc. Why would anybody be excited by Perez being involved? Reminds me of the Snake Oil salesmen you see in old westerns.
  8. Except it seems at the club in Bradford, start in the Sixties, and see how the cycle repeats itself, in ever shortening time frames. The Phoenix bird is reborn in glory, the Oozlum bird disappears up its own 'arris', pun intended. Time for this ridiculous notion that Rugby League will fall apart without "the people's club" is laid to rest forever. As for Ross, he is a ko guy, but having gone to Bradford he should have bailed out after the first year.
  9. Is this the same lad who when he signed for them was quoted as saying that he would have played for them for free?
  10. I certainly know those teams existed, and many more besides. You are dodging my question, I am not asking you to name Yourself. If I am not mistaken nobody has mentioned pay other than you. Amateur rugby league is not a job. If someone wishes to broadcast the playoff games from the football leagues 4th professional tier because the games might be even, entertaining, and of interest to 30,000 people so be it, no one thinks that those players should then be on 200000 per week. You weren't involved with Woolston were you?
  11. You usually make more sense than your apparent position here. Would you care to elaborate on your involvement in Women's RL in the 1990's, with whom, which team, the management of the game then? It might help others understand your comments a little more.
  12. Give it 8 months and he will have stuffed it up. Even money
  13. What's with the acronyms? Don't you have the guts to say it in plain English? Has it really taken you 8 hours to come up with this.Fantasists like you don't really help garner sympathy from others over the very real problems Bradford have now, and have had since the early nineties at the very least.
  14. "thick as concrete", paranoid myopic interpretation of real world events, not the dreams of a few Bradford fans who cannot grasp that over the last 30 years the clubs "success" was built whilst buying its head in the sand.
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