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  1. Played in GF last year is a clue, but from which team
  2. Prop problem will be solved soon I’m hearing, very good addition from super league.
  3. My bad meant sammut left out of Leigh team. Ah has he fair play, would’ve been great to have him back he was a beast
  4. Noticed sammut and dickinson were left out of Batley team yesterday? Has dickinson even signed for them again this year? Was rumoured to us a while back but haven’t seen him crop up anywhere..
  5. Tickle has gone, if he plays again it will be for Rochdale with Penky! O’Donnell out for months with an operation and Caine has potentionally broke his foot, currently having an x-ray at hospital
  6. I thought the same pal. Been told off quite a few usually reliable sources though so isn’t looking great, will find out truth Sunday probably if he’s playing or not
  7. Hearing odonnell needs a knee operation? Pack is looking very very light if true especially with tickle not playing too! Hoping he’s maybe going to look into the loan market for super league players out to make a name for themselves?
  8. Great signing looks a very good prospect and added size and fire power to the outside backs, looks a unit! Kicks to the corner to a big man like stack used to pull off would be fantastic!! Are the rumours of tickle leaving true? (Just a rumour I’ve heard don’t hold me to it)
  9. Town fan mate, always post comments on what I know to keep people interested, a lot of people to question it’s been quiet recently and I post something and my integrity towards the club comes into question? Find it quite offensive on my behalf if you mean it softly then that’s fine were all open to statements...but It’s not the case I’m all for town through and through, apologies if I’ve caused a problem but end of the day Chris is the way forward and up the town
  10. Marcus O’Brien and fitzy, have a good night
  11. The return of fitzy, can’t miss them pale legs
  12. Signing tomorrow has played for us before on dual reg from Wigan
  13. Doncaster announced 6 very good signings in last few days, hopefully something we can match shortly?
  14. 2 from Egremont also in talks, Marcus obrien and Kieron glenn I think there called.
  15. I believe buffer has done his AC in his shoulder which could possibly be the end of his this season!
  16. Tyler has now signed for town after successful months trial.
  17. We have got 2 local trialists from the barrow region that may feature this weekend and one other not sure of his whereabouts though if all of any selected
  18. Is fieldhouse playing? Seems to be no fullback, only 16 players again also with Dawson dropping out.
  19. Anyone know who’s got our two tries?
  20. Hahahahaha what a joke. We wouldn’t of been able to field 14 if HE HAD stayed. They downed tools to get him sacked, what a load of rubbish, very poor reporting from such a high profile rugby league paper.
  21. To come away with victory away to hunslet where we never really win with 14 men is incredible! Everyone put a huge shift in O’Donnell Penky curwen were immense.
  22. All will be revealed on coach terms and players and all I’ll say is you won’t be disappointed. UTT
  23. Seems we’re doing it the hard way with Barnes and forber sin binned
  24. Sam hewitt on dual reg, good to see the Huddersfield alliance is continuing despite losing Leon. Same squad Tyler mellor misses out with hamstring injury.
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