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  1. My wife said the guttural groan I let out when he went over still shocks her to think about. Was at the final the week after still sulking
  2. Agree with a lot of the thoughts so far. As the Harry Sunderland award is already taken, my suggestion would be to name the Super League trophy itself in his honour. The grand finalists duelling for the honour of lifting the Rob Burrow trophy would be fitting of his contribution
  3. SL: Workington Town plus 11 others Championship: Barrow plus 11 others League 1: Whitehaven plus 11 others No promotion or relegation
  4. I don’t necessarily disagree, if done right and with quality in depth, neither of which our sport seems to get right, hence my view that in its current state, it isn’t the best way to sell RL. Depends on your definition of sell too I suppose. We’ve had some amazing internationals and World Cups. I was at Derwent Park to see Scotland vs NZ in 2016 and the ground was rocking. And then those fans disappeared again
  5. I’ve seen literal multiples of people wearing NRL shirts than I have seen people wearing an England shirt
  6. To be clear, I am not a rugby union fan, I am a massive rugby league fan who watches all the games on, regardless of quality and I go to a fair number live too. My point in relation to the original post was that I don’t think it is the best way to “sell” RL to new audiences. In comparison to some of the Union internationals our equivalent fixtures look amateur at times unfortunately. The OP themselves referred to non fans talking about a Union fixture, presumably because of the big time feel Union has relating to internationals. I can’t say I see the same thing among my mates when RL internationals are on. Definitely not enough that they remember to put it back on the next week. In terms off selling a product, I thought you sold the strengths of the product, not the weakness? Our domestic game stacks up well versus the RU domestic game. Throw in the size and prestige of the NRL and done right I’d say that’s RL’s selling point.
  7. I’m not sure I agree save for 4 or 5 fixtures Maybe it would be the best way to sell RL if we had the depth of international teams Union had (sadly). I dare say the majority of games in the RL World Cup if televised may sour potential fans
  8. I’m sure there is already an element of this done by clubs in the community, but I’ve always wondered what you could do by a sustained giving out of hundreds of vouchers to be exchanged for free tickets in all the local schools. Maybe for a full season. On the premise they must be accompanied by one adult per free ticket maybe. Supply the schools with a dozen shirts/scarfs etc each, one per quarter season, and get a buzz going among the kids. Like I said, I’m sure this happens on a small scale, but one that is a SL wide and partially central funded initiative might help
  9. Currently 3 leagues of 11, 14 and 11 respectively? My vote, however messy for 1-2 years would be to get next season to a 12-12-12 and stick to that for the forseeable. Top 4 in Championship as it stands playoff for promotion to SL and bottom 4 playoff to avoid relegation, fixtures played in Feb/March for a return for all 3 leagues in April Yes that would mean little prep time and likely a quick relegation back down but at least it is a merit system
  10. To me, it doesn't really matter how much you put it on TV if you aren't driving new people or even the existing fan base to that channel at that time. The reason viewing figure are so high for the women's game is because of the coverage it has been given in the media, particularly on the BBC website, which is the website with one of if not the highest traffic in the world. it isn't being given coverage because of the viewing figure, this coverage started before the tournament, leading to high viewing figures. I don't have a problem with it, but if the argument is whether we can get the same viewing figure with the coverage RL currently gets then I can't see how anyone can think we would. References to having been on TV for 60 years representing RL being given a chance I don't get at all. What hapenned 5-10 years ago is no longer relevant let alone the other 50 odd years prior to that. Viewing habits are no longer such that 10's of millions will sit with a tv remote in hand and scour a small number of channels. To get an increase in viewing audience you have to find a way to get the message onto the things most people now spend more time looking at than their tv; the internet, social media etc.
  11. Coming in late on this one. I think stick to Wembley and try to get that right. See how the shift in date affects numbers, a stronger marketing campaign, strive for better buy in coverage wise from the BBC, cheap tickets and travel packages on offer early on and an event feel so even if your club doesn't make it you still want to go. I'm not necessarily a RL expansionist (is that a word?) but for those who are looking to use the CC final as a vehicle for growing the game beyond the M62, London are just back in SL, surely now is the time to double down on Wembley? If the RFL and the London Broncos knocked their heads together it could benefit both to get a sizeable crowd.
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