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  1. No, both ways of saying one, different ways you’d use them. ”cuppa tea?, az only ed yan, eh” ”az only ed yar cuppa tea, eh” Ignore eh, thats just a Cumbrian full stop. You can’t finish a sentence with yar, has to be yan Or that might be because, as said earlier in the thread, we have our own language in Maryport. you is “thoo” yours is “thine”
  2. I totally agree, and also no way that all that money is filtered down to the clubs. So with 12 teams taking a cut of one twelfth from an already cut rights fee of a minimal amount is it really worth shopping it around as opposed to getting the most eyes you can on it regardless of the revenue?
  3. I’m sure there are a ton of reasons why this is a terrible idea. However... Would the championship not benefit more from offering these (if there was interest) to the BBC for virtually nothing, than they would from receiving a modest fee from the likes of Premier Sports? Even if it was on iPlayer, I’d guess the viewing figures would be a fairly strong multiple of most other satellite channels. The thought being they’d then hopefully parlay this exposure into greater attendance figures etc.? Potentially offers a better deal for the clubs, less so for the RFL?
  4. It’s funny though, because they can run fox sports adverts, just not 3rd party ads (I guess?) So today at half time, they ran a nice advert for the UFC event tonight which is through a fox affiliate in Oz, but is on BT sports over here Shame they can’t figure it out to keep the live feed on the players and even just do a voice over from a studio over here, but that’d be too much effort for sky when as others say, they probably aren’t all that concerned
  5. The NRL comparison is an interesting one. Is it about the Australian psychology, probably, or generally the profile of the sport, again probably part of it. I do wonder though if a small part of it is to do with the lack of relegation, making the league more competitive, both top to bottom and start of season to end, with owners more likely to invest and clubs, knowing they have it all to go for again the next season, scrapping for league positions to make them appear more appealing to prospective recruits etc. Having said that, without the two points made at the start, this concept alone wouldn’t make much difference
  6. I don’t disagree with this at all. I’ve often read through threads (often the Toronto based chats) and not posted for fear of being labelled anti-expansionist. I’m not, but sometimes I look at how they try to do it, and think it’s a bit of a stretch when we haven’t successfully squeezed everything out of the UK and France Super League with a Manchester, Newcastle and possibly even Liverpool (though probably unwise due to strong teams in the catchment) and Sheffield teams would look a bit more big time than it currently is. A bit more appealing to the casual fan? All arguably doable with the right support from the powers that be
  7. As Dean Marwood wasn’t on the list I reluctantly voted for Jamie Peacock. Undoubtedly better creative players and all-rounders. I just can’t look past the influence Peacock had on both Bradford and Leeds, his character, and the platform his work laid for the creative players around him to do their stuff
  8. Suppose it depends on the definition of kickstart? If by that you mean a club in the greater Manchester area being truly successful on the pitch and a stable club off it, at a level high enough to really impact the perception of RL in the area, then only Salford in the current RFL/SL structure have any chance, and they have their work cut out. If Salford have to move grounds, they’ll just end up being like London and whatever they do their hard work in attracting new supporters will be eroded every time their “tenancy” in a stadium is up. History suggests it’s not sustainable. Probably unpopular, but the licensing method if done right, was arguably a better system for establishing clubs in the areas that the game wants or needs them. It’s rarely done right though.
  9. I’m not a fan of any of the rotating cast of commentators if I’m honest. I think Super League has in less than 10 years gone from having one of the most distinctive sounds and presentations, to being middle of the road at best. If they haven’t already then I’m surprised they haven’t tried to take a couple of the bbc team to sky. I think Dave Woods is better than any of the 3 on sky, and the pundits have a fair combination of character but also with a bit of nouse. Honestly never thought 10-15 years ago I’d be saying I preferred the bbc coverage to Sky but there we go
  10. Chris Joynt? Worth a shout for the “wide to West” try alone.
  11. That’s what happened earlier this year, because the circumstances called for it and we adapted with government support to do just that. Surely that’s what every business, or sport must do next year if needed, to best manage the after effects of this year. If it doesn’t need to, then fine, but to say people have contracts, tv deals and so on is a bit small picture, when this year/season has been one massive exercise in what can be done (or not done) if the circumstances dictate.
  12. Serious question and forgive my ignorance - how is the Sky deal broken down? Is it by games shown on TV I.e. SL have to satisfy a number of TV slots across the season? ...or is it stipulated in the Sky deal that SL has to have a number of rounds. For those saying it’s not as easy as dropping games, why can’t some rounds be split in two so 3 games per round, with 2 televised fixtures per week? I just don’t get why in unprecedented times, when exceptions and allowances have been made across every sport and business for the past 8 months, why those in charge can’t come up with a better solution than just “that’s what we’ve signed, that’s what we do”
  13. Has it been confirmed that there’s still 27 rounds next year? For me, the common sense approach would be to scrap the loop fixtures and have either 22 or 23 games (depending on magic). That would get us back to about right again, if you think of those 5 fixtures as 5 weeks?
  14. My wife said the guttural groan I let out when he went over still shocks her to think about. Was at the final the week after still sulking
  15. Agree with a lot of the thoughts so far. As the Harry Sunderland award is already taken, my suggestion would be to name the Super League trophy itself in his honour. The grand finalists duelling for the honour of lifting the Rob Burrow trophy would be fitting of his contribution
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