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  1. With a headline of Mark Campbell. I thought something had happened to him !!!!!!
  2. Since when has calling someone Old #### been offensive. Are you telling me that at 65 and using that term is classed as offensive. Might I suggest that context is everything. Or are you suggesting using Yorkshire phrases is offensive.
  3. There you go again, backwards opinions. Keep going old ####.
  4. Bsj I can see this happening in the not too distant future.
  5. Nice reply. Tolerance of others opinions irrespective of the emotive language they use. Doesn't apply to yourself. Your reply says so much more about yourself.
  6. It hasn't been a pit village since the 80's. Yes it is fun.
  7. I think if you did some investigating you'll find Featherstone do a lot for the local area, be it in schools or towns.
  8. You really are a comedian. A little known geographical area ? It's an area that has given the game some of the greatest talent to grace the pitch, and still does. If Fev do win the Grand final as far as I know there's no criteria to fulfil. We'll have to see what happens next Sunday and may the best team win.
  9. If NW play what's in front of them when attacking Donnys line. The shift plays they used last week led to them losing, with players either dropping passes or putting bad passes out to the wingers or centres and wingers being out of position. I would like to see NW progress but they have to get their plays spot on.
  10. Going back a bit, but Mick Smith scoring for Fev against Bradford Northern 1973 Challenge Cup Final. It was used on the introduction to Grandstand for a few years.
  11. Yobbish I am then. I remember when Fev needed to win at Barrow to win the league. As soon as the whistle went, I was straight onto the pitch. Happy days and great memories.
  12. Irrespective of what Mathew Shaw says. Fev first need to ensure they're in the Grand Final. Then go over to France and beat Toulouse. Job done and everybody left with egg on their faces.
  13. After bemoaning the re-signing of Liam Finn. My lips are sealed. Once bitten twice shy.
  14. How do we police all head tackles. Do we ban anything above the clavicle, or is that too high ? I appreciate players play because they love the game, whether that be amateur or professional. Perhaps it is time to take that threat of serious head injuries away. How many ex professional players and ex amateur players are suffering from some form of brain disease. Up until a couple of months ago I was of the opinion, well we know what sport we're playing, and take the risks with it. But personally I know of a couple of ex players who are friends that are suffering form some form of brain injury. So it makes you take stock as it brings it close to you.
  15. Well played Wigan. Actually appeared to be playing as a unit, especially defensively. As a footnote how will those Wigan fans entering the pitch to celebrate Hastings opening try, affect Cas and their suspended £15,000 fine.
  16. It really needs a lot of thought to find ways of improving the game, and making it more entertaining than what it is now. Yes player welfare is now at the top of the agenda, but it needs to be incorporated without diluting the basics of the game. An example is wrestling techniques used in tackling, for me it has no place in Rugby League. I'm afraid at the moment that's all I can contribute. The more opinions we read on this forum the better.
  17. Well I'm going to defend Hastings, when he takes the ball into open field where is the support ? I'm afraid most of the forwards aren't delivering. They appear to just want to amble the ball in. giving the backs nothing to work with.
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