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  1. Thank you TPH. I've found a link on Facebook written by Callum Walker on SERIOUSABOUTRL.com. Unless you're a patreon of rugbyleaguehub.com you can't read the full story.
  2. Until I find the information I read this morning, to pass on. I think it would be better to delete this thread. Thank you.
  3. I see the RFL have launched an investigation into an homophobic comment towards a referee made at Bradford.
  4. Which Hull club have I to start with Fevrover. There's many stories can be told about either club.
  5. Lingaro you talk sh**e. Did you confront those making embarrassing the club ? Did you actually talk to the stewards ? Did you report it to a club representative as it was happening ? Did you actually go to the game ? As for me condoning it, you're trying to take the p**s. No I don't condone it, but like I say there's 2 sides to what went off. as for the bad press there seems to be one publication based in Huddersfield that dives straight in at the hint of anything that involves Fev. I'm quite sure this week things will operate differently.
  6. How about stop fanning the flames and be a bit pro-active.Why not have a word with those embarrassing you or is it too easy spouting on here. Or how about telling stewards about what you dislike. I'm positive they will investigate your problem. As for political views, I'm sure I wouldn't like what party politics some fans follow. But we're in a democracy and people are allowed to associate themselves with who ever they want. Plus I'm watching a rugby match and not listening to political views. Lastly what happened last week was unsavoury but there's 2 sides to each story. After what the club h
  7. Signed Will Dagger on loan for 2 weeks this afternoon.
  8. The ball kept going to Holmes side of the field, when it should have been sent out to Brown, who couldn't get much time with the ball, but when he does he can be the x factor. I also thought Junior Moors wasn't 100% fit today.
  9. First of all well done to the Widnes supporters for creating a great cup-tie atmosphere, and your players who gave everything today, that made it a bit too close for my heart rate. Well done Fev cup-tie rugby is result first and see you at Wembley.
  10. I think you all need to read the full story in stead of taking everything at face value. Also why mention this when he's been in situ a few weeks. Especially with a game that could see us return to Wembley after 38 years. Albeit in a minor cup final. the players won't worry about that, it's an experience some will never repeat. So this twitter post appears to be sh**stirring.
  11. Warrington forwards in the first half were out-muscled and out enthused. Plus the fact the some of them had no intention of doing some of the clearing of their line. Having Charnley on the wing doesn't help matters, he's going through a bad time.
  12. Just out of curiosity what will be the capacity during the current cov-id restrictions.
  13. I think either Halifax or Calderdale council could find themselves skating on thin ice, if anymore Halifax home games allow away supporters during current co-vid restrictions.
  14. Chizzy Holmes Parata Very close call for man of match. All the team contributed last night.
  15. I played rugby with Tim at Ponte Labour club many moons ago. RIP Tim and condolences to his family and friends.
  16. I think in the Championship there's no easy games. If you approach the game with the wrong attitude no matter who you're playing, you'll soon find yourself on the wrong end of the scoreboard.There's some very astute coaches coaching the so-called lesser lights, but they still know all the structures and plays.
  17. Games like Sunday are no good for the old ticker, but if all games were like that you'd not find me complaining.
  18. A player who wears his heart on his sleeve. always gives his all. He's learned when he makes an error not to let his head drop. His skill level is improving all the time which can only benefit the team.
  19. Considering the majority of clubs use the same attacking structures. I don't think it is so much of not working on defensive structures. Mainly it's the players themselves not sticking to those structures, which when your defence is under pressure can happen, by over reading players or believing by moving up without other defenders, they're doing the right thing. I'm no coach, so these are my opinions. If they are wrong I'm happy to be put right. Cheers
  20. At the moment the go to forward is Junior Moors, not only is he scoring tries but creating tries with his off loads. As for Jack Bussey what a player, I think he played the full 80 on Sunday. He's like you say able to offload, but there's more to his game, his skill set is brilliant.
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