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  1. We parked across the road from OT for £12. A one off so not bothered. Then a short 9 minute walk to the ground. Enjoyed both games. After having been searched it was funny to see one bloke sit next to us with a quiche! Then tucking into tesco sarnies and a massive pork pie! Thought it was disrespectful to boo the Aussies, but also hilarious. Support for Samoa was excellent. Best part was seeing Sir Kev. Proper hero! Overall it wasn't so bad, although the seating was a bit cramped, testament to football clubs wanting to shoe horn in as many fans as possible. Nearly felt sorry for all those cars with parking tickets. That Traffic Warden had a field day!
  2. Sorry, is this the RLWC sarcasm thread?
  3. And relax! Been a blast. We've been to 15 games, 11 men's and 6 womens teams seen, 8 grounds visited. And no zeroes!
  4. On a positive note. Safe journey to and from the finals to all. Have a great time , and may the winner be RUGBY LEAGUE! See ya there!
  5. Could have had a women's double header? England v France and Wales v Ireland maybe.
  6. Fingers crossed, it'll be an Aussie!
  7. Is the difference between the teams that it's one comp that gives the women all they need to become elite players, and another that thinks that a half assed approach is the way to go.
  8. Got my tickets before Covid mucked things up. This'll be my fourth and fifth World Cup Final. Six if you include the Student WC Final in 89.
  9. Roll on next week, so we can get the season done and focus on 2023.
  10. Downer. But up side. Who is going to be the new England coach, and how many of these players will be in the 2025 squad?
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