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  1. Newcastle highest spenders in the league and couldn’t get promoted!
  2. Skolars massive under achievers. The players we have and our budget is rumoured to be in the top 4 of the league yet we only won more games than west wales and Coventry.
  3. We have been going 25 years so where is the progression? We have players in our squad that have played Superleague and championship yet we are towards the bottom of the table. Someone needs to take responsibility of the past 2 disgraceful seasons
  4. Another loss for Skolars. What a terrible season. I’ve followed them for 20 years but think that’s me finished with them. Hector and the rest of the committee need to think about where the club goes as this is not good enough. Coach isn’t good enough and either are most of the players
  5. We have not progressed at all. Still down towards the bottom of the table and we have only won more games than Coventry and West Wales so where is the progression?? With the players we have available to us with duel reg and we poached 3 of west wales better players at the start of the season. So who people have to be accountable. Seems like fans are happy to put up with below average performances every season.
  6. How have we progressed this season we Have only won more games than west wales and Coventry yet we have been in this league for 20 years so we are an established club and have gone backwards the past 3 seasons. People need to be accountable for the failure starting from to the top with hector McNeil and the board as well as coaches and players. We have players that have played superelague and championship and have full time players from broncos and Wigan and still we can’t get results.
  7. Whether scores are getting closer doesn’t matter we aren’t winning enough games. It’s the same old study every season promise of investment and quality players. This season we poached 3 of west wales Australian players as well as other signings but nothing has changed. We had a couple of wins at the start of the season when we had a car load of Wigan players now they are gone it’s back to losing most weeks.
  8. Skolars are back down the bottom of the table which I predicted at the start of the season. Nothing has changed with lack of cohesion as a group and lacking fitness. We would only be in front of Coventry, west wales and crusaders if keighley didn’t lose their points. Another season of failure in my opinion. We were fortunate to have guy armitage today who has been full time at one of the biggest rugby clubs in Europe otherwise we wouldn’t have got close to Doncaster.
  9. There are no welsh players in the north wales crusaders squad either so no welsh player development in that team. I guess you could count rob massam although he was born in England
  10. I just watched An interview with west wales coach after the Doncaster game. He looks like he has aged 10 years in the past. He said some players were an embarrassment to the shirt and would struggle to get picked again but I don’t know what other options he would have. The club have more overseas players than they do welsh players now and they are still getting battered. Kim Williams won’t stick around next season that’s for sure
  11. West wales may have improved with a full time Aussie coach but still getting hammered every week and 72-0 loss at home today confirms how bad they are even with their new signings
  12. I go to most matches even though I question my sanity sometimes and yes I was at today’s game. Beaten by a team at home that were beaten by 50 points last weekend. Players for the bears playing out of position due to injuries and we were beaten. It’s not acceptable there is something seriously going on within the group of players. A few weeks away to keighley the Coleman Brothers were close to coming to blows and continuous arguing.
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