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  1. You just finished your post with 'just saying', just saying.
  2. Well there we go, after almost exactly a year of reading, last night I finished the 22 novels of Bernard Cornwell's Sharpe series. There was not a dull one among them. Excitement and entertainment from page one to page last. I believe in September a 23rd is being released so can't wait for that one!
  3. Beverley Town 3-0 Shirebrook Att: 231 Bev have won 4 on the bounce now and moved up to 10th in the table. Shirebrook are the poorest team I've seen so far this year; absolutely non existent defensive line, ball over the top from our own defence so easy to break through it everytime. No pace and no strength from any Shirebrook player. We took all our starting strikers off just after halftime and still managed to score two more. Don't know how it was only 3 quite frankly.
  4. Certainly makes it better. (I know that was a rubbish joke and I'm ashamed of myself but it just felt necessary.)
  5. I didn't know about the cats, sounds like something fun to do. It sounds similar to the fishes walk in Hull where you can get a map and find all the fishes on the pavements around the old town.
  6. Quite right, there's been a number of non league teams in Hull over the years and they've all spent their existance moving from ground to ground, year on year in the wider area, not necessarily within the city itself.
  7. Nah, we've gone posh in Hull these days, got them on dvd which is why it was such a great purchase!
  8. Well in terms of mentality, geese tend to be very mature and sophisticated and there aren't many of those types on here so we better stick to the more immature human years.
  9. Yeah that's a great thought. A case of the animal drawn appears in that area in whichever month is marked next to the picture. In many ways that would explain the hunter-gatherer nature, in that they moved from place to place because they knew certain species would be in certain places at certain times of the year. And they'd draw the pictures in the caves so they wouldn't be destroyed by the weather over the years.
  10. Are we talking mental age or physical? cos they would be two very different lists.
  11. Correct, it's a very exciting development in our understanding of human time keeping. This discovery means humans were tracking dates and time millenia before we thought they were. Essentially it seems that they were drawing particular species of animal and keeping a tally of months that corresponded with the animals' gestation period in correspondence to lunar cycles. By doing this they could, firstly keep track of the passing days and months and use it as a calendar similar to what we know these days, but also to keep track of when certain species would be pregnant and so not hunt those ones and risk depleting the species population. This shows an incredible knowledge of zoology and more widely biology that we never thought our hunter-gatherer ancestors would have. It's quite simply fascinating and I must say prehistory is not something I tend to get too excited about.
  12. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-london-64162799 This is a very interesting read. Academics, with the help of a random bloke from London, think they have discovered the reasons for hunter-gatherers painting on cave walls.
  13. I'm having another watch through of Derry Girls. Got to be one of my favourite series ever. Forgot how immense the soundtrack is as well!
  14. Amazing how quickly football changes isn't it? For years Everton were a stable, top half Premier League side always pushing for Europe. Now they are year on year flirting with relegation while Fulham, Brentford and Brighton push for Europe. Great season so far!
  15. Bev and Selby play in the Northern Counties East League Division 1. I'll have you know that's all of Yorkshire and parts of Nottinghamshire! The 250 or so fans we get down every week put Ultras to shame!
  16. Can't be as toxic as the atmosphere at Beverley Town v Selby Town. The tutting from the old boys! Oh my!
  17. I just got the complete collection of Twin Peaks boxset in a charity shop for 50p. Possibly the best charity shop purchase of my life.
  18. Just seen. Absolute legend, put a smile on my face many a time. RIP Ken.
  19. Well I certainly wouldn't have expected any team let alone Arsenal, to be 7 points clear at the top at this stage of the season. I'm keeping an eye on Newcastle, conceded the least goals, longest unbeaten run this season, longest winning streak, only lost 1 game but they are drawing too many at the moment.
  20. Whether or not limbs grown due to the nuclear fallout have what we traditionally know as shoulders and so whether the mutant player can be penalised for a shoulder charge. ...and how the nuclear apocalypse has vastly improved Wheldon Road...
  21. Anyone else got their reading planned right through to 2025-26? I'll be reading the Kingsbridge Quartet and Milennium Trilogy series by Ken Follett in 2023. At the end of this year and through 2024, I'll be reading the Railway Detective series by Edward Marston and the new Sharpe novel that comes out later this year. In 2025, I'll be reading the Domesday Book series also by Edward Marston and probably start working through a stack of history books I've had sat about for a while which will probably take me into 2026. I read about 20 books a year at the moment or about 8,000 or so pages, hence why this year I'll probably only read about 10 books seen as the Folletts are 1,000 pages each.
  22. On this day in 1600, the East India Company was charted. Arguably the most powerful company in history and certainly the most brutal, a company that at its height had one of the largest armies in the world and controlled almost the entire of the Indian subcontinent.
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