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  1. Rest in peace George, a top, top Town man. Thanks for all your time & effort you put into the club.
  2. Dont think that record will be broken, kick on & keep building plenty of points left in the tank. Well done Carl great servant & a great asset to the club.
  3. Very Quagmire, Haven game is off!!
  4. Looking at the legs and shorts, could be Billy Casper of "Kes" fame hope it's a red herring! Pack size/beef up needed.
  5. Right, last week Whitehaven won the league, we didn't. Nowt we do now can influence that, well done haven good luck next season. Why can't Town do that? As a town fan at heart I say, New coach, if you like his appointment or not, trust him & give him chance to stamp his mark, he seems like a breath of fresh air & looks to have the right knowledge & attitude to get us where we want/need to be. The current crop of players we have at this moment are all we have, get behind them, back them, support them. Be patient, I know it's a forum this to vent your spleen, but come on, some times its like doomsday on here, throw the negative s#¥t out of the window, Trust the coach & his decisions, Trust the teams he puts on the field, & have some faith in the BOD. We are where we are, let's get this show on the road. UTT.
  6. Hes actually working in Iceland, the country not the shop!
  7. RIP big fella Strong, hard, class top top player.
  8. Well done haven. Hopefully we can follow you. Credit where credit is due.
  9. Back to the heading for this thread. Yes today's game is a 17 man game, but, Any given 13 that were on the pitch yesterday, must have given their all to come away with a great victory. Well done lads if you do read these posts try to ignore the negative vibes. Brilliant win yesterday. Rest, replenish & go again next week forget the play offs, yous have qualified. just concentrate on Donny next week & get them Beasted, then go again. you can only play 1 game at a time! UTT.
  10. Good performance, just cut out the daft penalties. Having said that with a different ref maybe quite a few of them penalties wouldn't have been given!!
  11. Lost me there mate!
  12. Are some of the teams in this division just better than we believed they were? Is it not possible that they have improved somewhat?
  13. Happy players = good results. Good knock well done team. Get home, rest, train hard & go again.
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