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  1. Yeh but not under age cricket , in fact I wouldn't even no if Australia has a schoolboys cricket team. and other than an ashes tour the volume of coverage off season is much reduced,Professional Soccer is actually a summer sport down here or at least an October until April sport. I can honestly say in the Courier Mail the only junior sports that get any coverage are GPS Rugby Union which gets an occasional paragraph and the "head of the river" the GPS rowing regatta will usually get a picture and a few lines, (GPS = Greater Public Schools ie the really elite private ones)That is because these schools have lots of old boys who who take an interest in that kind of thing.
  2. But wouldn't it be better to try and promote English Rugby League and the English Rugby League team in West Yorkshire than in Western Australia? NRL teams are no more likely to buy into an expanded wcc played in Perth than they are played in England.I enjoy your posts I like the way you appreciate that the game in England needs to think outside the box, but I can't quite get my head around this one
  3. Yeh but they played New Zealand which are a much bigger drawcard than fiji or Lebanon and it was the first time Australia had ever played there so a big novelty factor and they got 20.283.M Most of the interest over there comes from expats from QLD and NSW and they follow NRL I just don't know how interested they would be in anything else other than origin.To be perfectly honest I have reservations about whether Perth could even carry an NRL team. my guess is once the novelty wore off it would pull the same kind of numbers as the soccer team. Remember it is a pretty small market, Perth is smaller than Brisbane and unlike Brisbane it has no large population centres feeding into it, there is Perth and a few piddling little towns like Mandurah, really Perth and then thousands of miles of empty desert bar a few mining towns which these days have fly in fly out work forces.
  4. Looking at the attendances for test matches Australia have played over there I doubt it, my guess is it would go the other way as the novelty factor drops off so to the crowds.
  5. Also there is the small matter that you would be competing with the AFL season.In 2018 West Coast Eagles AFL averaged 45 771 and Fremantle dockers averaged 35698 , their kind of interested in Australian rules over there. and were not talking about something that will cut through like a state of origin game Sure there is a big British expat population over there but I would imagine they would be much more wired into football than Rugby League and Perth Glory football averaged 9761 in 2017/18 so I don't know how much use they would be.
  6. No there more like Ipswich is to Brisbane, sure a lot of Ipswich people commute to Brisbane to work, but the town has it's own identity. Ipswich people do not think of themselves as living in Brisbane and Brisbane people look down their noses at Ipswich a bit.
  7. While it is not a perfect analogy what he is saying is a bit like stating that because Newcastle have gone bust a couple of times the NRL would be better off without them.
  8. Bookmakers win because they offer markets at greater than 100% for a football game usually around 104% horse racing can be anything from 105% to 125% depending on how much liquidity there is in the market. When you crunch over big numbers betting markets are an incredibly accurate which is why in the long run it is so difficult to win, the houses take eventually will grind you down.They also ban you or severely restrict your activities if they suspect you to be getting access to inside information or have some other kind of edge over them. There was a time back in the eighties and nineties when there was good money to be made on the trifecta pools on the tote in both Australia and Hong Kong as the markets were not as accurate at calculating those much more complex probabilities, but sadly with the rise of powerful personal computers those glory days are long gone.
  9. I remember reading a book about that tour, it was not supported by the RFU and was a private business venture,and the players did get a cut of the gate receipts. Nearly all the players came from the north of England and southern Scotland and the tour also included games of Australian Rules and even some cricket, anything the tour operators thought might make money.What an adventure it must have been for those young men.
  10. Well not enough to sustain twelve full time professional clubs and over twenty semi pro cluns that is for sure. Unless revenue streams suddenly get a lot bigger something will have to give, either the first tier returns to semi pro or the lower tiers become more or less amateur, That is the tough choice the sport n England is hoping it can avoid making but ultimately it will have to make.
  11. There is no doubt more to it than meets the eye, I am just going on historical precedent. When Hayne did exactly the same thing everyone said he wouldn't even make a practice squad, yet he got some regular season action.Remember he is of no value to nike if he is just sitting in the stands watching.
  12. Can I be your bookmaker?The probability has gotta be better than zero .i doubt he would be sacrificing at least one year of his NRL salary if he hadn't impressed somebody over there. I guess you have to define what you mean by "making it" if you mean he ends up in the gridiron hall of fame them yes , you are talking pick the superfecta in the Melbourne Cup type odds. On the other hand if we define it as getting a run at some stage during a regular season NFL game I think there is a pretty good chance of him achieving that. Homes is not as good as Hayne was as a Rugby player but his more direct running style might suit the North American game, more than Hayne,.
  13. Allora I am not convinced they will get significantly more next time, not unless they are willing to give greater exclusivity to foxtel. All three commercial networks in Australia having been burning through shareholders money for over a decade now.Their problem is not revenue, they are still getting big revenue streams from advertising, their problem is costs, they are paying too much for their content. The sports market in Australia has seen hyperinflation in broadcasting rights over the last twenty years mainly because if competition from content hungry foxtel, for this to continue the big sports will have to give foxtel greater exclusivity over product, because the fta networks are going to have to start controlling costs. Nine didn't lose the cricket, it felt seven was paying overs for it and was happy to let them have it,I think nine made the right call, and it might be the start of a more rational approach by commercial fta broadcasting in this country.
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