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  1. was tempted by the Leicester city one but did vote for the 'moment' of the Salford DG, it was the way it all unfolded in the last few minutes, absolutely epic sport.
  2. England only, Both sets of grand parents are from Hull except my maternal grandfather who was from Nottingham, maternal great grandies also from Hull, my great great nanna was also Hull but she married a chap who was from Lancashire orig, so my blood is somewhat tainted by the West pennine lot uuuughh ? I might make the subs bench for my street if I was lucky hahahaha
  3. well I found the '93 pay review and the starting wedge was £8k (so would be about what I thought from 4 years previous) so you if you were led to think you were going to get 11k as a nig in 1989 they'd fed you some line??
  4. I think you're mistaken, no way could it have been that amount, that's equivalent to over £5/hr and I know for a fact that a Class IV private was not getting that amount back then and certainly nothing like that in civvy street either. I'll dig out the historical record so we can see who is right ?
  5. it almost sounds closer to 'axed', and yes that riles me too! people who use the word blatantly and infinitely incorrectly, the latter often in relation to a design that by definition means there are actual limitations designed into the product.
  6. Head of knicker measuring, like the socks in cycling time trials, to make sure they aren't too long ... dream job?
  7. Bloody hell, money went up a bit, I think I got £105/week in early '89 when I joined up, I had gone to join the RAF as they were paying more for equivalent ratings in my qualified area but it was mainly due to the fact I was fascinated with military aircraft since a nipper. My first actual wage of any sort was £1.31 to deliver 189 free newspapers (got more for the leaflets), it was only 24 pages big back then, not the monstrosity they are now, that was about 1982, I continued to do it even up until I left college as I could nail it in under an hour* - despite the shouty terrier that ripp
  8. how many players does each academy produce to SL or CH level should be more of an indicator, the joint CoHA was meant to reduce costs/shared facilities whilst still having similar number of players AFAICT. The actuality is that Hull is in fact smaller than the Wakefield and Wigan metropolitan areas' and indeed Warrington Borough is only a handful of thousand smaller than Hull too, so in reality we punch above our weight having two SL teams in an area that isn't by any stretch well off. Yyes rugby has been around for over 150 years in FCs case but that is meaningless, it's what is current
  9. Some great tries but the tackling, well non tackling for that second try was absolutely diabolical, just stood around and let him run through, it's not really a great try, it's a good try from your teams POV but it's the absolute pitts of defending that allows it. I normally stick up for when the offence has made the defence look ordinary but that's the other way around for me, an man with one working hip could have waltzed through that lot!
  10. I lived 800 yards away from the Gordon Street turnstiles at the Boulevard but went to my aunties house for dinner - sorry, lunch before home games and they lived 5 doors down from the car park outside the ground on Airlie street. Uncle was one of the groundsmen at the Boulevard and Auntie worked in the club bar and knew most of the players from the late 70s to the mid 80s before they moved. I used to get in FOC if I went in with my auntie and spend my admission on back programmes. She'd take me to the away games most of the time on one of the official coaches so I got to most of the old g
  11. Don't agree, fans will go to games if they are able to, some fans can't, that doesn't mean that any person isn't genuine because they don't get to games, I know plenty of 'genuine' fans and season ticket holders that don't go to the early rounds of the cup when it's at home, does that make them a lesser fan than someone who does, to me it doesn't, not even slightly. I think you're describing most RL supporters but I guess you could call them that do go to a Thursday night game when it's bitterly cold, something else on that one could easily submit to doing/watching instead, 'ardent' fans
  12. Had some lovely sunshine and a bit of warmth today after what seems like almost constant rain this week gone which is unusual for the Northern Home counties, certainly the bit where I live. Bit sheltered by the Chilterns were a fair bit falls before it gets to us from the West so a bit of respite today was nice and even managed to get the laundry out before going for a plod around what were some still wet/damp country lanes on the bike. Back to rain again this evening, feel sorry for the poor buggers in Doncaster, usual thing of Northern town.city being left to its own devices and up poo
  13. I think describing some of your actual best days would be better than hypothetical ones, but ... Waking up with a single 600 thread count Egyptian cotton sheet over you and the warmth of the women you love against your back, a warmed almond croissant, toasted sausage sandwich and a freshly ground coffee for breakfast. A gentle cycle ride into town, 20C almost windless day on roads that are motor free but filled with other cyclists, lazily browse some old book & bric-a-brac shops and maybe even a sneaky minute or two at the cycle jumble where I find a 1940s or 50s Carlton Jewel al
  14. Ditto, went for a week in 2003 to hook up with this lass that did some work for her company out of London from time to time that I bumped into, think I paid about £4 for wild boar and the double vodkas - didn't do singles from what I could figure, were about 50p or thereabouts (roughly 7 PLN to the £ at the time, now 5!) I remember coming back with a couple of bottles of some locally made vodka and a bottle of fruits of the forest variant I'd bought in the new Tesco that had been built in Katowice, it was deserted but had a pyramid of car tyres in the middle of the store, it was huuuge!
  15. 1-7 Falcons beat 7-1 NO Saints and pretty convincingly, Jets beating Giants, Browns beating the Bills, Titans beating the Chiefs, the bookies will be coining it in this weekend!
  16. Contrived nonsense that isn't really appealing, you need some sort of tribalism/belonging to create interest never mind some good atmosphere. No thanks, let's focus on getting what we have already to be better.
  17. oh ffs, have you actually read what Damien said, he said (jones) was forced to play union at school, he never said it was a union school and the PE master changed the rugby code at the school that was previously playing RL!
  18. I would take a thinking man like Clive Woodward over Bennett all day long, someone who actually understands people, is a brilliant tactician and can get the absolute maximum out of his players, the England win in 2001 with a load of dads army players proved that IMHO. You don't need to know league to be a head coach of a club or national team IMHO, you can have specialist coaches for the technical aspects. A great coach is someone who understands people, knows how to motivate, is able overcome what's put in front of you with superior tactics and can adapt in game when things aren't going
  19. If Leeds really are after Ford then it smacks of desperation. As I said on the other thread and repeated by del capo above, there's no financial incentive for one, IMHO it would be career suicide. You're a pro sportsperson for a very short space of time, that can end in an instant so they have to make the most of it whilst they can AND think about their future post career. Playing RU and an national rep at that opens more doors for you and with a more likely chance of a decent wedge, just look at past England RU internationals, Wilko and Dellaglio were Land Rover brand ambassadors at the
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