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  1. Yeah they’ve had a go at owning Leyton Orient and running netball which hasn’t been a big success. I think brining them in to market the Challenge Cup, GF and high profile internationals would be a good idea
  2. Better deal runs out this year. Any news on it being extended? Or a new title sponsor?
  3. Good to hear rl in Toronto isn’t dead. Hopefully the national team will still play games there and there will be more Toronto games in the future. Canada should definitely be looked at as a area for expansion by the IRL, ERL or maybe the RFL/SL would ever think about going back
  4. Brilliant for French rl to have 2 French teams finish top of both divisions. Hopefully they can build on this and lead up to a French WC in 2025
  5. I think you need 2 strong divisions for P and R to be successful and sustainable and we don’t have a strong second division. Don’t get me wrong I’d rather have P&R than licensing but if you want to grow the game you need to invest money and time into new markets.
  6. Absolutely. I never understood having the Challenge Cup semi final at Bolton (aside from it being cheap to hire). Magic Weekend at Newcastle, CC semis at Sheffield, maybe one England game a year in Coventry/ Midlands then obviously cup final at wembley. Maybe even play more high profile internationals in Wales
  7. Tbf I think any team that is promoted should be exempt. We’ve just seen clubs yo-yo the past few years. I always thought the qualifiers were brilliant and better suited RL than the current one up one down.
  8. The problem with managing and planning expansion is its very difficult to do if you have promotion and relegation. It can be done as previously Catalans we’re exempt from relegation (for 3 years I think?). It would be great if Toulouse come up but pointless if they just go back down
  9. Agree. Target areas like Newcastle and Coventry. Maybe even take it abroad to France or Spain but for now I think we need to maximise its potential in Newcastle and the uk
  10. Makes you worry what the parent is like at home. I can kind of understand people getting worked up at open age but to act like some people do at junior games, I just don’t understand it.
  11. How do you get more neutrals to stay in the ground? We need to make SL more high profile and get people who don’t necessarily watch RL to come because it’s an event. The RU World Cup played 3 games in Newcastle and got 50k+ for each game. I think having 2 venues could be a good idea. Maybe have it on a bank holiday with Newcastle on Saturday and France for example on the Sunday
  12. I’ve reffed for almost 3 years now. Similar to you I find most players to be fine, 95% of abuse is from coaches the rest from spectators. I’m based in Leeds and find teams from Castleford tend to give you the worst abuse. I think everyone who refs could write a book about their experiences. I recently did an u11 game where a parent was shouting for his kid to knock the other team out
  13. The clubs voting on a structure (that non will unanimously agree on) is ludicrous. Should be an independent commission to lay a road map out for what SL will look like in the next 10-20 years. What’s the long term aim for attendance, sponsorship money, TV rating, participation? No one in the sport has a plan. In 10 years time the same thing will be happening. Turkeys don’t vote for Christmas. The sport is being run by greedy individuals and it’s boring
  14. Leon pryce, Ellery Hanley, Steve McNamara, Kevin Sinfield all have sons playing for SL clubs, are there any more if this next generation?
  15. Because if you had a positive test you still need to isolate to stop the virus spreading. Come the 16th August if you’ve had 2 jabs you don’t need to isolate if you test positive. Whether things will change for pro sports players idk
  16. What’s happened to them? Seen clubs covering up their logo on kits and some clubs wearing 2 SL sleeve patches to cover them up. Have they gone bust?
  17. Thankfully I’ve never heard racist abuse at a rl game but the book needs to be thrown at whoever it was. I’m sure Warrington will put their foot down with it
  18. My worry is with a 10 team SL, 9 home games will not satisfy the clubs and they’ll want loop fixtures again. I don’t know how they’re going to decide who these clubs are when they restructure, surely you’d want the 10 best clubs in the system so a licensing system would be used like last year when they decided to promote Leigh. Perhaps two leagues of 10 could work and focus on stadia, academies, growth and expansion. It’s an unpopular opinion but we don’t need 3 clubs with a WF postcode. Of course keep traditional clubs who keep up to standards but help the likes of London, Newcastle and Coventry to grow the player pool and fan bases
  19. Has rl ever had one, does it still? If not could it? Should it? What weight and influence could it have? Also what do supports boards at clubs do? Could they be doing more to encourage clubs to be less selfish and make clubs make better decisions for the sport
  20. What are the reasons behind his OBE? 2013 World Cup was a success and magic has been brilliant but other than that I’m struggling
  21. I quite like it. The 2008 and 17 kits with the cross look naff but I like this one, just a remake of 1995. The 2011 ‘paint cross’ was nice as well. Only England shirt I own is the 2013 one but I’m tempted to get this one
  22. In the end Odsal as it is will hold them back. After the 2000s they should have looked at moving/ redeveloping and working with stakeholders/ council/ RFL/ ect but obviously financial troubles didn’t help
  23. As I’ve said before, the new leisure centre the council has built down the road should have been built at Odsal as part of a York style community stadium. The council, bulls and park Avenue should have worked together to make that happen
  24. Didn’t Bradley do something like this when the original club folded in 1999? Hunslet are fan owned too, other examples like Wimbledon are success stories of fan ownership in pro leagues, what Brighton are wanting to do sound promising
  25. England rl don’t have a strong identity. Forever living in GB shadow. I’ve said before, scrap GB and have England adopt the GB lion, kit and colours
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