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  1. Would Wane return? Sounds like he’s been pushed to make way for Edwards, doubt he’d want to work for Lenegan again. The whole think looks very amateurish anyway
  2. Relevance to GB is we don’t have the players, fans or rescources to have a ‘proper’ Ireland and Scotland team at this moment in time. I think they should play in Euro championships against Serbia and other developing nations but in World Cups and other tier 1 tests I think it should be GB. Like I said in an earlier post, I’d rather see 12 Englishmen and an Irishman playing as GB than 1 Irishman and 12 Englishmen playing as Ireland. I get your point about Lebanon
  3. Basically Ireland and Scotland are Mickey Mouse teams aren’t they, were trying to make people believe rl is played in these countries to a level where they have a team. They’re like Lebanon, the only reason they play is because Robbie Farragut and some other Aussies have Lebanon heritage but they play out of Sydney not Lebanon.
  4. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see all the home nations competing separately and having a lions tour every 4 years. But besides England and Wales who have home grown players and a history in the game, what do Ireland and Scotland bring to the table? Teams full of heritage players, when was the last time Scotland played a game in Scotland?
  5. Yeah I think Ireland for example playing in a European championship with Serbia, Italy, ect is good but I’d rather see GB in a World Cup
  6. Should we revert to having Great Britain as the main team that competes in WC and test series over England and the other home nations? We don’t having a RL presences in Scotland and Ireland and have a minimal one in Wales and most of these teams are made up of heritage players and are not competitive. Why don’t we just have a team full of the best English, Welsh, Scottish and Irish players instead of pretending we have a ‘proper’ scottish team full of Aussies and Englishmen. I think I’d rather see a team of 12 Englishmen and one Irish man playing as GB than 1 Irish man and 12 Englishmen playing as Ireland
  7. London are very important to the game and I’m glad they have a permanent home but Ealing isn’t SL standard, let’s be honest it’s a few 3G pitches, clubhouse and a couple of temporary stands. Hopefully over time both the Broncos and Ealing can develop it into a proper stadium. It does seem like London suffer from a lack of marketing but that’s down to money and resources I suppose
  8. I’ve seen pictures of it, is it permanent?
  9. Directors terracing being added at Headingley in the North East corner. Weren’t included in the original plans
  10. Hopefully Wakefield get to redevelop Belle Vue then. A stadium should only have been built at Newmarket if Cas and Wakefield were to share it
  11. Didn’t they build that big freezer at the Newmarket site?
  12. Does look great full, better than I expected it to be
  13. The front rows of the old North stand always got wet but if I had the choice I’d rather sit in the South Stand
  14. Update on Headingley north stand (credit Rhinos Faithful on Twitter)
  15. Ah right thanks. Will be interesting to see what they do with the space where the floodlight columns were
  16. What is the official capacity? I’ve seen 19K, 20k and 21K which is it? Anything under 20k would be disappointing
  17. I see no reason why Leeds can’t have a pop up shop in the city centre maybe at the start of the season or before Magic Weekend. Why did they stop having trophy ceremonies at Millennium Square?
  18. Yeah I like the Gilbert Brutus. I’d like Leeds to do what they’ve done there with the corner. Could done the same between the Carnegie and SS
  19. Yeah I kind of see where your coming from. I mean for a ‘new’ stadium it’s still unique it’s not flat pack like Widnes or Leigh but no new grounds have the same character that Wilderspool, Knowsley Road or Central Park had. im happy enough with it, I’d have preferred the South Stand to be just standing but I do like it. My only real complaint is they haven’t expanded the capacity to 25k but the club seem content averaging 15K a season, which is still great but why can’t they average 20k
  20. I’d hardly say any of the stands at Headingley are basic. There’s great corporate facilities in the Carnegie stand and there will also be in the North stand. I’m pretty sure a lot of lower league football clubs would love to have a ground like Headingley. As for the atmosphere the stands are closer to the pitch and the whole stadium is squeezed into a corner rather than Huddersfield which feels very open
  21. Lots of grounds have open ended away ends, Wheldon Road, Belle Vue, Odsal. Apparently though Leeds are in talks with the owners of the houses behind the stand. I understand they are concerned a roof would obstruct their light (even though there’s those big trees there) but that’s just what I’ve heard, could be BS
  22. Hope so with all the history Headingley has and now with the new facilities ect. I think Headingleys capacity is 21K, the John Smiths Stadium is 24K so only 3k difference but I think a sold out Headingley would look and sound better on TV and in person than a sold out Huddersfield
  23. I suppose it’s better than Wakefield, Cas and Bradford but it’ll be as good as St Helens and Warrington
  24. Does Clipper still sponsor Hunslet as well?
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