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  1. Does Clipper still sponsor Hunslet as well?
  2. I’m slightly annoyed that ‘LEEDS’ won’t be spelled out on the seats
  3. Plus there’s the public right if way they’d have to move. I cant see it ever happening. A roof over the stand is more realistic but I think there’s an issue about the houses getting less light. its not worth debating tbh.
  4. When I first read this I thought it said it’ll have a massive cock ?
  5. Why would they move? Caddick bought the club with a view to redevelop the stadium. If they moved then YCC would have moved to Wakefield. The city of Leeds makes a lot of money from test matches at Headingley. Being close to the city centre is better than being on the outskirts, they’re in and around the fan base, not forgotten about outside the city.for example: I live in West Leeds, if they built a ground in East Leeds I’d have to travel across the city. It’s a lot easier to get to Headingley than it is to the other side of town. People like to go out into Headingley and Leeds before and after games So yeah, for some clubs relocating is good but I’m Leeds’ case there’s no need. Why move for the sake of one stand? Boca juniors only have 3 stands ( and none of them have a roof!)
  6. Where in Leeds would you build a new stadium? Headingley is in the perfect location, close to the city centre and has lots of pubs and bars nearby.
  7. Put it this way, away fans get to look at a shiny new stadium while home fans have to look at the western terrace. I know people troll about it but if your being serious what can the club do? There’s a public right of way which rule out expanding or building a new stand and there’s houses behind it which makes it harder getting planning for a roof. And yes Leeds are a rich club but they don’t have a bottomless pit of money they’re not Man City who can just throw money at a problem and make it go away
  8. I’m sure I’ve seen plans for a roof over the western terrace. I don’t think it will hspppen anytime soon because of recent redevelopment and the houses behind the stand.
  9. The South Stand will be officially opened on Boxing Day. The North Stand will be completed in May The cricket WC starts May 30th
  10. I think it’s fully open in May, in time for the cricket World Cup
  11. I’ve heard about that, thought it was just a rumour. It’s close to the station but accessibility would be a problem I think
  12. If Wakey leave the city though what happens then? Obviously moving to Fev or Cas would be giving in to the council so if they move to Dewsbury let’s say what happens then? Are Wakefield Councul that bothered about Trinity?
  13. Haven’t heard anything else about Wakefield. Wasn’t there another issue about funding? When are Cas meant to be getting their new ground? Driven past it a few times in the past 6 months and nothing’s changed apart from a few containers and flags put up
  14. DW is my least favourite ground to go to, it feels so soulless and empty. Shrewsbury Town (play in League One or Div. 3) have installed rail seating at their stadium as all seater stadiums only apply to the top 2 divisions but i see no reason why they can’t install rail seating at Wigan and have standing for rugby and seats for football
  15. Yeah I hate sitting down especially when there’s no leg room, everyone at soccer games stands up anyway
  16. Do you think standing areas like we have in the UK would be accepted in Australia or would you all rather sit? There’s a big debate over here about standing at soccer stadiums
  17. Headingley is in the perfect location IMO. Not too far from the city centre and close to plenty of pubs and bars. Where in Leeds would you build a new stadium? If they moved to the outskirts of the city it would kill the club
  18. South Stands pretty much finished. Any new on when the floodlight columns are coming down?
  19. Just driven past Odsal, there’s still a big hole there nothing’s changed
  20. Quite a bit of space will be freed up from removing the floodlights I didn't know about the SW corner I suppose the only corner that could be fully filled would be the SE. I couldn't see them ever doing anything with the Western Terrace apart from maybe putting a roof over it. I can't ever see them expanding it or rebuilding it
  21. Once they remove the floodlight columns they could fill the corners in
  22. Is there an acutual date for the South Stand opening? Can't be that much more to do besides finishing the concourse and tarmacing the car park
  23. New video showing South Stand in more detail http://www.dla-design.co.uk/website-projects-graphics/the-new-headingley-carnegie-stadium-south
  24. You could say Odsal and Belle Vue only have 3 sides with the South Bank and Benidorm flats. Throw Crown Flatts in there as well as there's just a grass hill behind one of the posts still
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