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  1. Far from it I think we will be in the bottom 4.
  2. Maybe the reason your getting lads who Newcastle didn’t want might be to do with the fact that your petering on the edge of extinction due to owing money out left, right & centre hence why Mr Thorman has taken sole running of the whole club due to past miss failings but hey I’m just troll who doesn’t deal in truth.
  3. Haven have 5 Current Cumbrian England Lions players doing Pre-season with them.
  4. Definitely wouldn’t Marra
  5. It’s because they have packed as many as they can into that tent for events they have had.
  6. Maybe next year for Ellison.
  7. Oscar Thomas has a good pedigree just never seems to hold down a club. He’s got potential and seems a decent lad.
  8. looks promising especially as we have lost Mcnally. Think you have signed a ex academy half from Seaton, lad from Oldham you had last year ( not sure on name ) and we’re trying for Sidlow but he signed for Leigh.
  9. Nah he pulled out was talk of him taking player coach job at Egremont but don’t think that’s gonna happen. Poor fella needs to get his citizenship sorted or he’s going back to PNG.
  10. To be honest think we’re one experienced forward from having a better squad than last year. We look exciting on paper so hope we carry on the good form last year. What would your 1st 17 be? Mine - Doyle Evans Dixon Taylor Bulman Bishop Williams Mcavoy Philips Walker Cooper King Wilkinson Dion Dawson Bradley Graham
  11. To be honest out the three I think Barrow on paper have the best squad, but it means nothing on the day, if you are up for it anything can happen.. look at our result against Widnes. A think Haven are probably one forward from having a better squad than last year and Town need a fresh half and two more forwards to compete. There’s gonna be a few blow out scores on the way but survival is a must. But what ever happens gonna be some great games on the way.
  12. It’s stupid why don’t they just go home/away so you get two home games per month
  13. Our forum can go weeks without anyone posting least on here there’s usual posters.
  14. Still to be arranged, not the want of trying. Haven to play Hull and if Town don’t commit another super league team both at home.
  15. All the lads in the squad above have signed up, just catching up
  16. Think Newcastle will be the exception Two Chapplehows, Josh Eaves, Brad Day, Thomas Minns, Alex Foster, Sam Hallas, Mitch Clark, Jake Shorrocks to name a few with more to come al be having a cheeky ton on them
  17. I think he will be quality always the best player on pitch when I have watched him. Haven miss out that’s the way it goes
  18. Why? He asked for a certain amount which is more than what our English based players get. I could tell you exactly the amount Town has and is paying him. But like I stated at the time Haven spoke to him and our squad was done so would have exceeded Havens spending budget. Accept it is as garbage as if u wish but you obviously haven’t a clue
  19. I can’t get believe the way Fax & Newcastle are going there signing top players with the latter I believe have signed Rocky Hampshire too. Leigh,Fev,Newcastle,Fax,Batley,Bulls,Widnes,York then Haven,Town,Barra,Dews,Sheff,London. Some league…..!
  20. Don’t think there’s any shame in saying Haven couldn’t afford him, theres a few Gems out there, think Haven have two more to announce, both having experience in the championship and competition similar. Gonna be a league within a league this year.
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