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  1. So, if all goes to plan, these new expansion clubs will eventually bring in loads of new RL supporters ? Therefore, if the current state of RL isn't brilliant, how many dedicated RL supporters who have been brought up with the game have defected to go and watch another sport that has come to these shores in comparatively recent times and that has been given an all-singing, all-dancing publicity showcase ? (ie American Football, Ice Hockey, WWE Wrestling or even 20-20 cricket). I suspect not many becasuse supporters already have a passion for those they currently watch. Therefore, if RL supporters will mainly stay faithful to the sport they know and love then why should followers of others sports automatically come to RL just because people already involved with it think it is better ? To get to understand any sport from scratch takes a long time and most people who already have a passion for one kind of activity are generally reluctant to start learning about another, especially when they already fully understand the one they are currently interested in. OK, it might be easy to start up clubs in these new areas but it won't be that easy to bring in the crowds ... and especially in the numbers to compensate for those lost by getting rid of some of the clubs in the heartlands.
  2. 3 February 1968 Hunslet v Oldham Challenge Cup - 1st Round Oldham won 9-4 Oldham had put on a great team display to lead Hunslet when the home winger broke away and had a clear run down the touchline to the line. Yet Oldham prop-forward Colin Smith chased across field and caught the winger from behind and which - in my opinion - was the best tackle I have ever seen by an Oldham player. Yes, you might expect another winger to have caught his opponent and it looked a certainty that Hunslet would equalise with a try and goal until Colin somehow caught up with him and ensured Oldham went through to the next round. You can see the stunned expression on some of the supporters' faces (and the policeman) as they can't believe that a prop-forward could chase down and catch a winger in full flight. For even further proof of how fast the winger was running before Colin's tackle, you can see how far back the touch-judge has been left behind by the Hunslet player. Match details via this link to the Oldham RL Heritage website https://orl-heritagetrust.org.uk/game/hunslet-v-oldham-2948/
  3. 29 February 1968 Oldham v Bradford Challenge Cup 2nd Round Replay Oldham won 12-2 Yet another famous giant-killing cup night at 'Sheddings. Having already had an outstanding 9-4 away win at Hunslet in round one of the Challenge Cup (for which a lot of thanks goes to the best tackle I have ever seen by an Oldham player - and I don't take back a word of that - from Colin Smith), Oldham, who were near the bottom of the 30-club one-division league were drawn away to Bradford in round two, with Bradford in the top 5. Yet thanks to an outstanding display by stand-off Wilf Briggs, Oldham drew 7-7 and therefore entertained Bradford in a replay. The star performer that night was second-rower Bob irving whose strength and power brought him two tries in a 12-2 Oldham win. 1st match via the Oldham RL Heritage website https://orl-heritagetrust.org.uk/game/bradford-northern-v-oldham-2951/ 2nd match via the Oldham RL Heritage website https://orl-heritagetrust.org.uk/game/oldham-v-bradford-northern-2952/ Bob Irving leaves the Bradford defence in his wake as he powers through for his first try. Other Oldham players seen are (l to r) Colin Smith, Geoff Fletcher, Ken Wilson and John Donovan. The Bradford player on the extreme left is loose-forward John Rae who had previously played 41 games for Oldham from 1961-1963. Bob Irving about to break the tackle of two defenders to go in for his second try. Arthur Hughes in the background. Colin Smith audtioning for "Strictly Come Dancing" ? Jim McCormack waiting for the next dance. (See the next post for details of that Colin Smith tackle in the previous round at Hunslet).
  4. Sorry Arthur ... you are correct, it was a win for France. I have changed my original post. I remember Hartley being injured but couldn't remember the details.. So you and everyelse knows, I have started to go through the heritage sites of other clubs to see what I can find ... very interesting and brings back lots of memories.
  5. ..../\...../\......./\ ...../\ ..../\....../\...../\......./\.. I'll keep watching the screen to make sure the Bleeps are still there !
  6. The problem is that's exactly what some want to happen .. but how many of them would then go and watch Tokyo v Rome ?
  7. However why should just big city clubs be in a certain division because of their name and even though they might not be able to attract the same crowds as some of the more traditional teams ? It's a matter of whether people want RL to expand just to become a tv sport which they can't watch live as often because the teams are too far away or do they want to be able to go out onto the terraces and watch "their" team ? That "big city" league idea already came to the fore when Super League began and Sheffield replaced Oldham as the team to play Paris in the opening fixture. Yet what good did that eventually do regarding the promoting of RL in Paris ? Yes, these city names might be more familiar to Joe Soap sat in his armchair on the South coast but are the people in those cities really bothered about getting out to support the team ?
  8. I was going to add a point about that to my original post but forgot to do so. Yes, Huyton was in a football stronghold and the resident population of Blackpool includes many of retirement age who maybe themselves didn't come from the RL heartlands and so were never really interested in the game. Bramley also had both Leeds and Hunslet to fight over for crowds. Yet the remaining 27 are still there despite all the same problems - and maybe more - that many of the "here today, gone tomorrow" clubs also endured.
  9. So whose fault is it that the London clubs have gone back and forth .... and why has it been necessary to do so ? Yes, Sheffield were merged with Huddersfield but again, why and whose fault was that ? Irrespective of those particular occurances, the fact is that both clubs have not attratced many more fans than have clubs in the heartland. Since having to leave Watersheddings, Oldham have also gone from ground to ground to ground ... yet they are still this season getting a better average attendance than London ... so what's the difference in Oldham moving to London moving ? Yes, lots of heartland clubs' attendances are boosted by an away following ... but aren't the likes of London's and Sheffield's attendances also ? What's the difference ? An ageing and decling fanbase in the heartlands ? Even if so then where is the increase in support for those not in that area (ie Sheffield and London) who have now been in the league for many years and still can't get the crowds through the turnstiles?
  10. Agreed. And what do we want expansion for ? Yes to make more people awre of the sport .... but of they still don't wan to know after all this time then how long do we kep pushing it at them ? If we finish up with London, Toronoto, Toulouse, Catalan, Ottawa and New York in Super League then how do people in the heartlands watch it ? Do we want a game that's a good marketing tool on tv but we can't go to watch live or do we want teams who we can still go out onto the terraces and support ?
  11. Paper, scissors, stone ..... and the first one out had better have plenty of meat on them that the rest can share after cooking.
  12. Tom Holliday. Scorer of a hat-trick of tries for Oldham when winning the 1927 Challenge Cup final - one of only five players to have achieved that feat in the history of the competition. A profile of him is on the Oldham RL heritage website ... https://orl-heritagetrust.org.uk/player/tom-holliday/ Further information can be found on Wikipedia ... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tom_Holliday_(rugby)
  13. Yes, I know it says Roch ... Roch... Rochda ...... opps, I'm starting to feel ill. But the card - popular in days gone by of various sportsmen - is of Abel Ashworth, who signed for ... err, them ... from Oldham after becoming the only Oldham player to represent England at Rugby Uni ...opps, there I go again .... before the split in 1895. He played for England against Ireland in Manchester in 1892. The other photos show Abe in his Lancashire shirt and wearing his England cap, which is also pictured. He had left Oldham before the Northern Union was formed.
  14. Only the duck ??? So did you and heartofGold make good use of the feathers ?
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