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  1. 10 / 10 Nine of them I knew ... one I guessed correctly.
  2. Well, an anagram of "Hamilton" is "am Hilton" !!!
  3. The missed tackles have come down from 47 in the Widnes game to 20 at Whitehaven. A really good improvement but maybe still something to be concerned about.
  4. But people will still shout at him even if he is found not guilty and he will forever be linked with the incident. It'll just take until the first decision he makes when supporters don't agree with it. Even if they do only shout "you got suspended" it is still a reference to it ... I bet they will never shout "you were not guilty". As you say, the news doesn't affect you - as it doesn't me - so I wonder just who are these people in RL circles who the media think are wanting to know all about it ?
  5. In my view no we shouldn't until proven guilty. Mud sticks irrespective of the eventual outcome.
  6. Exactly ... the vast majority of people wouldn't have even noticed - or cared - until it has now been published in the media. Yet the media, as they always do, will claim it is "in the public interest" !!!!!
  7. Although had anyone actually noticed that Ben Thaler had not refereed since the opening match ? I hadn't.
  8. That's another problem with cases like this ... the accuser is often never known. Yet if the allegation is found to be untrue then nothing is often done against that accuser for making such a false allegation.
  9. They still didn't have to report it ... and nor should the RFL have told them either. What might the reaction be of the Hull fans if it was in the media that a Hull KR player had been suspended by the club but was then ultimately found not guilty ... would they never refer to it when he plays against them ?
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