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  1. Following on from the video shown with the very first comment of this thread, here is another which was shown on the 20th anniversary of Super League concerning the proposed mergers which were planned when it first began .... As always though, whenever comments are made about RL before it switched to summer, references are made about "muddy pitches" as though EVERY match was played in those conditions.
  2. That Oldham win at Hull KR in the 2016 Challenge Cup again but this time the report and highlights from the BBC's "Super League Show" of 18 April 2016 ....
  3. For those who were there then a cover tackle by Oldham prop-forward Colin Smith on Hunslet winger Tommy Thompson at Parkside in a 1968 Challenge Cup first round tie will forever live in the memory. Colin sadly died late last year but such was the significance of the tackle that it was still remembered in his obituary published by the club. https://orl-heritagetrust.org.uk/2020/01/19/colin-smith-rip-2/ Yes, players are often remembered by tries they have scored or the skill they had in open play but for one tackle to still be remembered over 50 years later probably more than anything else gives an indication of how good it was.
  4. Australian brothers David and Glen Liddiard played together for Oldham in the late 1980s. David at full-back and Glen at stand-off played in the 1986 Challenge Cup semi-final and both can be seen in the still photo shown of the video below (David as number 1 and Glen facing the camera). At 00.40 the video shows David making a break and then Glen (aged just 16) scoring a try for Oldham.
  5. Correct ... I'm not a football fan but with all the bad luck we've had in semi-finals then Oldham should borrow this shirt ....
  6. You crush your cats ??? I assume the cat is called Pet-tuna !!!
  7. Again unlucky in a semi-final ... Glen Liddiard (then aged just 16) had scored a try for Oldham and then got concussion so had to come off. Yet again.... IF ONLY ??? (And, of course, if Castleford's try hadn't been allowed when Beardmore touched down but was over the dead-ball line when doing so).
  8. As I said in another thread, perhaps you might have to go back to actually using a pen and paper at home to produce the magazine (as it was in the beginning) ....
  9. Scoring in the 1964 Cup Final at Wembley and lifting the Ashes trophy
  10. What about Huddersfield being the only ever winners of the Rugby League "Bottom 14" Championship ? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bottom_14_Championship ... and let's not mention when Huddersfield's Graham Swales pinched Geoff Fletcher;s wig !
  11. Frank Myler, a former Oldham coach and the last Great Britain captain of an Ashes winning team has died aged 81. Myler was coach of Oldham from 1980-87 when the team benefited from having one of the best Academy sides in RL including players such as Terry Flanagan, Mick Worrall, Andy Goodway, Des Foy and Ray Ashton, all of whom went on the 1984 Great Britain tour to Australia and New Zealand. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/52063980
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