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  1. If you had bothered to read the whole of my previous post and not just select a piece to suit your own point of view you would see that my comment regarding an increase in crowds was in relation to their attendances of the 1980s.
  2. No, not mine. Obviously someone else was complaining about it too. As it happens just yesterday I received a reply back from Ofcom telling me they had themselves been in touch with the BBC about the issue and had been told it should hopefully be resolved shortly.
  3. Come .. it's time to keep your appointment with the Wicker Man !
  4. I just hope he is fit enough to play at least the last day at Old Trafford in the 4th Test. I will be there and have already bought his autobiography in the hope of him signing it ..........
  5. Yet another detective programme for which I am banished from the front room while Mrs RL Does What Sky Says watches it. That gone on the list along with Morse, Vera, Inspector George Gently, DCI Banks, Endeavour, New Tricks, Scott & Bailey, Prime Suspect, Lewis, Silent Witness, Judge John Deed and The Sweeney,
  6. I wasn't trying to ignore it but just give a way how such people can compete but without also giving any disadvantage to their opponents. Something has to be the definitive marker for all concerned and the physical difference is something everyone can relate to from birth, irrespective of what others factors may later come into the reckoning. It's like if someone was born a boy and then decided in later life to make himself like a woman ... which events should he/she compete in ? Another alternative is to just have separate events for transgenders. Yet, if so, do you have one for women who became men and also another for those who did the opposite ? However, going down that path could open the way for people with any different characteristics requesting tournaments just for them (as per my earlier example of me versus Usain Bolt). In the same way as yourself, I am not an expect but I was just trying to give a possible solution.
  7. You said ..... So, you said about clubs not having off field structures and then mentioned about the ones that don't, stating Huddersfield and Hull KR. If you are now saying that Huddersfield and Hull KR DID have off field structures then that completely blows apart your argument in the above quote. Again though, I ask, should any of the top 3 clubs in the Championship be promoted into Super League ? Furthermore, you say about either clubs in the Super League growing or replacing them with ones who are capable. Suppose a club in the Super League then doesn't fit your criteria and you think it should drop out, yet you also think there is no team good enough to replace them. What happens then ? Do you either reduce the number in Super League or still keep the one even though you think it is not good enough ?
  8. The alternative is also true .... if a man speaks out against it he is automatically told he is sexist. Yet there are also women who disagree with the situation as well as men who agree with it. It would be better if everyone was just judged on whether you were born male or female (ie: with or without the relevant physical differences). If a person happens to have any sort of natural disorder in their body then that's either a fortunate thing if it helps them or not if it doesn't. I would like to compete at the Olympics but my legs will not move as fast as Usain Bolt's ... so one reason he is competing because of me is that he has something naturally within his body that I don't have ... which, to me, is no different to the Caster Semenya issue.
  9. So you agree that some clubs, who you say above were without the off field structure to survive in SL, have been promoted (like Huddersfield and Hull KR) and didn't get relegated and go pop ? If they can do it why not others and would you allow any of the top 3 sides in the Championship (Toronto, Toulouse, Leigh) to be promoted into Super League for next season ?
  10. Furthermore to the above, the referees are always the first who coaches, players and fans point to as a reason for them having lost a game ... an easy target so as to try and deflect any blame off their own team. Therefore the referees become the focus even when there was no reason for them to be so. However, this continual focus being put on them causes some people to really believe that the officials are always against their own team .... and which led to recent incident of a death threat against Robert Hicks. As I have previously said; that will have been forgotten by some supporters as soon as they believe a decision made by him has gone against their side. (Indeed the article about the death threat has already disappeared from the RL page on the BBC Sport website whereas there are still other news items on there from May). In such a case the fans will again vent their feelings (often in an insulting and verbally violent way) and it just might be that the person standing next to you on the terraces who thinks they will "do something about it" ! Obviously fans get excited and see incidents through rose-coloured glasses and yes, referees are not always 100% correct, but although a team's defeat is mostly nothing to do with the referee, the constant undue criticisms are what generally keep the focus on the officials.
  11. So we can recognise you perhaps you could wear a badge saying "JD's here for you". That would make you popular
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