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  1. As Neil said about the "Relatives" records, such information might create some interest but are probably situations to be looked at in time. However, to combine both the "Relatives" thread and this "Oddities" one, there was the following somewhat unusual situation which may or may not have happened in any other match ... Friday 29 September 1972 RL League Championship Wigan v Oldham at Central Park, Wigan. The two opposing stand-offs were brothers - Dave Hill (Wigan) and Cliff Hill (Oldham) Ok, not that unusual so far .... but they were both their respective team captains ! Oldham won 12 - 9
  2. Stephen Hawking may well be the best in his field despite anything else. However nothing apart from his ability at the job should be considered for any such recognition or be added to his achievments ... similarly for Francis and Sullivan.
  3. So, why were the names of Roy Francis and Clive Sullivan suggested for the name of a trophy by some people on here but yet they didn't suggest any others ? Because their RL contributions were better than the rest ?
  4. Again - differences "Current award" "New award" I also don't see any conncetion between a current award being in honour of a person about whom some are making unsubstatiated allegations and a new award which, if one was ever initiated, should be named in honour of a person purely because of their overall contribution to the sport and not for any other reason. I would be against any such national award being named after someone just because they were the first American, Chinese, Eastern European, Cornish or even Yorkshireman to play or coach the game, un;ess their overall contribution to the game was superior to anyone else. If Roy Francis was the best ever coach then yes, consider him on those grounds - but only on those grounds. To do so for any other reason would be a slight on the many other coaches who might have done just as good or even better in their career.
  5. Obviously YOU (and not "we" as you write unless you are the spokesman for the world) don't know what that means ... you only know what YOU want it to mean ! The difference is that the Harry Sunderland award is already there. The discussion was about a possible new trophy. You carry on reading into things what you will.
  6. First of all you use the word "accused" (ie allegation not founded !) Secondly, I never said Roy Francis shouldn't be considered; I just gave a list of others who were maybe equally deserving of such an honour but that it should be based purely on their RL career- and you might notice the lists I wrote included Billy Boston and Clive Sullivan. Again, this is a matter of someone reading into something what they want to. If you want to read it that way then that's up to you. It was meant differently to what you think you it was.
  7. Yes, the only reason I selected that piece was that it also mentioned about Martyn Sadler having also said about an award in his honour and so I was repying to cover both options.
  8. Although I agreee with the principle of such suggestions, I think we should also consider the naming of any such awards be purely on their contributions to the game as a whole and not specifically because of any social influences they might or might not have had. To give an award because someone was of a specific colour might itself be deemed to be for racial reasons. Contenders for naming a Coach of the Year trophy after them could include such as Jim Brough, Jim Challinor, Frank Myler, Mal Reily, Alex Murphy, Johnny Whiteley, while for Welsh Player of the Year there could be Billy Boston, Trevor Foster, Lewis Jones, Clive Sullivan, Gus Risman, David Watkins.
  9. A A quote from the above article .... "Meanwhile, the RFL has confirmed they will use a similar system to the RFL in communicating a set restart from the six-again rule." That really good of the RFL to use a similar system to their own !!! (I suspect the TRL proof reader must be on furlough at the moment !)
  10. But also give a suggestion of his own instead of just saying someone else's idea is laughable. The person at least put forward an idea - his own might be even more laughable.
  11. Maybe not but if we are never going to beat them in the strength and power department then why not at least try something different ?
  12. The only way England will have any chance of even doing well in the World Cup is to play a completely different style of game to that of down under. We will have no chance in playing a game based on strength, power and fitness. Go back to the British-style game of the past with more open play and movement of the ball.
  13. The Aussie game can as bad as it ever has been and Super League as good as it ever has been and they will still beat us to win the World Cup,. The new rules are all to the benefit of stronger, fitter players ... ie advantage Australia.
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