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  1. And all this wouldn't have happened if the referee at a Wigan v Oldham game on 4 November 1990 had arrived but didn't, thus giving Cummings his first game at first team level. ... and then onwards from there. Funny though how he "just happened" to be at a match not involving clubs from his area when the appointed referee didn't come !
  2. When I saw the title I thought there had been an earth tremor near the city !
  3. If a team can decide where a scrum is to be formed isn't that wasting time by first of all having to find out where they want it and then everybody having to walk over to that position ?
  4. From the early years of RL until the late 1960s the league incorporated the Lancashire and Yorkshire Championships with teams playing all those from their own county as well as just a few from the opposite - hence the end of season play-off as every team hadn't played everyone else. Therefore it seems likely that Oldham's most frequent opponents would be one from Lancashire as they had faced each other every season and also played in the Lancashire Cup competition. An interesting question .... but the answer might take many weeks (months, years ???) to first of all go through the full list of matches in the "Complete History of Oldham RLFC 1876 - 1997" and followed by the rest since then.
  5. Photo taken of Paddington statue actually in Parque Salazar, Lima, Peru OK .... next word(s) - Marmalade sandwiches
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