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  1. 15 minutes ago, UTK said:

    As another Australian I agree on the assessment of Walker and the line of reasoning that would justify including the likes of Radley/Hastings however I probably disagree on whether they are the difference between England winning or losing the WC. 

    If we were talking about say Yeo/Cleary or Murray/DCE-Reynolds-Moses etc. then absolutely I would agree that the potential benefit would outweigh the cost but I'm not sure Radley/Hastings reflect the necessary improvement on their English-bred counterparts.

    Another consideration is 2025, obviously a home WC is massively important but we're in the unique situation where the next one is only in 3 years. I think it's fairly well accepted that England will be better placed in 2025 so now we should consider the potential negatives a selection of Hastings/Radley could incur for the future. Is the gap between Hastings and the next best pick enough to justify taking a potential squad berth off a youngster such as Mikey Lewis who could well be lining up in 2025? Obviously the Austin/Handley situation is at another extreme of the spectrum but I think it does demonstrate there are potential negative consequences for the bloke who misses out and this should factor into considerations.

    To be honest I don't really think there's a right answer to this question and I can see both sides arguments as being valid. 


    Edit: I think it's also fairly certain that Hastings is the only one in genuine consideration here, Walker/Radley would be very long odds at ruling themselves out of Origin selection at this point in their careers.

    A very considered reply. I was forgetting the next WC was only 3 years away. 
    Overall, I think there is some exceptional talent being produced in SL that should be given first crack. But if there are any major gaps, I wouldn’t overlook any available world class players that genuinely desire representing England. To assess those last two requisites, I’ll leave that to Coach Wane. 

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  2. As an Aussie (with a bad education apparently) and an avid Super League fan, here’s my take:

    Walker is a good young half, but there’s better English halves. Walker has the luxury of an imposing forward pack and a partner in Keary that takes the lead most plays. This allows Walker to chime in with a bit of brilliance now and then. If you put Smith, Dodd, Pryce in that position they’d look equally as good as Walker. So I would pick Walker in the squad if England was his first choice, but I wouldn’t automatically select him on match day. 

    As for Radley and Hastings, they are very good players and could help England win the WC. I would pick Morgan Knowles over Radley, but I would still have Radley in the 17.

    The 1 per centers on this forum need to remember that England desperately needs to win the World Cup to gain long term public support from the 99 per centers. Nothing will boost RL in England like a WC victory. 

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  3. 1 hour ago, Pulga said:

    I've posted this in a new seperate thread (my mistake).


    "The RLIF has since advanced A$2.9m of its A$3.4m assets as financial support to the UK company.

    The Australian company has charged £108,000 in interest on this support in 2020."

    Originally I thought it was very strange the RLIF still exists at all but when I tweeted at Troy Grant he said that the RLIF is in existence so they can hold money in Australia for ease of use there.

    I then asked why the IRL would owe interest on a loan to itself. He didn't answer. I mentioned the question again today and he attempted some weak character assassination, didn't answer the question and blocked me.

    I guess I am being antagonistic but I find it strange. I thought it was a fair question

    He may not have answered because he didn’t know. But let me shed some light… in Australia the accounting standards changed recently. To avoid the RLIF company from being wound up it would need to show it is a commercial operation and not simply a trust holding assets. Therefore, it needs to charge interest at the going rate. 
    If you want to read more I suggest googling TAHE and NSW Government. 

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  4. 1 hour ago, The Phantom Horseman said:

    Last year's Whitehaven squad included Dion Aiye (PNG), Jesse Joe Parker (PNG), Louis Jouffret (France), Lachlan Walmsley (Australia), Ryan King (Australia), Nikau Williams (NZ), and Dean Zammit (Australia/Malta). It's hard to argue that their success last year wasn't heavily dependent on these overseas signings..

    So were you quite as scatheing about Whitehaven signing these players, or is it somehow different when it's your own club?

    That’s really not comparable. Aiye and JJP have basically been up there for 10 years. Not really short term contracts to win promotion. 

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  5. 6 hours ago, barnyia said:

    Is it still an illegal substance? Can you get suspended from work for testing positive? The second is a serious question. 

    Yes it is illegal and I won’t debate this point right now. There are very few professions that conduct drug tests. If it was a performance enhancing substance, I understand the sporting ban. But he didn’t test positive during/before a match, so the sporting bodies should leave it to the courts to decide the outcome as a criminal matter. 

  6. London Broncos 2022 very similar to Curb Your Enthusiasm, when Mel Brooks casts Larry David in his long running broadway show. Brooks was hoping Larry would stink so bad that he wouldn’t have to continue producing the show. Kinda feels the same with David Hughes and his appointments of commercial manager, ceo and coach.

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  7. I’m forever shocked at the ###### weak content afforded to followers of the game. Rarely press releases, post match reports, interviews etc. 

    There used to be so much more content. Who is actually working for the RFL? The authors never sign their name to an article.
    We built this great piece of infrastructure and we’re barely even using it. It’s also annoying for team lists, with the full squad listed and no insight into who actually played 1-17.

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  8. 23 hours ago, dboy said:

    If you act like a cry baby, you'll get called a cry baby.

    Wakefield Trinity's problems in improving their ground are very well documented - virtually 100% have been out of the club's hands.

    Now that a certain council leader has gone, and the new regime have been more willing to hold the developer to account, there is finally tangible progress (we wait with baited breath!).

    And you did moan about Wakey's attendances with your silly "it will be empty for most games" comment.

    Grow up.

    Salford will be fine if they can move to Moore Lane. End of. 

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  9. 22 hours ago, Dave T said:

    I'd much rather we had a coherent strategy that involved only admitting expansion clubs witha strong business case and funding in place. 

    Unfortunately I suspect we would never see a new club join the league. 


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