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  1. Perhaps the ground share with Wimbledon will include sharing staff? Either that or the likelihood of a delayed start/no crowds means it’s hard to justify staff?
  2. Well you can’t just replace someone if the role is redundant.
  3. The council area has a population of 20,000 so they should be fine!
  4. Marcus Vass moved to the usa and played for many years. Won a few caps for the national team and moved into coaching.
  5. So should clubs be able to spend a % of revenue on players, rather than a cap?
  6. I wonder if you ask fans the question of how many local players they want in the team what the answer would be? More onus should be placed on clubs to develop their own framework for success, and local players should be one of those indicators. If Guasch had 100% foreign players I’m sure many fans would stop watching. 100% local and you will lose fans too that want to see world class talent. Ask the fans what the balance should be! They’re the ones buying memberships and merch.
  7. That’s purely down to the coach not wanting him and hoping he’d break contract early if he was miserable. He took the dogs to the finals and signed with the tigers for big money. Cleary left and Maguire didn’t want him. If you play him at 6, he’ll run all day.
  8. He is a running half. Made many linebreaks and scored many tries during his time with the dogs.
  9. In typical british fashion you don’t allow a period of stability to materialise because your management get bored and have to be “innovative”. As soon as Richard Lewis left the RFL appointed a numpty as CEO and reverted back to P&R and super 8s. You’ll never know what could be, because you don’t let an idea reach a point of maturity. Regarding Remi, I hope that Toulouse pick him up. He’ll be great to steady the ship.
  10. I’d take stability of the clubs and an ability to properly plan over the excitement of relegation. If you can create a model of sustainability AND jeopardy through P&R I’m all for it. But we see the yo-yo of promoted teams and turnover of club owners too often.
  11. They certainly play a bruising style, despite having maloney, folau and tomkins in the backline. Maloney has really struggled with the style. They don’t play with any time for the outside backs IMO.
  12. And that’s my point. The foundations are not solid to begin with. You’ve also got more complicated questions like what is the role of SL clubs in developing talent? What is the RFL’s role? Should every SL team have an academy?
  13. You just pipped me. I was also responding to Sweaty Craiq and mentioned exactly this.
  14. And if DB walked away? I know there’s plenty of other clubs reliant on a single owner, but it’s such a concern. Clubs should be working towards sustainability, and if that means spending less on players then that’s what it means.
  15. I would argue that we shouldn’t need to rely on an owner continually dipping into their own pocket.
  16. I love carcassonne, but they have had recent success. I picked Avignon for you because it’s a great city and they have a great youth academy.
  17. Great fella. He invited me into his office and spoke for about an hour on all things French RL when I was traveling through.
  18. Problem is, you have a select group saying “we need a strategic plan” and “a vision.” Then you get someone of the calibre of Richard Lewis who makes plenty of tough calls and then gets poached by Tennis. You replace him and revert all his changes. Now the truth is the calibre of leaders at the RFL and SL clubs is very low. What they need to do (like any major business) is bring in consultants to create a roadmap. Some won’t like the outcome, but if it’s a roadmap to revenue, sustainability, and a larger fanbase, then that’s just the way it is. Plus, investors are more likely to come on board with a strategic plan devised by Bain or BCG.
  19. What about in the NRL, where the NZ tv contract is worth circa $20M but the Warriors only get the same amount as the other nrl teams, roughly 10-12M.
  20. Clubs that are unable to fulfil their fixtures due to players breaching protocols should be relegated too. Can’t wait for a 5 team super league next year!
  21. I get that they only gave 13 days notice that they were withdrawing, but would it have been better if they started the season and then pulled out after a game or two? The NZ Warriors were nearly at breaking point, despite receiving circa $10M from the NRL and having the government bend over backwards for them. The RFL and SL are hardly in a position to wield such influence or have the financial resources to replicate. Covid isn’t easy.
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