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  1. andy and mike gregory (warrington) btw, whoever it was who earlier put daryl and jason clark - they aren’t related.
  2. Yes, must've been a shock to the modellers when they found out that the NHS has almost 0 surge capacity instead of the assumption that they were given for their initial analysis. Hence the curve had to be flattened almost immediately. The restrictions might ease off a bit if they manage to actually buy extra equipment, etc, to build additional surge capacity. But, there is an international shortage of ventilators, etc, right now and Trump is likely offering top $ to get them to meet the US's needs. However there are people trying alternate ideas like Forbes article so there maybe some hope.
  3. what might be good is a section on tactics, a sort of more in depth version of the stuff Wells usually goes through when he interviews a player at the big screen after a game. They could also do either regular or occasional sections on: rules and interpretations maybe based on a controversial incident or two from the last round (maybe even test the odd pundit now and then) the injury list, a summary of who is out and maybe even how one or two are getting on recovery wise a skills based competition with a player from each team going through some tests each week run a fantasy league for viewers/players/coaches with a review session each week (with pundits/players explaining how/why their entry is made up/progressing) a quick ‘highlights’ section of some of the players that were awarded max MoS points during the last round, or, maybe the points winners from a specific game ... But, most importantly, IMPROVE THE SOUND QUALITY!!!!
  4. Why can't Ottawa, and for that matter, TWP taking a closer look at RU sevens? That's where Hull FC got Ratu Naulago from and he seems to be turning in SL performances despite, seemingly, not previously having played league.
  5. Not at all, I want a sport that I can continue to support. Pro RL is not strong enough to support the financial consequences of clubs tearing themselves to pieces to achieve the holy grail of staying in SL. Why do you think P&R makes the game any better - are the players better because of P&R? No, because, by and large the same players are just recycled into the team coming up. What if every team was of the same high quality - a team still has to go down even if they are vastly superior to the team coming up! Or maybe it is that you only enjoy sports where the only thrill is really that of defying death at the end of the season? IMO RL missed its chance when SL was created - they should have formed a growth strategy for the sport and regularly measured the clubs against it. Those criteria should've included improving the player pool, increasing the number of participants at all levels, increasing gates and increasing revenue streams. I did some work on sponsorship for the Olympics in London and it was eye opening seeing how much effort was put into maximising the attractiveness to the media, the impact of the games on sport in the host country, and increasing the revenues from each games. That's what RL should do, and it shouldn't let lethargic clubs that do little to further the future of pro-RL off the hook just because they manage to avoid last place.
  6. No P&R but rigorously enforced criteria required to be met to get/stay in SL, with a full review of each club's performance (on and off field) every 2 or 3 years. If the club doesn't make the grade - they're out or at least put on notice.
  7. I have no idea which players were available when they were doing their planning for the season (or maybe when someone had the bright idea of signing SBW,). And, frankly, I can't be bothered looking too hard. The problem boils down to mounting a successful campaign to get into SL as quickly as possible (no matter the cost?) without, seemingly, also having a plan to make sure that you stay there.
  8. That cannot be right because they had to move a marquee signing into the cap so they must've been able to accommodate over 150k (there is no point in counting a 150k cap value as a marquee). So the space they had is at least what that players full cap value is.
  9. But at the point prior to signing SBW they had cap space! They signed him knowing that it would cause problems, problems that they couldn't easily fix after the'd put in their initial cap assessment on Nov 1st.
  10. Lets look at this a slightly different way... Leeds took about 4 minutes to score their first try, a rate of 1.5pts per minute - projected score 120 points Leeds second try came at about 9 mins, a rate 0 1.33 points per minute - projected score ~ 106 pts Actual Leeds scoring rate 0.825 POSITIVITY - Toronto progressively reduced Leeds' scoring rate after 4 minutes
  11. I don't think it works like that because: a) they have to apply for a dispensation to remove those players salary from the cap - a player has a cap value and that doesn't reduce no matter how many games they do/not play b) in line with the above, a player who moves to another club has their cap value removed from their original club and set as their maximum of the cap value in the season at their new club. This is so that a player can't take (or, more likely, be forced into) a pay cut to reduce their cap value (making any over-paid player a liability for any club that they might move to) (Luckily for TWP Gigot hadn't been registered with a club this season so didn't already have a cap value)
  12. Yes, £150k will only get 1 good player. However Toronto already had 2 marquee players so the signing also caused one of those salaries to go ‘on cap’ thus reducing the cap space available by whatever they are earning over £150k as well - if they were on £275k say, that would be a cap loss of 150+125 = 275k. His signing also meant that Toronto went over the overseas quota which triggered the Stanley fiasco and meant starting the season 1 good player down (a massive percentage of their good player pool) to gain a guy who hadn’t played the game for 5 years. Noble is complicit in this but I doubt that he was the one pushing to sign SBW, it smacks of being ‘marketing’ driven from the top. On a plus note, maybe SBW will turn good given he has some skin in TWP succeeding. However he can’t win games single handedly.
  13. My other half recons “‘wolverines” as a wolverine is so ferocious that it can take down a prey many times its size.
  14. https://www.rugbyleagueontv.com/ Now you will always be able to find out
  15. Did the Wolfpack believe that they were signing superman because they’re paying him a superman level salary (sure I read somewhere that Cameron Smith - the aussie one - is on a lot less!)? And, with the side they’re putting out and the injuries piling up they’ll need superman to survive in SL
  16. something like this? https://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/rugby-league-news/adam-pearson-slams-toronto-wolfpack-3771908
  17. Smith and Elliot left to go back to Aus, Noble went to save Wigan !
  18. bradford Bulls early SL years head coach succession, all to deputy in-club coaches Brian Smith -> Mathew Elliot (1996 - 2000) -> Brian Noble (2001 - 2006) -> Steve McNamara (2006 - 2010)
  19. They were penalised for breaking them, in line with the rules.
  20. Ah, but some of them, e.g. Bradford were before the cap became 'live' and when it wasn't clear what would trigger certain payments to appear in the cap (IIRC a business sponsoring a player outside the cap [might have been money to attend functions, a car, free meals or whatever] - no direct links to the club. Then, inadvertently, paying the club for an advert - changed their status to having direct links to the club)
  21. But they are the rules and have been agreed by all the participating SL clubs. As it is the clubs who really have the power then maybe they should be pushing for changes. However most, if not all, seem ok with them as there doesn't seem to have been any groundswell of opposition.
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