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  1. You don't think a New Coach Bounce will happen with Widnes? It's not going to be so hot this weekend...quite pleasant temperature forecast I think. I would have thought Featherstone will score more as it is a very quick turnaround for Whitehaven.
  2. Brad England will be getting a few games rest after that red card today! Harrison Hansen won't be available next week against Widnes as he got knocked out today, just after a Bulls player got carried off which looked like a bad knee injury. It was hot! Literally and figuratively. Glad to see Ben Laguerre back and scoring within 3 minutes. First game back since the 1st day of the season.
  3. It still happens...Gigot was a habitual offender. Belmas needs to be told too. I "think" the ref did the 10m shuffle back in the Sheffield match
  4. Good timing ! Brochon has been getting better and better but he has already played a full season with the Elites, having Zach on board will offer some cover...and speed. Zac Santo
  5. It's been a long time since I spoke to BB. He was captain at Fylde when I was growing up in St. Anne's. Couple of classmates and teachers played with him at the same time (sadly my old rugby teacher John "crusher" Croasdale just recently died, he would have made a good RL player! Hard as nails). Interesting...not really, fact...the current Health secretary Mr. Barclay MP played No9 for Fylde.
  6. Robin Brochon has signed up for the TO first team, another young French lad which is good news
  7. Excellent... stylish and functional. I'll drop by La Bodega for a chat
  8. PJ Lima has signed up for the TO first team, until the end of the season anyway
  9. One thing I thought of about with TO after watching the highlights. When a player gets injured the state will pay their salary (I think) up to 80%, e.g. Reuben Rennie not playing again this season. That should free up a chunk of money to bring in someone new...finding someone available and who wants to play in France is the sticking point.
  10. They normally opt for surgery to fix it properly, but due to his age they may not bother. Ben Laguerre had the same problem and has been out since early February
  11. What is the extent of Ford's injury? Was it a dislocated shoulder? If so, I'm wondering wether they will just manage the injury rather than opting for surgery to fix it properly as that would mean he would be out for the rest of the season.
  12. If you are using the phrase as a preposition then you are right. However, I'm using it as an adverb, but I missed the accent là. My apologies. Good call though.
  13. I would be interested to know what styles. We know the French style is more free flowing but they know how to grind it out down the middle when it matters..a la Rémi casty
  14. Well, blow me sidewise with a Meghan Merkal blow dryer. I wasn't expecting that result. Mrs Kiggy was positively incandescent when Guy scored..twice! Just goes to show how much an influence Ford has on a match.
  15. Ford off injured,cozza off HIA. Rennie off damaged knee. It's a bit brutal
  16. I've been hearing that Zach Santo might team up with TO until the end of the season before he returns to Oz
  17. There were 4800 or so at the TO home match last weekend...lots of freebie tickets for the kids though. I hope that you get a similar number for this match. Nice weather and cheap beer should be for a good (and yet, lets hope for a sensible) crowd. No1 son will be there (I keep telling him it's all part of growing up and will be character building!). I know there will be a handful or so of TO supporters but no more than that.
  18. On certain twitter feeds. I don't take much notice of twitter though, it's not a very nice place at times. The official Rovers FB page talks of redemption which is a better word to use. I was trying to work out how many of those TO players who played in that last match will be playing in this one; Hansen, Peyroux, Jussaume, Marion, Bretherton and Guy Armitage. No Péllisier for this match.
  19. I expect it to be tight for 20mins, but Fev should stroll through this as I don't think all those players you mentioned will be available. I saw Killer's name on the squad sheet, is that his first game back? Since how long is it now? Lots of talk about retribution for the million pound game and I wonder what the ex TO players think of it all.
  20. He was approached by TO, he decided on Fév, but I agree he is going to be a very good player, someone the French team need badly.
  21. One thing to also bear in mind is that it costs a fortune to employ someone in France. For instance, if I earned 50K gross, I would pay around 25K in Tax/NI as an employee, the employer would pay an equal amount in employee taux de cotisations. And don't get me started if you are self-employed !! It could be why their costs seem to so high in comparison to a UK based club
  22. The 1st team do get the lions share but Toulouse have spread themselves many teams which accounts for more of the cost. Player wages are not that high though, they rely on sponsors to help out with other costs, cars/accommodation etc. I know when they were in SL the backroom staff don't get paid anywhere near the same as their peers at other clubs. As for the off season, they had sights on quite a few players but very few wanted to play in France...even the French players preferred to go to the UK.
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