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  1. I did say they had never heard of London Broncos not Leigh,but they knew Ealing Trailfinders,they were a great couple, walked with us for a while until we got to a park and told us exactly where to find the ground. If Ealing is not the right area for the Broncos ,why are they playing there.
  2. If that is the case,then we might as well tell clubs such as Coventry,Hemel etc to shut down and save RL some money. Surely one of the first jobs of the likes of Rimmer and Elstone is to change that view
  3. We went to the Broncos game this season,couple of mates had Leigh shirts on, we was in a pub in Ealing Broadway before the game, couple of locals asked which team we supported ,and we asked them if they went to any games, they replied no as they thought of it as a northern game. On the walk to the ground ,we must have took a wrong turning along the way, so we asked a couple if they knew where London Broncos played,we might as well have spoken in Chinese,when we mentioned Ealing Trailfinders ,they knew straight away. Do Londoners see the game as a northern sport and that is why they don't bother?. If London are going to stay at Ealing for the foreseeable future,would they be not better calling themselves Ealing Broncos ,to identify themselves with the local people.
  4. Just seen crowd for yesterday's NFL game at Wembley. I have only watched approximately 1 hour of this sport,i say 1 hour they actually had played about 15 minutes, before I turned it off and I have never watched it since or will I in the future. Question I have,and as I presume the majority of the crowd would have been Londoners.Broncos fans do you know anybody who went yesterday but they have never been to a Broncos game,if so what reason do they give you. I am not having that it is all down to promotion and advertising,got to be a bigger reason.
  5. Unfortunately in this country we are still a snobby class driven society. The reason NFL can get massive crowds at Wembley while Rugby League struggles down South,is nothing to do with advertising, but southerners, (not all of them,)see league as a northern working class game. Until as a nation and I doubt if we ever will, can get rid of this class society, I don't know what league can do.
  6. Yet one of these big 3 have finished in the bottom 4 twice in the last 3 seasons,and who knows if Hastings would have played for Salford against Leeds,Leeds could have been in mpg. Leeds lose that and they are relegated,everybody would then be panicking,ssying how are we going to survive without Leeds in super league.
  7. Wigan and Saints have always been 2 of the biggest clubs in the game. People on here are desperate for the big cities such as Manchester and Liverpool to become the new benchmark,its not going to happen.The people of those cities have virtually no interest in the game, they are not interested in Union either. The day when Wigan and Saints are not around is the day when league is finished. I am not being glass half empty I am being a realist.
  8. Obviously didn't want a Wigan win, but they deserved it. Made up for Dom Manfred,hopefully his injuries are behind him,if he can steer clear of injuries for rest of his career he can become one of the best wingers of all time
  9. From what I have heard,Derek will be at Leigh next season. Should be an official announcement from the club early next week
  10. As a Leyther,obviously really hoping for a Wires win,but I have to admit our neighbours have been the best team in the Comp,for the last few months,so I think they will win. But last week I thought Saints would beat Wires and Toronto would beat London. Was at the last 2 finals between the clubs when Wigan won,not going to tomorrow's final,so hopefully that might be a good omen for Wires.
  11. Leigh have got into financial problems due to our failure to finish top 4 in this seasons championship and not our season in super league. If Fax,Fev or whoever in the future want a chance of super league then they should have that chance.If it goes wrong and they end up in a similar situation to Leigh, then that is up to them. Nobody should be telling these clubs they have no right to a place in super league.
  12. Also at the same time of the Fev game,quite a few Leigh fans also support Man Utd,Man Utd played Chelsea in the FA Cup Final. With regards to crowds I think the remaining 9 clubs had there highest attendance for the visit of Leigh. Next season I would be surprised if most clubs highest attendance will be for the visit of Bradford,purely for the large numbers of away fans.
  13. Been rumours in and around Leigh for quite a while,that Rowley will not be at Toronto next season.
  14. I wonder if Parky is still out celebrating
  15. When Leigh beat Toulouse in France, I looked at London's remaining fixtures and thought my team would get a top 4 place and that London would have been one of the teams we would dislodge. London over the last few months have constantly proved me wrong,none more so than last night when I fully expected Toronto to win. London deserved there promotion to super league. Finally Chris Kendall along with most Leigh supporters would not be top of our favourite refs,but I thought last night he was excellent for the full 80 minutes.
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