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  1. Absolute rubbish, total accident Lees was running in hard to make the tackle, Thompson tackled him from behind and he fell into his legs. Can't believe there was no action with the Cooper shot on Bentley totally illegal.
  2. I fully agree that Saints got some calls however there were others that went against Saints including the high shot on Lomax which could have changed the course of the game before the final 2 minutes had the calls been correct. My other point is not with Saints blinkered eyes, Catalan players behaviour towards the referee was disgraceful, had that been Hicks or Thaler it would have been dealt with and Catalans would have had a man in the bin. Also they deliberately slowed the game down when winning with fake injuries and in particular at the scrums. I lost count of the number of times the referee asked them to form the scrum. Had this been a more experienced referee then I am certain a penalty would have been given to deal with the situation.
  3. Maybe for failing to control Catalans players. The reaction to the knock on by Kenny Edwards and reluctance to form scrums in the second half a prime example. Refs miss knock on/ ball strips all the time, early in the second half Edwards stripped the ball from LMS in a 2 man tackle however the ref gave a Catalan scrum. The linesmen need to provide much more support to the ref for forward passes. I have seen worse forward passes ignored by better quality referees.
  4. It's all about the direction the hands are in when the ball comes out where the player catches it is irrelevant.
  5. Lets look at the game as a whole if you're going to criticise the referee. The ball came out of Graces hands forward for the first try so we got away with that however shortly after the ref denied Saints a try for a pass that wasn't forward. Yes we also got away with one when we got the scrum shortly before we scored the winner however there was also kenny Edwards stripping the ball in a two man tackle and the high shot on Lomax both given as a Catalan scrum When Saints were in attacking positions. The other two tries the ball came out of the hands backwards so both correctly given. Instead we should be talking about some of the tactics employed by Catalan to illegally slow the game down like a player lying down for treatment at every break of play to slow the restart. There was 1 occasion when Edwards did it 10 seconds after jumping up and down like a big baby when the decision went against Catalan. Also how many times each scrum in the 2nd half did the ref have to insist they form the scrum and they simply ignored him. All in all good win and some good performances from a young Saints side COYS.
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