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  1. The comment on the Sheffield forum wasn’t started by an Eagles fan. I’m guessing that the formal announcement of Zack McComb means that it’s not Sheffield unless you can sign players without registering them? Who knows with the RFL
  2. Not the RW I’d heard but. ...Mmm ok
  3. Have you heard anything maybe about a player leaving Dews for Sheffield? A replacement for Ben Blackmore maybe....just a rumour that’s kind of going around.
  4. Eagles have just announced Zack McComb from Oldham, probably because it’s been posted on the Oldham forum.
  5. Eagles fans have been told that there will likely be 6 new faces but there will be a series of social media releases over the next few weeks to announce them which isn’t great for people who don’t do twitter or Facebook. But what with ourleague and such perhaps social media hits help with funding. I dont think Eagles get the full amount due to non existent facilities, and before anyone has a go at least you don’t have to use those toilets every week. we have been told that all last years sponsors have Ben retained and 2 new ones added. The only rumour that I’ve heard is a player who has played for the Eagles before and is coming back. I’m not saying no special measures but no one has mentioned it, maybe Mark Aston is on holiday, there has been nothing from him in the local press.
  6. Speak to any players who played for the Eagles while Jack was captain and Im sure most of them will comment on his leadership. Hope he can transfer that into his coaching.
  7. A good signing for Batley, he didn’t play as much as he should have done last year. He leaves the Eagles with a medal at least and he was popular with the fans. Hope he does well.
  8. Sheffield didn’t actually go bust. There was a shortfall in that an amount was owed but crowd funding raised 20k and that amount was paid. The decision to go full time and a backer pulling out was the cause. Sheffield were promoted from the bottom tier quite some time ago and it worked pretty well.
  9. I thought it was because the OLP (that’s the name of the ground) wasn’t finished. we played Batley later in the year and the pitch was covered in snow and they just cleared the lines. i am not a technician but we have been told that the artificial grass can be played on at temperatures below freezing
  10. Nothing from the Eagles but the pitch is artificial so unless it snows heavily it should be OK. Snow isn't forecast at all.
  11. It could be close. The Eagles have had no pre season matches. Lots of new players who should be better than those that the Eagles has last year but no one really knows as we haven’t seen them in action yet.. Glad your new signing isn’t playing. There hasn’t been much snow here and the artificial pitch should be OK. Safe journey if you are travelling over the hills.
  12. Hi yes there will be a programme. If you are not attending the match if you mail the office they may be able to save one. I don’t know how many will be printed.
  13. The kit on sale has 1 Betfred logo, the one in the pic must have been he draft for the sponsors. The home kit has been unveiled today and I heard it’s mainly white with red and gold chevrons. Also my friend says that the black kit is a subliminal design to represent a road as that’s what one of the sponsors does, Steelphalt make materials for roads.
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