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  1. My Dad used this to describe someone who felt the cold and also said central heating made you nesh. but also if a footballer shirked a tackle he’d say that he’s neshed that.
  2. A friend of my other half works at Sheffield United and the word is England v Greece. I am not sure how reliable his source is but let’s see.
  3. Yes there was a turf cutting ceremony with Mark Aston and Richard Caborn who is the ex MP supposedly responsible for the site development. There isn’t much love between these two though. The visible progress is a hole that is the size of a garden spade. You may be right about the weather holding things up.
  4. Comments on Facebook suggest that it hasn’t started.
  5. Building should have started but it appears not to have. Maybe it’s related to the Sheffield United ownership? The previous chairman happens to own the construction company responsible for the stadium build. No one seems to know anything, or those that do are keeping mum.
  6. Maxi mum


    No and to be honest Fev haven’t faired too badly without those imports.
  7. Maxi mum


    I don’t think either of the Unis or any MPs were involved in getting visas for the PNG players that have played for Sheffield. Menzie Yere and Trevor Exton were both internationals when they came over after the 2008 World Cup. Didn’t Thunder bring Mark Mexico and Garry Lo over? Anyone who thinks getting a visa for any non EU overseas players is easy for anyone is sadly mistaken. I would guess that most of the players in the PNG squad today already contracted to clubs though. Either here or in Australia. I’m not sure that it makes financial sense to bring these over anyway. They can’t work outside RL so need to be full time and then there is accommodation to sort out.
  8. The home is very much like last year in terms of colour, it appears that the club is drifting to red and white rather than the red and gold. Last year’s Catalan Dragons shirt was more Sheffield Eagles than this one. The GM is from Saint Helens funnily enough. The away isn’t good to say the least on either colour or design
  9. My thoughts too, a school project. i suppose because it’s a simple design it’s cheaper to replicate though.
  10. That’s a good point, we will need two as we’ll need the second one for the (yet another) trophy.
  11. The comment on the Sheffield forum wasn’t started by an Eagles fan. I’m guessing that the formal announcement of Zack McComb means that it’s not Sheffield unless you can sign players without registering them? Who knows with the RFL
  12. Not the RW I’d heard but. ...Mmm ok
  13. Have you heard anything maybe about a player leaving Dews for Sheffield? A replacement for Ben Blackmore maybe....just a rumour that’s kind of going around.
  14. Eagles have just announced Zack McComb from Oldham, probably because it’s been posted on the Oldham forum.
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